Political Suicide

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In America it’s Democrat or Republican.  In Canada it’s PC, Liberal or NDP.  Is that the best our nations have to offer?  Nope, but it’s all that we’re told to believe is worth choosing between.  And honestly, even that choice is rigged.  Come 2016 one way or the other, the Republicans will find a way to win, even if you don’t vote for them.  They’ve already been rigging for this to happen since the dawn of our so-called democracy system.

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I’ve made it no secret I’m no Barack Obama fan either, but I am aware that he’s merely a puppet in a much grander scheme that’s run by corporate greed and big business bullies that have got that poor man shoved into a corner where he’s damned if he does good and damned if he does bad.  The poor man can’t win.  You think it was purely his doing that America continues to plunge into the abyss?  Although he does have the power within him to stand up and fight back and put that fire in America’s bellies to fight for their country back he won’t do it.  Doing so will mean he will experience the same treatment John F Kennedy received back in 1963 when he attempted to do the same thing.  If his own political party doesn’t see to it, the Republicans will.


In America, there is a fight over the Keystone XL pipeline.  Obama is blocking this, which is the one popular move he’s making amongst the American people.  However, this block is a real thorn in the sides of the Republicans because this means their magic money is being plugged and this does not serve their best interest.  They want that oil and will get it by any means necessary.  They do not care about the environment and they most certainly don’t care about the people.  This has already been illustrated with their involvement regarding the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, as well as the increased agreement that the Al-Qaeda and ISIS are in fact spawns of a very sinister group of people who proudly wave the Republican flag.  Make no mistake, they’re waving the Democratic flag too, but the bottom line is these people are far from true Americans.  They do not have America’s best interest at heart, nor do they have humanity’s best interest at heart.  No, people, they are here to serve the Elite 1% and their precious Illuminati.  Think I’m reaching?  Think again.  Go google Rothschild and see for yourself just how much influence they have on all the nations, most especially within America.  Where do you think the Bush bloodline stems from?  Believe it or not, they share the exact same bloodline as Adolf Hitler himself.  What we’re seeing in America (and the world) today has been carefully engineered in such a manner that the world we want will never materialize for as long as the wrong powers continue to be in place.


Those wrong powers, in the USA, are Democrat and Republican.  Both of them need to go.  Quite often I hear “I’ll vote this party because it’s the lesser evil of the other party.”  What kind of reasoning is that?  It sounds like the one coming from someone who has given up on America, or is so afraid to take a leap of faith and do the unthinkable – vote for somebody else!

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For decades now (if not longer) both America and Canada have been committing political suicide against themselves by running in circles, voting the same parties in and out like a revolving door.  In America it’s always Republican or Democrat.  They don’t even give much thought to independent parties who no doubt broke away from this cycle because they see and know what’s really going on.  They want true change in America and they’re not as inexperienced nor as stupid as the big two parties want their American voters to believe.  This is also true in Canada.  In Canada there is what I consider the unholy 3 of Canadian politics.  We have Progressive Conservatives (PC), Liberals and New Democratic Party (NDP).  Of these three the lesser of the evils would be NDP, but they’re too unstable as a party to prove they have any real sign of unity.  This is why the majority of the Canadians favor either PC or Liberal when it boils down to the elections.  This is most unfortunate because they’re repeating the exact same mistakes USA is doing.


What people don’t realize is how badly brainwashed we all are.  We’re so conditioned to vote in what is thrown in our face that we don’t pay enough attention to those who are just as deserving (if not more so) to be in the political race than the big boys.  In America we’ve got the Tea Party, Independent American Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, Socialist Party, Marijuana Party, Communist Party of America, just to name a few.  In Canada we’ve got the Green Party, Bloc Quebecois, Conservative, Canadian Action, Christian Heritage, Communist, Libertarian, Marijuana, Progressive Canadian to also name a few.


Why aren’t any of these independents considered?  Why are the “top 2” always shutting them out?  Why?  Because chances are if you heard what some of those independents have to say it’d be enough to sway your vote into their direction instead.

What I’d like to see, really, if those independents are sincere about kicking both the Republicans and the Democrats (in USA), as well as the PC’s and Liberals (in Canada) out of the way then they’d band together as one giant party and just take them out.  Collectively, as a coalition, they’d stand a much better chance winning over the favor of their respective peoples and help restore our falling nations back to the glory they deserve.


In Canada, I’d really love to see the NDP’s hold their ground as party as I do believe in them, but they need to learn to believe in themselves.  They’re not quite there yet and that’s why they’re always placed in third.  However, I believe if enough of the lesser known Canadian parties banded together as one giant coalition then the face of Canadian politics would finally get the breath of fresh air they desperately deserve.  In Canada, if the independents teamed and formed something like the Cooperative Party of Canada (or whatever) and unified themselves to bring down both PC and Liberal we finally see a whole new platform of how Canadian politics could work in Canada.  Canada needs to be united if it expects to survive as a nation!


The same can be said in America.  If all the smaller, or rather independent political parties set aside their differences and unified as a giant Cooperative Party of America (or whatever) and they set their sights on forcing out as many Democrats and Republicans as they can then America may finally be headed into the direction it was wrongfully steered away from.

This is what is desperately required in both nations and on a global scale.  Make no mistake, at the moment the Rothschilds are ruling the world but there are powers in place to take them out.  We need to work with those powers by showing them that not all is lost within the borders of America and Canada.  If we can unify ourselves and set aside our petty little differences what a power we’d all truly be.


America, you need to drop both the Democrats and the Republicans!  They are killing your nation and everyone in it.  They are also killing people in other nations as well.  That has to stop.  Your lives and the lives of your children and future generations literally depend on it.


Canada, you need to drop both the PC’s and the Liberals!  They are also killing your nation and everyone in it.  They are supporting the actions of the current American administration and always have.  This is why Canada is often dubbed the biggest ass-kissers of America because it seems our government just will not break away and do what is morally correct instead of what’s deemed politically correct.

Doing the politically correct thing has proven to be the morally wrong thing to do.  History has proven this time and time again  It’s time we change the course of history and stop the merry-go-round ride of madness.  If we continue the same course we’ve been on for way too long then we are not only committing political suicide, but aiding in what will come next, which is global genocide against all mankind.



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