March Against Monsanto

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On May 23, 2015 there will be a global demonstration against the corporation known as Monsanto.  Who is Monsanto you ask?  If you’ve heard of RoundUp, that’s a Monsanto product.  If you’ve heard of Agent Orange from the Vietnam War, that’s Monsanto’s product.  If you’ve heard of GMOs, those are Monsanto products.

When he was just a presidential candidate, Barack Obama vowed to stop Monsanto in it’s tracks and be the hero to America it so desperately needed.  Instead of doing that he has performed the polar opposite.  He has supported and boosted Monsanto at every turn, completely ignoring the outcries of the people he’s supposed to represent.  Monsanto has become far more than just a nuisance.  They have become a real bully against the average human being.  This isn’t just in America, folks.  This is a global epidemic and one that’s far worse than any of us have ever encountered before.

They’re sneaky.  They come across as buddies, all smiles and promises of science to benefit mankind.  What they have done is far from it.  They are no friends to humanity and have zero regard for the environment.  If you’ve heard the comments about bees and what would happen to mankind once they’re extinct (which is quickly becoming a very real possibility) you have Monsanto to thank for that.  However, instead of accepting responsibility for the horrors they’ve created, they ignore it and blast the public for being a bunch of uneducated fools who don’t know what they’re talking about.

Although I do agree with Monsanto that the public are indeed uneducated about this matter, I do not agree that mankind is honestly that stupid.  We’ve been bred to be blind.  We’ve been lied to, manipulated, brainwashed and bullied.  We have reached the point now where unless we wake up and fight back all will be lost.

Monsanto tries so hard to come across as the good guys, but why would good guys spend more time hiding and denying the obvious instead of just being honest?

Right now there’s a major fight within Canada and America to have GMO labeling on all food and skin care products within their borders.  Over 55 countries worldwide have this mandatory labeling as they believe the people have the right to choose what they want to put into their own bodies.  Many of these countries also have bans against GMOs, so why are the two most supposedly civilized nations of the world choosing to keep their people in the dark?  What are they hiding?

A US congressman said the American people are too stupid to grasp the concept behind GMO labeling.  Really?  That is clearly an ungrateful congressman because clearly those stupid Americans he just insulted played a hand in him getting the seat of power he has now.  I will agree, the American people are stupid, but not because they’d fail to grasp the GMO labeling scheme, but because they continually vote in the wrong people into power and they keep doing this over and over again.  It’s a ridiculous revolving door of madness that needs to end.

However, as far as Monanto goes, they’re realizing more people are waking up and taking a stand against them and their GMOs.  So in response to that they’re working with governments all over to enforce laws where no farmer nor gardener are allowed to keep their seeds.  They must surrender them to Monsanto and buy new seeds from Monsanto and their allies.  Monsanto says this is for the benefit of mankind, but it is not mankind’s benefit to lay their lives on the line for a corporation that’s more interested in profit than people.  This is precisely what it’s about.

No?  Then why is Monsanto targetting organic and nonGMO companies and buying them out?  They’re going out of their way to shut those who know the truths about them up.  They’re using tactics on people who are antiGMO by secretly buying companies behind the names of those that used to be trusted so that those who don’t pay attention wind up funding the enemy when all along they thought they were standing against them.

If you are antiGMO and want to remain nonGMO and anti-Monsanto, this is a link you really need to visit so you can stay informed and ahead of Monsanto’s dirty schemes,  This is also a great site for people who want to learn more about GMOs and have only heard about this for the first time.

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So what’s March Against Monsanto?  March Against Monsanto is a movement against the corporation and it’s supporters.  We must put an end to the bullying and the corruption in order to gain our humanity back.  This is what it’s all about, folks.  If you knew at least half of what I’ve learned since my “wake up call” you’d not only march against these tyrants, but boycot anything and everything to do with them and not look back.

On May 23, 2015 many cities throughout will be the staging ground for organized protests and a united march in defiance that mankind will no longer be treated like guinea pigs.  We are people, not lab rats.  We want life as nature intended and not life as science dictates.  We want a democracy on seeds, plant life, the environment and food.  We do not want a dictatorship that tells us what we can or cannot grow, buy nor consume.



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