The Bible (Science Fiction Version)

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It is very difficult to put science and religion on the same page.  It is equally challenging to put Atheists and anyone who practices any form of religion to meet a middle ground that makes sense to both parties. Even the various religions amongst themselves can never seem to find common ground, despite the fact that the god they worship is most likely the same god, but is viewed upon with different sets of eyes.

Why such a division?  For me, each division starts with an idea shared by one person and then is agreed upon by those who see sense in that person’s reasoning.  This then spawns into a little community of people who share those ideals amongst themselves and then it gets passed down from generation to generation.  As certain ideals are passed down there will be some within the group that will come up with their own versions and will spawn off on their own to do the same.  In time, the oldest ideas are eventually replaced with the new ones and over the course of history only fragments of what was still remains are preserved.  It’s easy for an original tale to be twisted into something else.


Have you not ever heard a rumor or story about something from one person and then when you hear that same story from another person there’s a new twist to it?  It doesn’t mean one person is necessarily lying over the other, but each person takes what they’ve learned and as they wrap their head around it’s logic.  By the time it’s their turn to repeat it the story will be told with their own words and it may not come out exactly as how they originally heard it.

The story of the Bible is no different.  The original scripts was written in one particular language (Hebrew) and is actually a collection of books written by different people.  It is believed there are a total of 39 books within the Old Testament and 27 books within the New Testament.  For those who believe in the Bible as the ultimate tell-all combo of books that focuses on biographies, histories and prophecies, the very idea of it’s words and characters being challenged by anyone is blasphemy.  There is no way science can convince them otherwise, no matter how obvious the evidence may seem to be.


As for those who believe the Bible to be a huge farce of fictional stories that cannot possibly explain the existence nor evolution of mankind, no amount of religious argument is going to convince them to think otherwise.  These people are generally called Atheists and in the eyes of those who are deeply religious in their faiths, whether it be Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Islamic, they’re considered abominations.

Against-religion-atheism-34943022-612-612 imagesimages (2)

Then there are those who are in the middle, namely the scientists, who are standing on a bridge between these two sides of the argument.  Using whatever science they’ve so far been able to figure out how to utilized, these people try to find scientific explanations behind the stories of the bible to either prove or disprove the historical aspects of it.  Majority of the time they are able to do so, whether it be through archaeology, genealology, physics, and even through astronomy.  However, there are still a few pieces to the biblical puzzle that has remained unexplained and this is where the fun truly begins.  At least for me it does.


As a fan of science fiction, one fundamental lesson I’ve learned was to keep your mind open towards all possibilities before drawing to a conclusion.  As Mr. Spock of Star Trek said it himself, “Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”  Now, that truth is up to you to decide.  The truth I’ve so far concluded for myself is a possibility and nothing more than that.  Like you, and so many others, it’s pure speculation.

Starting with the book of Genesis we see God create something out of nothingness.  Upon this creation we learn that the angel closest to him, Lucifer, was as close to a right hand man as it got.  This was, until God created Man and seemed to have more love for them than the angels.  Lucifer, out of jealousy, believed God’s creation was an abomination and took matters into his own hands by first attempting to overthrow God and to seize control of this creation God had made.


Even there, Lucifer knew he was no actual match against God, who is clearly mighter than him.  What was required was careful cunning on his part and to win over as many of the angels as possible to see things his way.  On many counts, if the stone cold fact approach wasn’t enough to sway an army to side with him, Lucifer practiced the art of deceit to dupe angels into believing their own “king” has betrayed them and is seeking to replace them with a whole new race that’s clearly inferior to them in their eyes.

The way I see it, Lucifer and the army he assembled was an attempt to overthrow God and those loyal to him.  However, either God was alerted (or knew all along) about the upcoming clash and was ready for it, or all hell broke loose (so to speak) and the war was officially on.  It was a war that pitted God and his loyal angels against Lucifer and the angels who opted to side with him.  It is my belief when this war ensued it was so devastating that it could easily explain how the dinosaurs were suddenly wiped out in what seemed to be without warning.  From a science fiction point of view, when God and his surviving angels won their war against Lucifer and his angels this was when Lucifer was literally hurled to the earth’s surface so hard that he and his angels literally penetrated through the ground and caused the earth to react so violently that it virtually reshaped it’s global landscaping, thus taking out countless lives with it as a result.  Because of this, Lucifer’s beauty was transformed into something else and he became Satan.  His angels, once upon beautiful themselves, became so badly deformed that they became demons.  Collectively, with their ability stripped to roam the heavens (stars) as freely as God and his surviving angels can, Satan and his demons ready themselves for this new world that God is set to create.

