To Vote Or Not To Vote

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Do you believe in democracy?  Do you believe it still exists in your nation?  Do you still have hope that your voice still matters and that your vote does indeed count?


Sadly, only 40% of us do.  The other 60% either don’t care or have reached the point where they’ve seen so much corruption take place within their own nation that they’ve given up even trying to speak up.  Every one of those within the 60% believe their vote doesn’t matter.


Really?  Can you imagine if that 60% banded together and voted for anybody other than Republican and Democrat (USA) or PC, Liberal and NDP (Canada)?  Imagine even if just 30% of that crowd voted Tea Party in USA or Green Party in Canada.  That would have been enough to shift the balance of power in a whole new direction.  Perhaps it would have been a better direction than what we’re on now.


How many times have you Americans complained about President Barack Obama and the Obamanation he has created ever since getting into office?  All the promises he made before getting into office were never materialized.  In fact, he has done the polar opposite of what he said he’d do.  Instead of finding a way to stop Monsanto in their tracks and dismantling them he’s given them more power than ever.  And, it’s not just him.  Between his representation of the Democrats and the Bush Administration in favor of the Republicans, America has never become as vulnerable of a nation as it is now.  Those with eyes that see what’s really going on see that time is running out for a nation that used to be Strong, Proud & Free.  It is fast becoming more like a nation of Stupid, Bought & Fascist.

rock-640x5641Stalin Quote

Canada isn’t too far behind either in this regard.  In Canada there is Prime Minister Stephen Harper, leader of the Progressive Conservatives Party (PC’s) and he has also let the country who voted him in down.  However, like America, not enough Canadians chose to get involved and vote and make it known they refuse to remain ignored.  If this was a move to serve as an act of defiance, wow, was that ever stupid!  By choosing not to vote you’re telling your country you don’t care if this is a right people should have anymore.  And as a result, at least here in Canada, we see this; (Visit the link to find out more)


For those who choose not to vote, don’t complain about your government and how your country is going into the toilet.  By not voting you’re telling everyone around you that you don’t care about your fate, nor the fate of your country, nor even the fate about your own family and what you’re leaving behind for them when your time in this world is up.  Between America and Canada, our governments mock us and bully us.  So do the big corporations that stuff their pockets with all the bribery money can buy so they can run this country their way and leave every single human being, creature and barely surviving corner of the environment hanging in the balance.


I’ve been guilty of not voting either, and like many of you who’ve been in this same boat, I had my reasons.  One of them was believing my voice didn’t count.  I’m just one person.  I honestly believed it didn’t matter if I voted or not.  I then realized it does because all it takes is just that one vote to change everything.  I also had bouts where I became so disheartened by the circle of lies told and failed policies between the political parties of PC, Liberal and NDP that none of them deserved my vote.  At that timing, I never factored in what a bright idea it would have been to vote for someone new, like the Green Party of Canada as an example, or anybody but the typical two within America.


I know doing so would mean taking a leap of faith, but I realized true change doesn’t happen until a person is willing to step out of the box we’ve been told to stay in because it’s safe.  Jump out of that box and exercise your freedom to vote for whom you believe best represents you.  Don’t just go in and close your eyes and mark off any box.  That’s the equivalent to not voting at all because that move suggests you still don’t care about the fate of this country.


The best voters are those who educate themselves by paying attention.  Don’t listen to the news as 100% factual because they never are.  The best way to inform yourself is to become your own personal journalist and dig into the facts.  Get to know your community.  Go meet the individual who is currently representing your neighborhood and move up from there.  Go meet those who are looking to unseat the guy (or girl) that’s currently in charge and find out for yourself between all these people you meet and learn about who best represents what you want.  Then, based on what you’ve learned, go into that voting booth and make your decision.

téléchargement (1)

Now I likely know what you’re probably thinking.  What’s the point of voting if the polls are rigged?  Rigged or not, your presence will be seen and your voice will be heard.  Your vote will count!  Even if the election is rigged in such a manner that the corporations get their elected champion anyway, they will be unable to ignore the stone cold fact that people are finally waking up and refuse to put up with stupid anymore.


So even at that point, regardless of the outcome, it shows people do care and will take action wherever necessary.  This will actually make it somewhat easier for each Canadian and each American to fight whatever fight is necessary to get their countries back.  This is OUR land, people!  This does not belong to the Elite 1% despite all that their money bought them.  This does not belong to Monsanto, despite all the deceit and bullying tactics they’ve used against the people.

Proof that votes and working together work, even in the face of corruption; (Click on the pics to learn more.)


Now, as for those who (justifiably) fear the election itself will be rigged, I have a solution for that;

téléchargement (2)

No electronic voting as the machine can rig it where you think you’ve voted for your favorite, but within the machine it’s picked who it wants instead as it was rigged by the programmer.  We, as people, get to watch from start to finish the voting process itself and how the votes are counted.  We want a fair and honest election and not one that’s rigged.


However, in order for this to work we need YOU to VOTE!



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