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Welcome to my blog site.  Of those who already know me and encouraged me to do this, you know how outspoken I’ve become with my views.  No longer am I taking the politically correct route.  No longer will I stand by and let stuff happen if I can even so much as have an ounce of say in the matter in whatever effort I can find to spark change.

I already know I spark controversy.  This I am okay with.  I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and to be honest, I would be suspicious if everyone did.  Not everybody sees things the same way and I know my views these days have been quite “radical” in the eyes of those who’ve seen me speak up about issues where 99% of the people would opt to stay silent.

I used to be among that 99%, but not anymore.  I can’t afford to do that any longer as I see too much going on that’s clearly wrong.

I’ll be installing some archived posts I made within my Facebook timeline into this blog to serve as archived information for those who want to dig around and find out more.

I’m the first to admit I’m no genius.  As much as I’m sure of myself, I also equally doubt myself.  Before venting I do check my facts, but I will admit I’m a very passionate person and when it comes down to fighting for something I believe in, or supporting someone I feel deserves it, I won’t give it a second thought to jump in and get into it, even if it’s at risk to myself.

When I doubt myself it’s more about being worried if I went too far as I have been known to do that.  I care a great deal about humanity, the environment and everything in between and to see the level of corruption and torment that goes on in this world is mind-blowing.  It is also disheartening.

This is why I speak up so much.


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