I Cry

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I cry for our dying world and everybody in it.  I cry for the all the creatures, both man and beast as they are trapped in a world filled with madness.  I cry for all that is good as it constantly fights an overwhelming battle against evil.  I cry for the angels who are watching over us, no doubt every bit as horrified as we are about the madness that runts rampant.  I cry for Jesus Christ as he died on the cross to atone for our sins.  I cry for our Heavenly Father because the world we live in right now is not the world he originally intended for us.  I even cry for Satan as he’s allowed his jealousy to twist himself into something that was once beautiful (as Lucifer) into the ugliest form imaginable.


I pray for our dying world to somehow recover as Jesus Christ returns home to take his rightful place as it’s ruler.  I pray for all the creatures, both man and beast, to be rescued from the hell we’re forced to live in because of our sins.  I pray for all that is good to finally defeat all that is evil and put an end to this madness once and for all.  I pray for Jesus Christ to save all those who don’t just believe in him, but are willing to lay down their lives for him in a just cause.  I pray for our Heavenly Father to look upon us all and realize we are all worth saving and extends the upmost mercy upon us and gives us all a second chance at life to live anew.  I pray for the Holy Spirit to find it’s way into all our hearts and make each of us far stronger than we already are.  I even pray for Satan to somehow realize all his misdeeds was simply an error of judgment on his part and goes out of his way to make amends for all the evil he has inflicted upon all of God’s creations.



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