Why Go Green?

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So with Canadian Elections upon our horizon staring us in the face there is the great debate as to whom the people believe is best qualified to run this country, along with the party they represent.

Is it Stephen Harper and his PC Government, the one who has continually let this once upon a time great nation down since 2006?  If you feel the answer to this is yes, here is a list of examples why you really should reconsider that option;

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This is only a fraction of the horrors Canada has experienced ever since Harper and his government has stepped into office.  All those promises he has made to better this nation has seen action take a polar opposite direction.  Better off with Harper?  Better off WITHOUT Harper is more like it.

harper-march  dump-harper

The Green Party has warned us about Stephen Harper even before he was elected Prime Minister of Canada.  It was more than just opposition talk from a political party that was etching for seats.  Many members within this Green Party are former members of the PC government (and more keep migrating over) and knew what kind of man Stephen Harper really was and knows what kind of monster he has become today.  The Green Party saw all this coming, people.  The unfortunate truth is, nobody wanted to see nor listen to it.

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The truth behind the Green Party is they are so much more than just a bunch of tree hugging socialists.  The diversity of people within this particular party is so amazing and so immense that it is truly the envy of all other political parties combined.  What they also have in their corner is the brute honesty behind their beliefs and they prove this every single day.

Are you aware that the Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May, has repeatedly earned the highest regard among her peers (even among the PC’s) for her ability to not just deliver speeches, but to speak sincerely from the heart?  When she talks people listen.  This is one of the biggest reasons why Stephen Harper and Elections Canada are determined to shut her and her Green Party out and suppress younger Canadians from voting.


The truth is the PC’s, Liberals and even NDP are afraid of Elizabeth May, Bruce Hyer (who crossed the floor to join the Greens) and the rest of the Green Party.  Elizabeth May wasn’t voted one of the “Most Influential Woman In The World” for nothing by Newsweek Magazine in 2005.  She earned it.  She has earned countless awards throughout her brilliant career and when she speaks, people listen.  She has successfully, on a number of occasions, stood up to big corporations and knocked them down with her honesty and tenacity.

MayCTVPic Weaver-Endorsement-Quote-Elizabeth-01

What makes the Green Party my top choice when it comes to Canadian Politics is not just Elizabeth May.  It’s the people within.  These aren’t just a bunch of political rookies that have taken part of this group.  You’ve got some long-term veterans such as Thunder Bay-Superior North MP Bruce Hyer.  A very successful business owner, and rights activist, Bruce has a far better understanding about the delicate balance between business, the need for democratic reform, preservation for the environment and and a well-balanced social program structure.

hqdefault  mqdefault

On provincial and municipal levels, several members within the Green Party have been making a positive impact within the communities they’re involved in.  They understand the importance of balancing between economic, environmental, political and social as a universal structure and deserve way more credit for their accomplishments than they’re currently being recognized for.

These peope aren’t just tree huggers.  They’re revolutionaries and they are long overdue to represent this country as more than just some independent party.  They are being held back by those who are too determined to keep conventional politics in the hands of those who have steadily let this nation down for decades.  Canada has been corrupt since the very beginning and the Green Party knows this.  The Green Party doesn’t just fight for a handful of CEO’s and their corporations nor for a cluster of bullies that want to keep Canadians in the dark about their true agenda for this country.  The Green Party fights for all of Canada, regardless of what nationality or background they come from.  They, unlke our current prime minister, respect Canada originally belonged to the First Nations and doesn’t treat them like an inconvenience to modern day society.  They, unlike all the previous prime ministers that have run this country, understand that every human being within this country’s borders plays an important role to the heritage, development and future that Canada rightfully deserves.

What are the Green Party’s views on socialism?  Since many consider them a socialist party, let’s tackle this very issue.  What is socialism?  Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.  In other words, no corporation nor tiny elect of individuals should have more rights and freedoms than the common man.

What the Green Party is striving for is more equality among Canadians.  Already in other nations we are seeing parties that share very similar views to the Green Party that are turning their countries from destitute to thriving.  They’ve realized that the profoundly negative impact previous political leaders have had on their country needed a sharp turn for the better and in some cases drastic measures were taken to ensure their nation’s necessary survival came before petty differences.


This is what the Green Party is all about.  They realize the importance of community and they know a strong community will produce a stronger unity among the people, who in turn will strive to produce stronger families, better education, a stronger economy and a thriving environment that isn’t under constant threat of catastrophe.


People fear that once the Green Party is in power that will mean a dismal end to the oil industry and their fossil fuel partners.  This is untrue.  The end of the oil industry and fossil fuel usage is much closer than people think and the current road that the Harper Administration will prove to be the most devastating this nation has ever seen.  Even world leaders from other nations see the error in Harper’s ways and are trying to make the man and his party exercise common sense for the good of not just his nation, but globally.  Harper refuses to listen and has literally taken on a dictatorship role against his own country and against the rest of the world.  Since Harper has seized the role of Canada’s prime minister, all the positive votes towards Canada as being economically, environmentally, socially and politically superir has taken a sharp nose dive to now being among the least trustworthy, most dirty and most corrupt of all the nations on this earth.  Upon Harper’s Administration he has plunged Canada into new lows that his nation has never experienced before and it will only get worse for as long as he and his party remain in power.


