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For those of you who know me best you know I’m a frequent Facebook Flyer.  In other words, I’m often found on this form of social media and this is where I draw a good portion of information that has convinced me to start writing my own blog.  This wasn’t a decision I made lightly, but I’ve noticed in the past few months I have grown increasingly outspoken with my views.  I know I’ve made several people uneasy as they’re now seeing a more aggressive side to me.  I’ve even made myself uneasy because this isn’t typically who I am.  At least not to this extent.  This is new to me too, but I’m no stranger to taking a stand for something I believe in.  I’ve done it before and most of the time I get my ass kicked for it, but I still feel better for at least trying to fend for what I believe in rather than shutting up and pretending to go along with the system when deep down it sickened me.

Ever since I was a kid I was never known to be part of the “inside crowd” or have much of anything to do with the popular kids.  In fact, it was almost always the polar opposite.  I never cared for popularity and I don’t think I ever will.  In all honesty, this blog is for me.  Not for you.  The blog has become my alternate source for “letting go” as I was noticing on Facebook I was getting way too “postal” and I knew I had to shift gears somehow.  If I need to vent that badly then why not just do it on a blog site where it doesn’t matter if anybody sees it or not?

Originally for me (and I think for everyone) Facebook was meant to be a place where family and friends could hook up in a much easier format.  We don’t have to talk to each other everyday, but just to occasionally see a post once in a while to see that all is well in their corner in the world was good enough for me.  Sometimes there’d be chat exchanges that would lead into the occasional phone call or face-to-face visit and I cherish all that.  The chance to meet up with some old friends (whether we were close or not) and find new ones has been an awesome experience and it’s nothing I would forsake for anything.  Being able to re-connect with family has also been great and I wouldn’t trade that for anything either.

However, like all original intentions, no matter how great they are, it’s all too easy for that to change.  Like everyone else, I’ve noticed Facebook has become yet another platform for business, religious and political agendas.  For the longest time I chose to steer clear as I didn’t want to get involved.  I preferred to just mind my own business (still the best policy) and if it got too much just jump off Facebook altogether and game where I have zero people contact.  This worked not too bad for a while (2008-2014) but somewhere along the way I just snapped wide awake and there is no turning back now.  Gaming is no longer interesting to me as I find it’s a cheap distraction from staying focused on what’s truly more important in my life right now.deadly_sleep_by_ryoko_demon-d4nc3oeAwakening

This is not the first time I’ve snapped awake, but this is certainly the most profound I’ve experienced.  I woke the first time back in 1986, but that was brief at best.  I do remember the tiny window of it’s warnings back then and how those warnings have materialized into what we’re seeing today.  I woke the second time somewhere in the 1990’s but evidenly I was even less ready at that time to pay attention as I don’t even remember the year.  The 90’s was a really bad decade for me as my attention span was at an all time low back then.  I woke again in 2008 and actually felt invincible at the time.  That was my downfall.  I got too sure of myself and too cocky for my own good that when that moment of weakness came I had no chance and caved.  I even knew I failed and was so ashamed of myself for it that instead of making an effort to accept the fact that I’m every bit as human as the next person I simply opted out from caring so much.  I pulled every trick I could think of to “numb” myself from the madness of the world going on around me.  I focused only on family and friends and made a point to mind my own business no matter what.  Although minding one’s own business is indeed wise, pretending that there’s nothing at all wrong that would devastate my little world was not.

Everything came to a head in 2014 and even then I was fighting the urge to go nova.  Believe it or not, I’m still fighting it, but not so much now.  Instead of keeping it all bottled in I let loose.  I can’t just go ahead and share face to face with someone as 99% of the time they don’t get it and they’ll likely interrupt me and that will just make me angry.  For me it’s more therapeudic to let it out and I do so in the manner I’m most comfortable with; writing.

Writing allows me to communicate and stay focused.  Sharing this online, whether it be through this blog or on Facebook, the bottom line is I do this for me first.  It lets me let go so that I don’t get angry.  Anger is bad.  Anger is wrathful.  I don’t want to be that way.  I’d rather be focused and still be able to laugh and enjoy my life, which I do very much.  I take each day I get to live as a gift.