God, already knowing this, goes ahead with the recreation of the world and the creation of mankind himself.  Now remember, in the bible it states that God created Man in his own image.  When I read this and thought about it, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was God’s way of recreating something that was once upon a time destroyed where perhaps he was in the same kind of position each of us find ourselves in today.


Had anyone remotely considered that God may have been a mortal being like the rest of us, but unlike the rest of us, was able to utilize his mind to it’s 100% full potential and beat the odds where he somehow became the sole survivor from whatever cataclysmic event that took his own world out of existence?  I had thought about this and it’s the best way I can wrap my head around the very fabric that God does indeed exist.  This also explains how God created something out of nothingness.

religion comment2

Through the 100% usage of his mind he was able to transform thought into matter by recreating a world, surrounded by all the wonders of the universe to ensure it brings forth the proper environment required to proceed with the next phases of his masterpiece.  In the bible it says how many days it took him to create the world and Man.  Each new creation took a day and then on the seventh day he rested.  To him this was a matter of days.  To us, it could have been a number of years that we cannot even begin to count.  Either way, the very creation of our world itself, plus the universe that surrounds it has too much detail put into it to honestly support the big bang theory.

images (3)

However, let’s take the Atheist approach and support the big bang theory.  Again, we have nothingness that suddenly blows into something.  As luck would have it, everything somehow settles in a manner that makes perfect sense based on how atoms and molecules react to each other.  Somewhere along the way various forms of life materialize into amazing creations that still defy even the smartest scientists.

Now, measure up the Atheist beliefs with the biblical beliefs and how does one honestly have grounds to ridicule the other?  Bottom line is they don’t.  However, if you approach this from a science fiction point of view the reasoning I came up with doesn’t seem so far-fetched after all, assuming you’ve read what I wrote with an open mind and also share an appreciation for the infinite possibilities the mind is capable of processing.

So, going back to the story of Genesis, we see God creating man and woman (Adam and Eve) and places before them very simple rules to follow.  He also gives them the opportunity to choose what is more important to them between the Trees of Life and the Tree of Knowledge.  Notice the difference here.  Trees of Life.  Through this route there are many, many options and all of them are fruitful.  The Tree of Knowledge is just one tree and although it is the most pleasing to the eye, it is to be regarded with caution.

téléchargement (3)

From a science fictional point of view, I don’t see these as mere trees.  I see them as lifestyles.  The Lifestyles of Life focus on enjoying every single moment you have and appreciate all that’s around you.  You don’t have full knowledge of what that is, but it doesn’t matter.  You’re alive and you’re productive by keeping the environment in order, regardless if it’s plant life or beast.  As for the Lifestyle of Knowledge, this is a forbidden path that God had sincerely hoped Adam and Eve would avoid, but knew deep down eventually they wouldn’t be able to resist.

How so?  Probably because this is what God experienced himself back in his day and knew mankind is unable to resist temptation despite the warning labels on it.  And, with the knowledge that Satan and his demons are also part of this world he knew it was only a matter of time they’d slither (like a snake) their way in to corrupt his perfect creations.  It was God’s hope to protect Adam and Eve would avoid the lifestyle of knowledge because he knew they were not ready for it just yet.  However, Satan managed to have his way and timed it so he could tempt Eve (and she tempted Adam) into biting into the forbidden fruit (or rather indulge into the lifestyle of knowledge) and forever change the course of history.

Some may say God was stupid for abandoning Adam and Eve, allowing them to be deceived by Satan and thus dooming mankind towards a fate of uncertainties.  However, this is where I disagree.  I believe God knew this was coming and as much as he wanted to avoid it, knew that this had to be a road taken if he was to finally defeat Satan and his demons once and for all.

I know, that sounds mean, doesn’t it?  Right now it seems like as if God is now using mankind as pawns in an extremely complicated chess match against Satan as the battle of good against evil continues to rage on.  Thing is, there was a reason why God wanted mankind to stay away from the Tree (Lifestyle) of Knowledge.  That reason was to stay away from Satan and his demons until, through the Tree (Lifestyle) of Life, they learned enough through God’s guidance to be able to handle the Tree/Lifestyle of Knowledge without any complications.  He knew if they took the shortcut by chasing after knowledge before they were truly ready that they’d be copying the same path that Satan and his demons took when they tried to take on God in the first place.  So, in his eyes, mankind needed to learn on their own the curses that come with the bad choices they make.