The Green Party knows this and they realize it’s now a race against time just to save Canada (and the rest of the world) from what they know will not be just an environmental collapse of our delicate ecostructure, but an imminent collapse of our economy, our social structure and even our own humanity.  They realize what is at stake here is far more than just political differences.  We are facing very real threats against our rights, liberties and freedoms as human beings.  Our Green Party knows this and are trying desperately to help Canadians realize that we need to restore what made the human race such an awesome creation in the first place.

ad profiler_0canadian-flag-mosaic-by-tim-van-horn-2010slide2slide3

What the Green Party is striving for is a return to community, which means less attention on foreign affairs.  They realize Canada needs to learn how to mind it’s own business before meddling in the business of others.  Canada is in no place to help other nations when the delicate fabric of this nation alone is in the greatest danger it has ever known.  The Greens realize our banking system is flawed and are out to change that.  They know in order for Canada to reverse it’s debt is to eliminate the hidden Fed System that has been put into place, literally duping every citizen of this nation into believing Canada has it’s own money.  That belief is false.  We print or own money, but at a much higher cost than any government will ever tell you.  The Greens know this and know how to put a stop to it and yank Canada out of debt literally overnight.  The Greens also know how important it is that every vital resource this nation has should never have their fates resting in the hands of those who don’t have the same care and concern for Canada as Canadians do.  They can and will put Canadian resources back to where it belongs, but not in a manner that would serve as a catalyst to war, economic collapse nor even job loss.


In fact, the solutions the Green Party have in place will encourage economic growth like Canada has never witnessed before and would truly become the envy of every other nation.  Canada has the power to become the leading nation in every aspect possible.  The oil industry would not be abandoned immediately, nor would their fossil fuel buddies.  However, the corporations that have been hogging all the profit for themselves and literally poisoning and starving everyone in this nation would be.  The Greens know handing financial subsidies to those who don’t deseve it does not serve the best interest of Canada.  They know those financial subsidies should be going towards people and companies who literally have the patriotic desire to better this nation and everyone in it.  Put the subisides where it deserves to be to spark growth in fields that have been ignored for too long and you will see a vast improvement on our infrastructure, our economy, and even our environment.


There is a way to transition the fossil fuel industry and their workers to lean towards renewable resources and opportunities without compromise to anyone’s lifestyle.  Through education programs that actually do matter, individuals who’ve worked in various jobs associated with oil and fossil fuel would be repositioned towards jobs that would see them working in renewable energy power plants, green fields (instead of oil fields & tar sands), and in other aspects that the Greens already know exist and work just fine.


The Green Party is aware of all this and knows how to achieve this.  They want this.  They don’t just want this for themselves, but they want this for Canada.  None of this can be said for the other political parties.  The PC Government had access and knowledge to all this for a very long time and has not made a single step towards embracing a healthier and smarter way of living for Canadians.  Instead of pulling Canada out of debt, the PC Government has plunged us into a deeper debt than ever before and the majority of that debt is at their own hands.  The Liberal Government had access to all the resources and knowledge like the PC’s did and they too did not exercise one attempt to move forward with it.  Instead, like the PC Government, they’ve kept Canadians in the dark by continually pursuing the best interest of the select few instead of the nation as a whole.  The NDP Government is a bit better, however, as they do share similar views as the Green Party, but are too heavily influenced by both the PC and Liberal Governments to truly make the kind of difference that the Green Party is trying so hard to make.

Unlike the PC Government, our Green Party realizes Canada’s rich heritage needs to be preserved if this nation expects to have a bright and promising future ahead.  Unlike the PC Goverment, our Green Party understands the importance of reversing Canada’s fortunes through a unified action amongst all Canadians.  They, unlike the PC Government, realize every single Canadian within it’s borders has an equal voice and that everyone deserves to be heard.  They do not turn their backs on those who don’t vote for them.  They do not ridicule those who don’t see eye to eye with them.  They also most certainly do not disrespect another political party simply because they have different views on things.

I support the Green Party because they refuse to live in the black and white world that the PC’s and Liberals have been choosing to follow.  I support the Green Party because they want a world that’s green and gold.  What do I mean when I say that?  The answer to that is simple.  Green means productivity.  The darkest shades of green are associated with money and success.  One random survey found that employees working in “green” themed companies have higher job satisfaction and better productivity.  Green means life.  Green means prosperity.

téléchargement (1)Cost-Chart   images (1)

So where does gold fit in?  That’s easy;

téléchargement (2)

So this answer the question of why go Green.  Of every Green Party member I’ve met or know about, they’ve genuinely shown over and over again that they truly have hearts of gold and have the best interest of this nation in those hearts of theirs.  It is not corrupted with greed and it’s not twisted with contempt.  This cannot be said for the other parties.

Who would you rather put in charge of your little world?  Do you want a bunch of greedy jerks who’d sell your kid to the highest bidder the first chance they get, or do you want a group of caring individuals who’ll do whatever it takes to see to it your kid grows into a strong, healthy adult that could very well be the next great political leader that the world looks up to?



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