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On February 13th, 2015 throughout the country of Canada there will be a movement known as ShutDown Canada.  It is a protest among those who realize the corruption within our once proud nation has become so great that unless we take a united stand against the tyranny that exists we will lose Canada forever.  We will lose our humanity, something of which that is far more valuable than any amount of money or gold collected.

Dedicated individuals and groups who are true Canadians in my mind are those who stand up for what they believe is right.  They will no longer stand back and let the wrongs continue, even if it means putting themselves in harm’s way to do it.  I am one of those people and I believe the direction our government is steering us is a suicidal one.  Unless we force them to detour we’re all as good as dead.

Am I sounding dramatic?  Hardly.  Since Stephen Harper became prime minister in 2006, Canada has seen a decline in every angle like never before.  During his administration we’ve seen a higher debt racked up than ever before.  This is coming from someone who is supposed to be a financial genius and vowed to take Canada out of debt, not plunge us further into it.  During Harper’s administration Canada has become way too involved in foreign affairs, sticking our nose in matters that really are not our moral concern.  In so doing, Harper has alienated enough nations and organizations to drive Canada’s popularity as a likable nation to one that’s almost as hated as the United States of America.  Since 2006, Prime Minister Harper has done far more damage to this country than he has ever done good.  In fact, he hasn’t done an ounce of good at all.  He has systematically destroyed this nation, taking away our rights, liberties and freedoms one bad decision at a time.  What’s worse is he does all this behind our backs, proving he has zero consideration for the people whom he’s supposed to represent.

He’s selling Canada out from under us all to people who couldn’t care less about this nation nor it’s people.  These are people not from, nor live in Canada.  The route we’re headed now we’re more owned by America and China rather than standing out as a proud Canadian nation.

Unless we, as a people, stand up against what is nothing less than the cold calculations of a tyrannical government, fueled by greedy corporations such as Monsanto, there won’t be an ounce of humanity left within this once great nation.  Your children will live to become adult slaves to the elite 1% who are meticulously carving Canada (and the rest of the world) into what they see is a New World Order.  The younger adults among us who are still too blind to realize we’ve got a real problem here will be rudely awakened but no longer in a position where they can do anything about it.  The middle-aged will be herded like cattle.  Those who deemed docile and useful will be preserved because those in charge know they can be controlled.  Those who are activists will be terminated.  Those who are deemed unfit to do whatever labors are in store will be terminated.  The elderly will be terminated.  Those with disabilities will be terminated.  Anyone and everyone that’s seen as less than ideal for those elite 1% will be rooted out.

Does this sound like pre WWII to you people?  I hope so because this is precisely the path we’re headed down.  Adolf Hitler attempted this and almost succeeded.  However, he wasn’t working along.  There is way more to the story behind WWII than meets the eye, but that’s a whole new blog story to tell at another time.

The post today focuses on ShutDown Canada.  The purpose behind Shutdown Canada is, for one day (February 13, 2015) a united front will be arranged to show Canada, our government, our corporations and the rest of the world that those who are paying attention and dare to stand up will not remain ignored.  They are fighting for Canada, people.  They’re not against Canada by any means.  It is quite the contrary.  They are trying to save this nation from the road it’s speeding down, which is a suicidal/homicidal one.

I actually don’t see this event as ShutDown Canada.  I see it as Stand Up Canada because in order for us to get our country back this is precisely what we need to do.  And not just on February 13, 2015.  This is a daily task until we get the end result, which is the restoration of what made Canada such an awesome nation in the first place.


If you want to learn more about ShutDown Canada, here is a link to follow;


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