War Is Stupid

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War only benefits people who stand to make money out of it.  War only benefits people who stand to earn the most power out of it.  War does not benefit mankind and it does not benefit the nation that thinks they’re doing their government a favor by ridding what is deemed to be the bad guys when truth be told the only real bad guy in this entire, grotesque scheme of things is Satan himself, along with the demons who help him dupe this entire planet into doing his bidding.

Make fun of my stance if you will, but Satan is a notorious trickster and God warned us about him through the bible, through prophecies (told by Jesus Christ) and even by historical facts itself.


Bottom line. Our troops are aiming at the wrong targets and they’ve been sent there to keep us distracted from the real enemies at hand. Iraq is not our direct enemy. They, like us, are puppets in this whole mess.

Take out the 1% that’s duping us all to make it that much easier for them to achieve their New World Order and you will see a fast resolve to a problem that not enough people have realized yet.

Harper, Obama, and countless other world leaders are either too stupid or too scared to realize what they’re doing is carving a very deadly path for mankind as a whole.


It’s not about religion vs. religion, nor nation vs. nation. It’s not even about race vs. race because truth be told we are ALL members of the HUMAN RACE and we need to learn to work together, not against each other.

Are you aware that the magazine publication in France is owned by the 1% and that the shooting took place shortly after the change in ownership? Convenient.

Are you aware that it’s the corporations running this world not and not the politicians? The politicians are their puppets and nothing more. We, blindly following these politicians and what we’re told by the media are no better.


This cycle needs to be broken for the sake of mankind. The further our nations dig into foreign policy, the more violence we’re going to see and this is what the 1% want. They don’t want us nor our political leaders to focus on the troubles going on within our own borders and return our respective countries back to their former glory because by doing so we’d be that much stronger and that much wiser. The 1% at that point would have to finally fend for themselves in a fair fight and they don’t want this because they know they’ll lose.



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