Time To Come Out Of The Political Closet

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There are several within the Canadian Parliament that want to jump ship and join the Green Party because they get it. They no longer have faith in their own parties (namely PC, Liberal and NDP) to carry Canadians into a future that’s worth looking at.

However, like most people, they’re too scared to make the jump because doing so means taking a leap of faith. What folks like these fail to understand is by sitting quietly and do nothing while deep down you know you need to make that move they’re allowing those they disagree with to win.

How is this democratic? How is this fair? How is this right? It isn’t. We’ve been tricked and bullied into corners we are either too afraid to come out of, or are still too blinded to see the truths before our very eyes and realize something needs to be done.

People in the petroleum industry fear they’ll lose their jobs if anyone but PC’s take over. They are so sadly mistaken. That industry is a ticking time-bomb, along with the Canadian (and world) economy as we know it. The longer the PC’s stay in power the louder that ticking is going to become and then BOOM! Kiss your jobs and your lifestyles goodbye. You will then realize you supported the wrong people, but by then it’ll be too late. You’ve sealed your fate and now you have to pick up the pieces, assuming you can at that point.

So will the rest of us. Nobody will come out unscathed over this. I am in a line of work where we rely on truckers and farmers. Without the petroleum industry these two are stopped cold. Once this happens, where I work will also be stopped dead in it’s tracks and I too will be out of a job. So many of us will be.

What the Greens are proposing is a smooth transition from the petroleum industry to one that’s solar/geothermal/water based. The beauty of it is that aside from the resources actually being used, the industry itself wouldn’t be that big of a change. Guys who are used to drilling oil will have their talents redirected to harvesting geothermal energies in a manner that will still allow it to be transported from one work site to another. This means the trucking industry can continue their work as they’d be manning machines fueled by solar, water or ecopower. This means the farmers will be able to resume their line of work too and most likely in a manner they’d prefer because they, above all, know the dire consequences of how important it is to keep as much as they can as organic and clean as possible.

This wouldn’t happen overnight. That’s not possible, but it’s a transition. Like everything worth having it requires work. This is work neither the PC’s nor the Liberals wish to engage in. Doing so would mean they’d have to walk away from the corporations that are so corrupt in their dealings that they fail to grasp that they are also putting their own lives in jeopardy and not just the average citizen.

Like I said, this would be a transition. Until it’s completely flipped everything would remain on course, but in the process there’d be designers, planners and constructino workers banding together to make these environmentally superior options go from dream to reality. This means not only saving jobs that you might think are threatened, but create more of them. And these wouldn’t be just short-term jobs. Nope. This will take time and once the new projects are designed and completed, there is the task of training all those petroleum industry workers to do the same they’ve always done, but within a healthier environment and supporting a market that has a future.

THE PETROLEUM INDUSTRY IS A DYING MARKET!!!!! It only has a few short years left and that’s all she wrote, folks! This is, of course, assuming all goes well as the PC’s seem to fool themselves (and everyone else) into thinking.

Icelanders took their country back by forcing the government that failed them out of office and out of politics entirely. They kicked the banks and corporations out, reminding them that if it weren’t for the people, not one bank nor business would have ever existed. Norway is starting to do this, as are a handful of other countries who see how well it’s working for Iceland and they want that. They want a strong nation, filled with strong people who are excited about the future instead of being fearful of it. More and more countries are figuring this out and they’re already starting to make those transitions. I honesty don’t understand why Canada (nor America for that matter) don’t figure this out as well and take a very desperately needed leap of faith and do what is needed to ensure the recovery and survival of this nation.

So this goes back to all those who are sitting there quietly, secretly applauding the likes of Elizabeth May and other members of the Green Party she represents. This also goes back to the rest of Canada who may be doing something similar in their own way (cheering for someone that they know is right, but afraid to do it openly because they don’t want to be ridiculed for it). To all of those who secretly support; why not come out of your closets and support those who truly deseve it?

What kind of country are we when we’re supposed to be democratic and yet we’re either too afraid or too stupid to prove it?


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