The first curse Adam and Eve learned when they took the shortcut (Tree of Knowledge) as opposed to the longer route (Tree of Life) was the overwhelming surge of information that their minds were unable to properly process.  Immediately they clothe themselves and hide, a typical response any child would do once they realize they’ve just disobeyed their parent.  Between a combination of humility (clothing) and shame (hiding),  Adam and Eve were no longer qualified to continue living in the Garden of Eden, the (mostly) protected world God had kept them in.  The Garden of Eden was a symbol of innocence and perfection, and in order to preserve it one must kick out that which has been directly corrupted.  In this case, Adam and Eve were corrupted by falling for Satan’s manipulations and found themselves cast out.

images (1)

However, they were not completely abandoned.  God was still there for them despite their defiance against him.  As for Satan, he seemingly slithered away into the sunset, clearly pleased with himself as he knew he started a course of events that gave him the belief that he still has a chance to defeat God.

My take on this is God already knew this would happen because he’s been in this position before somehow.  Maybe not as God, but as someone like you or me who has been present for a series of events that mirror what we’re experiencing today.  It would explain why God knows all and why God is seemingly perfect.  It has been my experience that perfection comes with practice, so what we’re seeing today may be something that he has lived through over and over again like some crazy time loop.  Maybe to God this world and our lives resemble the Groundhog Day movie starring Bill Murray.

As silly as that may sound think about it.  Between Genesis and Revelation there are a series of events that constantly pit man against man, religion against religion and on every count good against evil.  When the Ten Commandments were put in place they sounded like simple enough rules to follow by.  When you think about it, even in today’s terms, each time one of those commandments are broken there has always been a negative consequence that has come with it.  Break them more often and the negatives keep pouring in.  Break too many of them and embrace that way of living as a lifestyle and in place of the ideal lifestyle that God had intended for us it is replaced by a lifestyle Satan would rather see us have.  Think about it.


During Noah’s time (the time we’re apparently in now) God put in place a mass flood that wiped out virtually everyone on earth in an effort to cleanse it.  Even he knew it wouldn’t solve the problem completely, but it was necessary.  As brutal as this may sound, think about what kind of world that had to been in order for such drastic measures to be taken.  Was that world so corrupt and so polluted that it had become necessary for God to take such drastic measures?  If the direction our world is presently taking bears any indication, then it’s perfectly understandable why God wanted to put a stop to it.

From a science fiction point of view how is this possible?  Considering in our own world as it is now that it’s more than just rumor how we can control weather patterns with what are still somewhat limited capabilities, imagine the capability of someone being able to force rains to come down upon the earth so powerful that it becomes a global fish tank.  Such a tactic would be necessary in order to drown out the toxins that polluted the earth at the time so that mankind can start from scratch again and rebuild.

So now you’re likely asking if God loved his “children” so much then why drown them out?  If he is so loving and merciful then why go to such extremes?  If you look at this from a parental point of view try to imagine you’ve got a handful of kids and out of all them there is only one that truly seems to have a grasp what it means to behave like a caring, responsible human being.  All the other kids are rowdy, murderous and cruel.  They have zero regard for anyone but themselves and refuse to acknowledge that despite it all that you still love them as your child.  You do the best you can for them to somehow steer them in the right direction but they refuse to listen to you.  Before you know it you’re faced with a very tough decision, especially when it boils down to protecting that one child who does love and respect you back as much as you do them and they are in danger of being bullied out of existence because of the disobedient children.  Parents will go out of their way to protect their children and they hate to see their own children fight amongst themselves.  However, if a parent must remove the bad kid in order to save the good kid then such a move is necessary, regardless of how difficult such a decision would be.


Bad kids, bad people, bad environments serve as a cancer.  Satan and his demons know this.  This is why he corrupted Adam and Eve in the first place.  He knew the cancer he implanted within them would spread.  It first spread into Cain, who murdered Abel, and then into all of Cain’s descendents.  It mentions in Genesis that Adam and Eve had sons and daughters.  Clearly in order for the world to populate Cain would have had to take one (or a few) of his sisters to marry and produce children of his own.  Same is said for Seth.

Okay, so apparently incest is our original human legacy, but remember what God said about man.  Man would be born into sin.  Well, if you go over the laws and statutes God had created through Moses unto the people he saved from Egypt, incest was among the laws that was not to be broken.  So why make a law that had already been broken during the time of Adam, Eve, Cain and Seth?  In order for me to wrap my head around this one (wasn’t easy) was a start had to be made somewhere.  There’s a good bet if Adam and Eve actually obeyed God and avoided that Tree of Knowledge, the population growth of mankind likely would have had far more innocent roots than what we wound up having.

