A Green New Start

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A new start is needed that will overcome public perceptions that have damaged the names of previous parties and groups. They could then unite and assure the public how they will overcome past mistakes. A method is explained in the below links.


Some of the great solutions and ideas to help the country are:
More even wealth distribution with a fair share for everyone. 

Lower costs and taxes.

Encouragement and incentives for useful small businesses and inventors.

More fair regulation and less competition to help the poor and allow small businesses to provide a wider variety of quality goods and services.

Protect small local industries and encourage people to deal with them more.

Establish a non-profit bank to lend without interest to the poor and small business, if they are planning or doing something good.

Encourage only useful and healthy industries. 


Abolish all taxes that slow productivity.

Stop foreign multinational ownership and privatization.

Stop the country borrowing money at interest.

Less waste of government money.

Encourage quality immigrants and stop illegal trafficers of immigrants. Detain refuges humanely so they can happily work hard to raise revenue for the country’s needy. Give them an option of freedom if they change to a Christian culture, and plan to benefit the country.


Instead of imprisonment, encourage a financial penalty, or alternatively community service, home detention, and hard work for criminals that are not dangerous. Serious crimes such as murder and rape should be given the death penalty unless the perpetrators repent.

More just crime laws & fraud penalties are needed along with a more efficient justice system.

Encourage Christian values.

Ensure only the correct people get aid. Donate to Christian charities instead of giving foreign aid to corrupt governments.
The right for honest people to retain firearms.

New road safety ideas.

More useful education.

More referendums.

Less media violence.

Better and more efficient farming and land management. 

fueling earth from pump nozzle on white background

Encourage conservation instead of enviro-nazi-ism. Use technology to replenish and farm threatened species, instead of stopping industries harvesting them. Human rights are more important than the rights of wildlife.

More private land protection from landholders without World Heritage or government buybacks. Allow free access for responsible people to national parks.

Reducing gambling.

Encourage military training for young people.

Much more.

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