Bullies On Borrowed Time

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I’m wondering if Monsanto, the Elite 1% and the Illuminati are aware of the fact that all the land and toys they’re buying is a temporary ownership at best. As the old saying goes; nothing lasts forever.


Time has proven this is true, with the exception to one fact. This is God’s world. We’re the stewards. His son, Jesus Christ, died for our sins so we could live. This is the only fact about the very existence of man and the world that is constant and will not change. No matter what we do, who we are, nor the paths we choose for ourselves.


Monsanto has been bullying people since 1901. However, there have been bullies long before their existence and history has shown that sooner or later those bullies are dealt with. It will happen again with Monsanto and those who are in their corner. It will happen to them, the Illuminati, the Elite 1% and all those who support them willingly.


Despite all their successes and conquests, all these people fail to realize each of them is doomed for failure. They can hurt the innocent all they want. Go ahead, rob, cheat, murder, lie, do whatever because in the end all that effort to get “everything” or the New World Order that’s rumored will be in vain. And no, this isn’t simply because it says so in the Bible, but this is just a stone cold fact. Even going about this from a scientific point of view, everything that has been done has come at an extreme cost that folks wanting this New World Order will indeed get this, but if they expect to live in a lap of luxury when all is said and done they’re in for a rude awakening. What will wait for them is a wasteland. There’ll be no life. There’ll be nothing rewarding other than living in a world that is completely dead.

depopulation-kissinger-600x341images (2)

Perhaps this is what they want. They want a dead world so only they can be in it. Or, is this Satan’s world and those who are doing his bidding are promised some sort of great reward and don’t realize that they’re every bit as duped as the rest of us?


I don’t know about you, but I am a believer of the Bible, both the Old Testament and the New Testament I believe we have a Holy Father, whom many of us refer to as God. I do more than just believe Jesus Christ is the son he sent to be sacrificed in order to save us from our sins, I know Jesus Christ is our savior.


Okay, before you regard (or continue to regard) me as a nutcase, hear me out. How can I possibly know Jesus Christ is for real when I wasn’t even there during his lifetime? I wasn’t there when he lived his life as a human being among us, nor was I there when he was crucified. However, there’s been enough documented, both by bible and by historical records to give me every reason to believe at least the base of the story to be true. I’ve also encountered situations throughout my lifetime that have me absolutely convinced that Jesus Christ is real. So is God, our Heavenly Father. I could go on and on about it, but I’ll save that for another blog post if I feel like going there.

The point behind this blog post is pointing out that all the evils that are being done in this world have already been seen through the eyes of our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and a handful of prophets. We were warned, right from the beginning of God’s creation of mankind that if we continued to defy him and continue running rampant down the paths of temptation we will be dooming ourselves for destruction.

noah_ark_people_drowingimages (4)

It happened when God flooded the earth during Noah’s time. It happened when rains of fire levelled Sodom, Gomorrah and their neighboring cities. It’ll happen again when the return of Jesus Christ comes in as a lion and right all that is wrong. It won’t be pretty when this happens, but make no mistake. IT WILL HAPPEN! However, before it does, mankind has to be brought to their knees first.


And this is where the evil collective of the Illuminati, the Elite 1% and corporations like Monsanto come in. This collection are going out of their way to ensure this world is for themselves and are doing the very thing we were all warned about but was too blind to notice. They’re taking our land, our rights, our freedoms and even our lives for their benefit. What’s worse is they do this in such a manner that those who are still in a slumber love them for it. There are then those in between that don’t know what to believe and are so easily distracted with issues that aren’t really of concern. Then there are the select few who do see and are trying to wake up the rest of the world, but still have their work cut out for them.  This is not an easy fight to wage and it’s not fun seeing the world through eyes of reality.  As hopeful as I am and as much as I’d like to believe somehow we’ll all get out of this relatively unscathed, I know deep down this is not possible.  Too much has happened and too much has been put in place to turn back now.  The only way this can be stopped is if Jesus Christ himself returns and puts an end to the madness.  However, like I said, this will not happen until he absolutely has to.


So, as much as I want to see the return of Jesus Christ as I do believe this particular world desperately needs him more than ever now, I still see a chance where we, all of whom are children of God, our Heavenly Father, can still find a way to set our petty differences aside and work together against the tyranny that threatens to take everything away from us.  Only together can we get our world back and only together can we save humanity despite the odds.  One doesn’t even have to believe an ounce of the bible to realize that in order to get this world back into the hands it belongs to, we have to rip it out of the hands that are seeking to destroy it.


