Kill Keystone

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Before you read my blog on this subject, please click on the pic below and read it over first.  It will make this post I’m about to do much shorter.


As a former resident of Alberta (my home province as I was born there) I have to admit I’m deeply saddened that this once beautiful province is turning into a toxic wasteland, one pipeline (and spill) at a time.  The pic you see below is yet another explosion that has taken place along the Keystone XL pipeline.  It’s the fourth in just a single month.  Despite this and the tremendous carbon dioxide hazards that has wreaked havoc on people, animals and the environment the Koch Congress still want to push this project forward.


And they’re not the only ones.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper is valiantly pushing this project forward, virtually trying to ram this down President Barack Obama’s throat, not to mention the throats of every American and Canadian who deeply opposes this pipeline project with more than enough reasons to convince even the dumbest person alive that this is an extremely unwise venture to pursue.

I know, I know.  It promises jobs.  Yes it does and those within the oil industry are eager to support this, but they fail to realize these are short-term jobs at best and they come at extremely high prices.  Sure, it creates jobs but at extreme risk to the future generations who have to live in this world as this particular generation continues to recklessly exploit it’s nonrenewable resources until there’s nothing (and no one) left.  For those who don’t want to look that far ahead, let’s look at today and the prices that we’ve paid so far; (Click on the pic to learn more)

f002756f713320ba41616283d090e999Air Pollution and Tar Sands Home slide

If you’ve clicked on the link and took a good visit as you’ve read the info on that page, great.  If not, well, here’s the short-version of the so-called benefits these Keystone (and similar) pipelines have produced thus far;

7860_KEYSTONE 2_1_460x230oil-spill-kalamazoo-river-map-graphic-0647095ad2da79fchuman-rights-and-healthTarsands-pipelineexxon-pipeline-spill4energy-arkansas-oil-spill-bird_65974_990x742

Click the pic below for to view another site worth visiting.  Additional proof as to just how devastating the disasters of pipelines bring.


How much more do you think our nations can take?  This has to stop.  All these pipelines should be turned off, plain and simple.  Turn them off, dismantle them and work on the better alternatives that have already proven to not only exist, but is far more profitable on so many levels that these filthy pipelines and the toxic trail of sludge could never possibly measure up.



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