Better Off With Harper?

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My advice to Stephen Harper if he wants to remain Prime Minister of Canada is simple. Don’t bail out guys who clearly don’t need the money. Help out those who do, namely every Canadian in this nation that you’ve consistently sold out since 2006. Also, restore the protection rights towards our land and water and kick out the Koch Brothers. Rethink your strategy to decimate Canada with the Keystone projects and find a better alternative. Tell the Rothschilds what they can do with themselves and tell them to take their banks with them. Canada does not need them and Canada does not need the fake debt that has been wrongfully imposed upon them.

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Tell Monsanto and all the other greedy corporations that share the same bed of inhumane practices that either they start respecting and returning the human rights to every single Canadian within this nation or else get out and never attempt to influence this nation again with anything they have to offer. Canada did just fine before they got here and will do even better once they’re gone.  Canada was a strong nation long before the corruption set in and it has the power to be a strong nation once again.

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Harper, if you want to go down in history as a true leader of Canada you need to act like one. Respect your people, even if they didn’t vote for you. Respect your nation as you were born and raised in it like the rest of us. Prove to every Canadian you care by doing what no other politician has done; take drastic pay cuts from your political salaries and contribute it towards the deficits you’ve piled up because our country’s debt is your fault, not ours. Mind you, our country’s debt is a fake one so really, that money should go towards the veterans and their families as it was they that were lead to believe they fought and died for the freedoms of this nation. These are the very freedoms we’re in threat of losing because your government is too paranoid to trust it’s own people. That paranoia would never be in place if this country learned to do one very important thing when it comes to world politics; mind your own business and focus on the problems within your own borders before you go poking your nose into the problems of other nations who don’t need nor want your interference.


Also, ISIS is a propaganda group, created by the true terrorists of this world, who happens to run the government right next door to us. They, in association with the Rothschilds, are fueling this war and everyone in it. Vladimir Putin of Russia sees this. Other nations (those with real political leaders who have a brain and at least an ounce of courage to go with it) see this. You need to see it too, Harper, if you care half as much about this country as you claim to.


Your ads say we’re better off with Harper. Don’t just tell us this just for the sake of votes. Prove it before the election even takes place. This will make all the difference for you, and for this nation too.



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