Religion vs. Science vs. Politics vs. Humanity

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Looks like our world today. Whether you choose to believe in the bible or not is up to you. However, even a non-believer of God cannot escape the truth that our world is dying. Between the wastes that are dumped all over our land and into our waters, not to mention floating in the sky we’re turning our world into something it was never meant to be.

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Between the factions we find ourselves in, whether it be cultural, political, religious or social we’ve divided ourselves up so badly that we’ve made it that more difficult to recognize and understand each other as human beings. We are all equals in the eyes of God and instead of remembering this and honoring this we’ve developed statuses amongst ourselves that serves as grounds for squabble. Even through the eyes of an atheist, we are all equals in the name of humanity.


All too often there’s a war between science and religion.  Both sides have very good arguments, but the best ones are made by those who are smart enough to not follow either side blindly.  This is something so many of us fail to do and quite often find ourselves arguing in a self-righteous manner rather than taking a breather and approach the subject through more than just one set of eyes.


We are warned about the differences of being righteous as opposed to self-righteous in the bible.  Job learns his lesson the hard way, thinking he was a righteous person but later learned he wasn’t truly serving God with the kind of heart that he should have been.  Job was full of himself and allowed his pride and arrogance get the best of him.  He was taught that in order to stay true to the course God had intended for him that he needed to stay true to himself and in his actions.  In other words, don’t go around doing stuff and expect you are to be justifiably rewarded for it.  Life doesn’t work like that.  Life rewards you, piece by piece, for as long as you learn to appreciate it for what it truly is.

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The biggest challenge going on between religious factions, regardless of which denomination or faith you choose to follow, is understanding that religion itself is nothing more than a man-made organization.  Somebody created it somewhere and managed to pool enough people together to follow that particular path in the name of God.  Although the original intent seems honorable enough, all too often people tend to get steered down a path they may not realize is necessarily the correct one.

Look at what happened when Moses led the people out of Egypt.  He was gone for 40 days and 40 nights and in that time period the people grew restless and, through his brother Aaron, started creating ideals and images that they wanted for themselves, not realizing at the time that this was wrong.  Why was it so wrong?  Why can’t they just do what they want?  Why worry about offending God?  Isn’t God being rather vain in this regard?

The answer to this is no, he wasn’t vain at all.  What he saw developing within the people was a rise of arrogance that he could not tolerate.  In Genesis he wiped out this disease by flood during the days of Noah, and by rains of fire upon Sodom and Gomorrah.

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When God said to Moses that the people of Israel are a stiffnecked people, he was pointing out that the human race are a stubborn race.  We want things our own way and we are impatient about it.  We fool ourselves into thinking we’re better than God, smarter than God and can live without God.  Atheism makes this very clear as they have zero belief in God nor anything written within the pages of the Bible.

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Even as an atheist, one cannot ignore that disobeying the 10 Commandments doesn’t just have biblical ramifications.  They’re real.  History has proven that breaking these commandments is not just disobeying God, but creates easily avoidable consequences if we, as people, just learn to play by the rules.  Don’t look at them as simply God’s rules.  Look at them as rules of humanity.  If you look at if from a broader point of view they’re not so different.


Where does lust get you?  There are many different kinds of lust.  Lust for power.  Lust for sex.  Lust for knowledge.  Those are just a few, but the most obvious that come to mind.  Lusting for these things often results in deadly consequences that cause suffering upon the victims and tarnishes the person committing such a sin.  Again, if you’re not biblical, don’t look at it as a sin.  Look at it as a crime.  The crime of lust has brought forth adultery, pornography (both legal and illegal), corporate takeovers, monopolized government and even wars.

What about Gluttony?  Gluttony means you overdo something.  Obesity, sexually transmitted diseases, certain cancers and other diseases are just a tiny handful of what happens when one doesn’t exercise the common sense of self-control.

Greed is what corporations are made of.  It is the very fabric of what they are and who created them and who runs them.  Greed is what drives people to get more than what they already have and is never satisfied with having just enough to be happy with.

Sloth is laziness.  Being lazy means nothing gets done.  You take everything for granted and even in the face of adversity you’d rather pray your way out of it and hope God will do all the work for you while you sit back and reap the rewards.  Again, if you go the non-God route, how is it fair that you sit on your butt all day at your job site while everyone around you does all the work?  Bottom line it isn’t.

Wrath is what causes people to throw common sense clean out the window and act with vengence.  Actions through this manner are done so either thorugh jealousy, spite, pettiness and in the end it solves nothing.  Resolving anger through violence or malicious acts is not the answer.  It never was and it never will be.

Envy is jealousy.  We see this in society in such a grotesque manner it’s no wonder everybody is in debt or murdering each other.  Envy and wrath all too easily align themselves, especially when greed and lust get in the picture.

Pride is our biggest killer.  Pride invites arrogance and turns us from righteous human beings to self-righteous, thinking our way is the only way and everyone else is wrong.  This was Job’s downfall in the bible.  This was the downfall of countless kings and empires.


Sin (or misdeeds) are, unfortunately, a part of who we are.  We cannot escape them 100% as we were condemned to live a life of sin as we were each born into it.  When you go into the Adam and Eve story it talks about choosing the Trees of Life against the Tree of Knowledge.  Between the atheists, scientists and religious factions they each have their own idea of what this one is all about.  To me, it’s a simple metaphor.

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The Tree of Life respresents living a life that’s free of sin (misdeeds) and there’s no root of evil to be found anywhere.  There is no room for darkness to creep it’s way in because people will pay more attention to living their life rather than get caught up in the noise of nonsense that can easily engulf a man’s soul where humanity no longer exists.


The Tree of Knowledge is a fast track for mankind to learn all that he needs to know, but at a much quicker pace than he is able to fully understand.  The knowledge of good and evil prematurely introduces man to a world he was not ready for.  Because of this, he is not smart enough nor capable enough to keep the evils from creeping into his soul and making itself a home there.  This, according to a biblical point of view, is how Satan was able to put a taint into God’s greatest creation.

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The Tree of Life offers seeds for the living to grow and prosper.  Through this route knowledge would have been obtained anyway, but at a much slower pace.  It woud have been a pace that mankind would have been able to handle and once evil was introduced mankind would have been smart and strong enough to ward it off successfully.


The Tree of Knowledge offers seeds of arrogance for the living to crave for in their lust to feed their egos.  Those who excel at this better than others are quick to snuff out those who don’t progress quite as fast.  This is where corporations come in as they, one by one, wipe out those who aren’t fast enough to keep up with their idea of evolution.


What atheists and many religions fail to realize is the entire Bible is a combination of historical and metaphorical writing, along with guides warnings, that should be taken for exactly what it is.  That is the point behind any given book, or post, or blog, or whatever material you come across.  Some tell their stories better than others, but each of them have a point they’re trying to make.

The point behind this particular blog post is that there is no reason for religion to square off against science, nor against politics nor even against humanity.  The point is all four of these factions should be working as one in a united effort to burn the tree of knowledge and embrace the tree of life.

Yes, I’m speaking with metaphors, but I also speak from the heart and from observation and from experiences I’ve had that draw me to where I stand right now.

I know the bible is ridiculed for how the stories within it are laid out, and even I, through a scientific point of view, can see the absurdities.  However, peel away the wording and puzzle it out with an open mind (and heart) you’d be surprised how powerful the inspiration behind it truly is.



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