I have every reason to believe the very beginning of the Old Testament was God’s vision to create the ideal perfect world that was filled with light, life and glorious possibilities.  Not just for him, but for those whom he wanted to rule this world.  He wanted mankind to rule, but this offended those who felt this new world should have been their birthright.  Throughout the history of the Old Testament we see numerous clashes and events that give even the atheists every reason to believe that this is not a holy book at all, but rather a poorly written horror novel.  However, despite the horrors there’s always good that comes out of it and opportunities to start over and learn from past mistakes in order to avoid making them again.

Towards the end of the Old Testament and into the New Testament we see numerous attempts to steer mankind into a direction that isn’t just merely a godly path, but a righteous one.  Being righteous doesn’t mean being a perfect human being.  Being righteous means always trying to do right without expecting reward out of it.  All too often mankind has a tendency to expect rewards for his actions, regardless if they’re good ones or bad ones.  History has shown mankind is often too impatient and instead of choosing to live his life the way it’s meant to be lived, he’d rather rush through it in some feeble attempt to better everyone else around him.

Think about your world today.  How fast is it going?  Is it going at a nice, comfortable pace, or does it feel like somebody has hit the fast-forward button and won’t let go?  I don’t know about you, but this world is moving way too fast for comfort in my eyes and I see us all trapped in an out of control subway car that’s flying down a track that’s unstable.  We don’t know where we’re going and while some of us are trying to slow the ride down others are looking to speed it up.

I don’t know how many science fiction movies or books you’ve gone through, but for me, based on all that I’ve watched and read, I can’t help but fathom we’re living in a world that God has been in before and has warned us in the bible what will happen to us if we don’t do things his way.  Us, being the defiant blokes that we are, fail to grasp that what God is telling us is there for a reason.  It’s because he’s been here before and knows it’s only a matter of time before we kill ourselves.

Satan has been down this road before too and knows how it’s going to play out.  He knows he will lose because he’s lost before.  This is familiar territory to him, as it is to God as they’ve both been here before.  Satan has been using people as his puppets of destruction since the dawn of time itself while God is seeking out whom among mankind still has it within themselves to fight for his cause without being conned nor deceived into it.

propettéléchargement (1)

The science fiction view I have of all this is God allows things to happen in an effort to stengthen mankind into what is required to take out Satan, his demons, and their minions once the giant final battle officially begins.  God carefully puts people in place, based on situations at hand, to ensure everything goes the way he knows it should.

Does this paint God as evil?  No, but even the greatest of heroic icons we’ve come to know has had to sacrifice much in order to achieve the needed goal to overcome evil.

So how can we guarantee that God is the good guy and not Satan?  Isn’t it true that history books are only written by the victorious?  This is where I belief the power of faith comes in and where it’s necessary to trust your gut instinct.  I firmly believe our gut instinct serves as our direct communicator to Jesus Christ, the entity he created to serve as his son that sacrificed his own life in order to save mankind from the inescapable fact that they’re born to sin.

Upon the timing of the New Testament, even if you rip the Bible clean out of the picture at this point, one cannot escape the undeniable fact that during the timing of the Roman Empire there have been events that have taken place that give every reason to believe that Jesus Christ is indeed real.  The miracles performed during his day may be disputable, but again, if you look at it from a science fiction point of view it’s entirely possible that God (in the form of Jesus Christ) used that 100% tapped in brain capacity of his to perform them.

Even scientists today strongly believe that the human being has only tapped into a fraction of their brain’s ability to perform.  If this is true, and it’s generally believed the highest brain function is only at the 15% mark (according to studies) then imagine what we’d be capable of once we tapped into that other 85%.


Again, remember, it is said God created Man in his own image.  If this is so, and if we have the capability to develop at least a reasonably close brain function to his, no wonder Satan was so jealous and felt so threatened.

It is said in Revelation that we’d all be awakened once Jesus Christ returns to reclaim what is rightfully his.  What if that awakening is the instant tapping into the other 85% of our brain function?


I often joke that to me, human beings are like organic computers that God utilizes to collect data from us all.  Through the Holy Spirit, it serves as a sonic communicator of sorts that allows him to know our every thought pattern and feeling we experience.  Through his stint as Jesus Christ it allowed him to walk among us and develop a better understanding and compassion as to what makes us all tick.  This would allow him to better enable his ability to reach us all in hopes we’d be eager to reach back.


This is, as ridiculous as you may find it, how I wrap my head around the stories behind the Bible, the existence of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  They’ve been here before and now that we’re at a place in time that seems extremely likely we’re right smack in the middle of the Revelation chapter of the bibles I believe it’s vital that we wake up, pay attention and be there for Jesus Christ (God) as he’s always been there for us.



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