Movies vs. Reality

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Why is it in the movies we usually cheer for what seem like the good guys?  You know the type.  People who’ve been betrayed by those closest to them, or even by those they don’t even know but got caught in the middle of something that wound up having a direct impact on their lives and so therefore they chose to stand up and fight instead of cower and pretend all the bad guys will sooner or later go away.  As we watch how the movie unfolds, we really become alienated towards those who choose to do harm, not just against the heroes but against the innocent and anyone else that just happens to get into harm’s way.  We find ourselves sympathizing with the hero when nobody believes what he sees, being wronged or ridiculed despite his best efforts to right the wrongs going on around him.

So why is it when it comes to real life those same very people are not regarded as heroes, but as ridiculous whistleblowers or alarmists that give us no reason at all to put the same ounce of faith in them than we do with someone like Batman or Lara Croft of Tomb Raider?  Have you ever noticed that in those films and television shows all too often the hero, or the good guys, are vastly outnumbered by the bad guys? This always happens in every show you see and yet somehow the good guys always prevail.  This is also the case in real life.  Those who dare to stand up, speak out and fight are vastly outnumbered by the oppressors and doubters.  Unfortunately, in real life, the good guys don’t prevail.  All they do is push the enemy back in hopes it’ll be enough for more people to stand up and rally against the forces that constantly pose a threat to the rights, liberties and freedoms the humanity within them deserves and demands.


So with what’s going on today, as more people speak up and point out the obvious, why are so many still choosing to do nothing?  Why are so many still standing back, pretending there isn’t a real problem staring them in the face when the truth of the matter is, THERE IS!

What most people don’t realize is most movies are spawned by real life events of what has already happened, or what is happening today, and what could very easily happen in our immediate and distant futures.  So, with this in mind, do you really want to stand back and let tyranny continue to strip away our rights, liberties and freedoms each day until there is no ounce of humanity left?  Or, would you rather be like one of those heroes in the movie where you stand up for what’s right, regardless of what personal consequence it may bring to your life?

If you’re unwilling to take on a heroic role, at least take on a supportive one.  Give the benefit of the doubt to those that seem singled out because they’re whistle-blowers or conspiracy theorists.  I’d rather take stock in what a conspiracy theorist has to say than blindly believe the lies the government and mainstream media keep telling me.  History has proven the conspiracy theorists have been right while those who try to lie or hide the truth sooner or later are revealed for the true villains they are.



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