These bullies, the Elite 1%, Monsanto and their allies of Corrupt Corporations, the Illuminati and all those who support them need to be put in their place.  Sooner or later it’s going to happen, but if we as people worked together as a team full of faith that we can do this, this can happen so much sooner and allow us an extended run to prove to God, our Heavenly Father, that we can do this.  We can work together for a better world where everybody gets along and nobody succumbs to the same seven deadly sins that’s been destroying us.


If we cannot learn to live together and work together then we leave Jesus Christ no choice but to come in and officially take over.  This won’t be pretty.  Like a justifiably angry father, God will send his wrath upon his disobedient children to make them understand who truly is in charge here.  The earth is his house, people.  Like any parent who leaves his children to watch over his property he expects them to do so with the same level of care and respect as he’d do.  We have failed in this task miserably by exploiting, destroying, burning, poisoning and killing all that’s around us.  We are destroying God’s house.  Although corporations like Monsanto and all those who support them are very serious offenders in this regard, the rest of the population is every bit as much to blame.  Many witnessed what was going on, but chose to say nor do anything about it.  Of the few who did speak up they were disbelieved or ridiculed for it.  Because of this, others who may have felt the same way opted to stay quiet because it seems safer to shut up and say nothing than to stand up and get singled out as a nut job.

images (3)warned-you_n

I used to be one of those people.  I’d see, but chose to stay silent because it seemed safer to stay in neutral than to join the fight.  I’d distract myself with video games and television programs just to keep my mind distracted from the increasing madness that’s been going in this world.  For me, as long as nothing serious happened within my own corner of the world I honestly believed I didn’t need to care.

A6Yv4boCMAA4J6f.jpg largeSlide21edmund-burke-quote

What I failed to realize, however, was the atrocities going on in this world today IS happening in my corner of the world.  Monsanto has set out to control every seed on this planet.  This is also something we’ve been warned about in the bible.  It boiled down to the seed and protecting it or else all will perish.  This is precisely what’s happening, people.  Monsanto is bullying their way to force farmers and gardeners to hand over every seed.  It’s getting to the point now where in a growing number of regions it is now against the law to refuse any seed to Monsanto.  Since when is it illegal to tell a corporation to back off?  It never should have come down to this, but because of bullying tactics and bribery, the government has allowed this to happen.  What’s worse is we, as people who’ve been watching, are also allowing this to happen.  Why?  Are we too afraid to speak up and stand out?  If it’s just one person it’s difficult.  But if it’s an entire population that’s fed up with being bullied there’s nothing to be afraid of.  You’re defending your human right to live your life as a child of God (whether you believe in him or not) as you see fit.  As a group we have a much better chance at succeeding than as squabbling individuals.


I don’t know about you, but I am standing up and I am fighting back.  I’m no soldier.  I’d be shot dead on sight before I could even load the first bullet into my gun.  If it came down to fists it wouldn’t take much to knock me down and out.  However, when it boils down to a spiritual fight I will give you your money’s worth.  I am a child of God and I’ve not only accepted Jesus Christ as my savior but I also regard him as my big brother.  As ridiculous as this may sound, I see Jesus Christ as the big brother to us all; the one we’re all supposed to look up to and follow.  It’s his hand we need to take and his only.  I’ve taken his hand and I refuse to let go.  I know by doing so I’ll get lost again and I will do everything I can to ensure that doesn’t happen.

If I can’t defeat the bully on my own I know my big brother will deal with him accordingly.  This is where I know the bullies of this world, the Elite 1%, the Illuminati, the alliance of Corrupt Corporations (like Monsanto) and all those who support them will have the appropriate punishment dished out to them when the time comes.  Even if they own every corner of this earth and every seed on it, it will be a short-term ownership at best.  Like any big brother who defends the honor of his younger siblings, he will get into the fight and he will win.  He will also deal with those who stood by and watched the crimes take place and chose to do nothing.

We are warned that if we remain in a neutral state, not picking a side we believe in, then the favor shall be returned.  Why would anyone want to help you if you chose not to help them when you had your chance?  This is how I see things now.  For too long I’ve stood by and did nothing.  I won’t do this anymore.  Am I scared?  Yes and no, but I’d rather be fighting for what I believe in than shut my eyes and pray for it to all go away because I was too scared to act.  I don’t even care if I’m right or wrong anymore.  I would rather be wrong and fighting for what I believe in than be right and do nothing because that’s just as bad, if not worse.

hqdefaultSeeds of Faith

Every bully is on borrowed time, plain and simple.  Bullies in the playground always get what’s coming to them sooner or later. The only reward any bully truly deserves is an amplified dose of their own medicine.


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