Green Power vs. Greed Power

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It is no secret I am no fan of the Keystone Pipelines, nor the Koch Brothers that are so eager to make their money from it.  This deadly combo is contributing to more environmental disasters than mankind has ever seen before throughout the entire globe and the majority of it stems from Canada, mainly the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.  These beautiful provinces are gradually becoming toxic wastelands and it’s not only a crime against both humanity and nature that this is being allowed to continue, it’s pathetic.

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What people fail to realize (or they just don’t care) is that the oil industry is on borrowed time.  In fact, all fossil fuel based energy is on borrowed time and this is what is actually stemming the wars going on throughout the world today.  The true terrorists on this planet are not handfuls of radical Islamists, nor neo-Nazi wannabes.  Those are just puppets to distract mankind from focusing on our true enemy; The Elite 1% who fund all this madness and literally steer people into the directions they need us all to go in order to fulfill their agenda.


Bottom line, this needs to stop.  God didn’t create Man to be puppets.  He created Man to be stewards of a world he sculpted to perfection.  It was his dream that humanity and the environment would work together and live in what would be deemed as a perfect world.  This perfect world did not include greed, nor did it include lust, nor did it include we abuse each other to the point where global extinction has become imminent.  This is where we are at now and unless we learn to get back on course to restore what used to be a perfect world, each of us are doomed to suffer a fate that Satan himself wants for us all; Absolute Destruction.

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For those who don’t believe in God, nor Satan, nor Jesus Christ that is your option.  However, even for those who don’t believe in the biblical contexts of what all this is spelling out for us all, you cannot ignore the cold, hard, scientific facts that there are powers in place right now to strip humanity off the face of this earth and in it’s place will be nothing but an empty presence of cold, heartless drones.


I don’t know about you, but I want God’s perfect world.  I don’t want that other one because it’s no world at all.  It’s just an empty void, one which Greed Power is creating.  I am aware without the direct leadership of Jesus Christ, that perfect world will never happen.  However, in the meantime, we do have the power within us to work together and bring this world as close to it’s former glory as we possibly can.  We have the power to unite (like the Borg) but we cannot do that while we continue to allow our petty differences get the best of us.  We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted with the constant line of b/s that is hurled at us by those who are determined to wipe at least 90% of us off the face of this earth so they can sculpt whatever new world order they have in mind.

We must work together.  Kick out the Greed Power and in it’s place, go with Green Power.  If you don’t understand what I mean about that, it’s simple.  It’s a more environmentally friendly way to provide the energy sources we need in order to not only maintain our lifestyles, but improve upon them.

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You have the power to achieve this better world and kick out the dying one that is constantly getting rammed down our throats.  The likes of Rothschild, Rockafeller, Monsanto, Koch and those in bed with them know that for as long as we remain divided we don’t stand a chance.  However, if more and more of us unite and stick together in the name of Humanity and have the shatterproof faith that we can win, then we most certainly will.

Hands touching a globeGood-world


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