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If it were up to me, my vote would be for Jesse Ventura as president.  I know he’s not the most popular guy, especially among Chris Kyle fans, but he is the most honorable guy you can possibly get right now to kick American tyranny out of a country they’ve spent a lifetime destroying one piece at a time.  In order to take out bullies you need someone just as strong to take them out.  That would be Jesse Ventura.  However, he would not be able to do this alone and it will never be done in a presidential election because those things are rigged.  The new America needs to be taken by force, bottom line.


For way too long Americans have been in denial as they cannot accept the fact that since the dawn of democracy within America, the American people have been duped into sticking with a two-party political system that was corrupt since day one.  The Americans were warned about this by George Washington himself, as well as the rest of the founding fathers who escaped a tyrannical government for the sole purpose to create a nation that would truly be a land of the strong, proud and free.  It was the hope of the founding fathers that America would never fall into the trap the Rothschilds had engulfed the nation they fled from, namely Britain.  When the fight for Independence was over, documents were put in place and signed with the intent to protect America from what they knew was a diabolical world order that was bound to cripple humanity to it’s knees.


Unfortunately, the enemies of America, despite losing the war, still found a way to snake their way in.  Through Rothschild’s banking system, the Fed (among others), they were still able to weasel their influence to work their brand of magic into the very heart of America itself.  What the Rothschilds are to America (and the rest of the world) is a terminal cancer that must be rooted out.

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John F Kennedy tried to warn us back in 1963 and was murdered for it.  He is just one of many assassinations that have taken place by certain individuals and organizations, each of them determined to steer America and the rest of the world into a direction that is most certainly not to the benefit of the people.  What they’re after is a very dark, very controlled society that will have zero regard for any form of life and will do whatever it takes to strip any ounce of humanity you have within you.


We cannot allow this to happen!


Jesse Ventura, along with more and more people who are realizing this and waking up and trying to alert people, see what’s going on and know that time is literally of the essence.  Jesse Ventura, whether you like him or not, defines what a true leader should be.  A true leader admits to his faults.  A true leader acknowledges he is no super-human, nor anything more than a simple human being who wants to go about living his life as best as he can.  He doesn’t hide behind a wall of lies, nor does he hold open his pockets to win favor of those who’d be most capable of putting him into a position of power.  A true leader doesn’t always do the popular move just to please those around him.  A true leader will set aside his petty differences with others in order to achieve a common goal for the greater good.

You will never see Jesse hide behind a maze of stories nor excuses for who he is.  Does he care that he’s not the most popular guy in America?  No he does not.  He cares too much about America and everyone in it to be concerned with something as vain as popularity.

You will never see Jesse accept a bribe from any given corporation because he knows there’s too much at stake to blindly believe their line of b/s.  It’s not worth it.  What you will see from Jesse Ventura is a man who will stand up to bullies, including those who come across as victims but are truly more diabolical than given credit for.  He’s not a stupid man and he knows how to push buttons.  This is what America needs.  This is what humanity as a whole needs.


Granted, the Democrats and Republicans are very good at pushing buttons too.  They’ve been doing this to the American People for generations.  They play a carefully calculated game with voters where they think they have the power to decide America’s direction when the truth of the matter is they don’t.  Every single American is hooked by the mouth, like fish, and pulled to wherever conventional politics wants you to go.  It is not to serve the best interest of America.  It is to serve the best interest of those who have America by the balls; the Rothschilds, the Illuminati and the Elite 1%.  Bear in mind, people, this little group wants to wipe out over 90% of the world’s population to establish a world where they are in 100% control and those who are lucky to be alive (if you want to call it that) will have the misfortune of drudging through life as a lowly slave that will have zero human rights and live in extremely inhumane conditions.  If this is the world you want, then by all means keep voting Republican and/or Democrat.

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However, if you don’t want this kind of world for yourself, nor for your children, then you need to wake up and realize the only way you can save America and yourselves is to break the corporate chains that bind you and put an end to this madness.  Even if you don’t care for Jesse Ventura stop and think.  Are you biased towards him simply because of some lame scandal?  What about the scandals that engulf around Barack Obama and his Democrats?  What about the scandals that surround the Republicans?  Of all the madness those two political parties have done against the citizens of their own nation you should be more upset with them than a guy who made the unpopular choice to file a lawsuit just to restore his name.


Folks, I’d rather back a guy who is honest with his convictions, even if it’s unpopular in the eyes of the public who’ll never know the whole story anyway as opposed to a bunch of guys (and gals) who puppet the American People into constrictive corners that are growing increasingly difficult to crawl out of.


Jesse Ventura is not just fighting for his own rights as a human being that deserves liberty and freedom.  He’s fighting for your rights too.  If he honestly didn’t care about the American People and only cared about himself then why would he put his neck on the line, over and over again, by trying to wake everybody up?  Do you realize how much he puts on the line for you?  The least you can do, as a true patriot of a true United States of America you will set aside your differences and allow Jesse Ventura to prove to America as it’s next president that he’s every bit a man of action as he is a man of words.


You owe this to yourself, your country and to your children as it is they that will inherit the world you choose to leave them.  So when you go make your choice, don’t just blindly choose between a pair of buffoons that will never have the same regard for your family as you do.  Prove that you are smarter than that and make your choice wisely.  If I could, I would choose Jesse Ventura or at least whoever he believes would make a far better presidential choice than the clowns running now.

In my eyes, Jesse Ventura is an inspiration and a desperately needed breath of fresh air for America.  He was certainly that in Minnesota as Governor.  I know many don’t like him, but there are many more who do as they see him for way more than how the media tries to paint him.  Get to know the guy.  I’ve left behind a couple links here (click on the photos) for those who are willing to be smart enough to set aside their personal opinions and enlighten themselves.



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