Facebook has become my diary, as has this blog.  I share it online because I know there are others out there that probably feel pretty close to what I do.  Maybe not 100% on the same page, but there are some similarities that are there.  It’s oddly easy enough for me to connect to people, but at the same time immensely difficult.  I empathize more than anything, and I think it’s that empathy that has put me in the position I’m at.

For those of you who know me, you know where I stand with my views regarding our Heavenly Father, God, and Jesus Christ.  My faith is indeed Christianity, but I refuse to belong to any denomination.  I believe in God way more than I do in religion and I believe in Jesus Christ way more than I will ever bring myself to trust any given priest.  I believe in humanity, but not enough in human beings to think any of us can successfully survive and thrive on this world on our own.  There’s way too much negative influence in this world to allow us to truly stand united for as long as we each remain divided with the variety of religious factions that continue to run rampant, along with the fanatics that believe their way is the only way and will perform any act of terrorism against those who disagree with their views.  They think doing so will please the god they worship, but fail to realize it’s not their place to play judge, jury nor executioner.  That role has already been fulfilled by someone else and none of us on this planet has the right to claim it in His name.

We do, however, as human beings, have the right to defend our humanity and to preserve what we believe in.  We were never meant to destroy.  We were meant to live, love and thrive.  We were also all meant to work together and never against each other.  We were meant to care.

So this is where I find it so hard to stay quiet.  I care!  I can’t help it, but I care.  I believe we’re meant for so much more than to live a few short years, chasing our tails in a neverending circle of stupidity for rewards that don’t really exist.  The reward of living, loving and community should be enough but these days it isn’t.  Too many people want money.  Too many people want power.  Too many people want a bounty of items that mean more to them than life itself.  Because there’s too many people who want all the wrong things we’re now in a world that has become extremely unstable and I don’t like it at all.  I don’t like the price humanity is paying because of this and I don’t like the fact that people who still remember what it’s like to be a decent human being and makes an effort to remain as such are shunned and ridiculed for it.  Some are even killed for it.

This I can no longer put up with.  This is why I speak out so much and this is why I fight so much.  I’m only one person, but if it’s true I’m not alone that feels this way it’s good to know that I’m not the only one.


I see sites on Facebook and elsewhere that have names similar to the title of my blog site.  I visit them and watch them.  I didn’t create the name I did because of them, however.  I came up with the name I did because I prefer the sound of that to my ears as opposed to the other one.

téléchargement (1)

New World Order vs. Humanity World Order

The New World Order is branded as evil, owned by the Elite 1% and governed by the duped world leaders as well as the greedy corporations who don’t entirely get it either.  The Illuminati is rumored to have orchestrated all this, evidently working with Satan himself to ensure this world of theirs does indeed come to pass.  To them, Satan is their god.  To me, this is an abomination.


The Humanity World Order is just a metaphor, but in it I have this dream of what it would be like if this was achieved over the other.  In this world everyone is equal.  In this world everyone gets along as they don’t allow their petty differences get in the way of community.  Family and friends come first.  Profit isn’t even an issue because there is no money in this world.  People work, like usual, but not in factories.  They’re not chasing the almighty dollar but after the common goal to ensure every human being has needs that are met without having to pay for it.  Everybody gets what they want and what they need by simply working for it and at a fair price that doesn’t take away pieces of their humanity to get it.  Everybody in this world knows God is our Heavenly Father, our Creator, and it is a world where we’ve all acknowledged that Jesus Christ is our world leader.  There is no words nor actions of disrespect towards him and there is no act of terrorism to be found anywhere.  The darkest roots within us are removed and all that is left is the goodness of mankind.

Humanity chooses life over knowledge.  Humanity chooses compassion over cruelty.  Humanity chooses love over hate.  Humanity chooses people over profit.  Humanity is what God created.  Humanity is what Satan is out to destroy.  Humanity is what Jesus Christ saved.  Humanity is what we owe to our Creator and our Savior as proof that we remember who we are and where our home truly is.



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