Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel

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With all the madness going on in the world today it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed.  For those who follow the bible we cannot help but ask ourselves if this is it.  Is this the End Times?  Are we entering the era of Trials & Tribulations and are we so close to the end of it’s story that Judgment Day is now upon us and no matter what we try to do, no matter how noble or honorable that is, we’re out of time?

For those who don’t follow the bible, or regard it as another piece of fictional literature and are clued in that the world today just cannot continue the way it’s going.  If you want to go strictly scientific in this matter, it’s obvious that with all the environmental damage that has been done to this planet, plus all the corruption going on between big business, politics and even religion itself it’s foolish to think the bubble is not going to burst.  Sooner or later we’ll have to deal with the consequences of mankind’s stupidity for recklessly plowing forward without any regard what kind of future this planet will have because of it.

I don’t know about you but I have read the bible, page for page.  When I read it like that for the first time it was truly an educational experience.  I never got scared, but did get concerned from time to time.  If our God is such a loving god, why so much violence?  I then realized it wasn’t God himself that was so violent, but people in general.  All he wanted was to create something to love.  In this case it was the world and everything in it, including man.  He first created Adam and then he created Eve.


I could go into the bible, page for page, but that is not what this particular blog is about.  It’s about what I got out of my reading experience from the bible and how it’s applying to my life today.    Most of you already know the general story about Adam and Eve and how they disobeyed God, their Heavenly Father, by believing the trickster Satan over him.  They bit into the forbidden fruit (Knowledge) and forever changed the course of history for mankind.  After them came Cain & Abel and the stories associated with them.  One was the good son who embraced life while the other was someone impatient, unappreciative and wound up murdering Abel to end the rivalry for personal gain.


The story between Cain and Abel hits me in a manner that, as I see how life is today, I see us living in the world of Cain & Abel amplified.  The Cains of this world are those who relish in the world of greed, lust and arrogance.  They’re impatient and have zero to very little regard for the consequences of their actions.  As long as they get what they want at any cost, including selling their own soul to get it, they will do so.  Meanwhile, the Abels of this world are doing what they can to be as decent and as honorable and as noble as they possibly can be.  Unlike those with the Cain traits, they prefer a world that’s filled with compassion, love and life.  They do what they can without expecting reward for it because for them, the satisfaction of doing what is the right thing is reward enough.

For me, I prefer Abel’s world over Cain’s, but just like Abel, we’re being cornered, bullied and murdered by those who prefer Cain’s world.  Cain wanted everything for himself and this is precisely how the bullies of today are.  They want this world for themselves.  All the Abels in this world are in their way and will continue to be in the way until every single one of them is eliminated or at least incapacitated.


I fight for Abel’s world, or rather the type of world that I believe God would appreciate.  It would be the kind of world Jesus Christ would be happy to rule, knowing that all his subjects are loyal to him.  Nobody plots against him and nobody will complain about his policies as there would literally be nothing to complain about.  All is well.  Everyone is safe, happy and loved.  It doesn’t mean it’s a lazy world, but one where everybody works together in one big, awesome and spiritual community.



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