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I believe we need to be in a world that’s truly united.  It doesn’t matter what religion you follow, nor what sort of cultural background you come from.  The bottom line is we are all human beings and we all live on the exact same planet.  It doesn’t matter if you’re located in the tropics, the prairies or in the forest.  We each play a very important role in what goes on in this world and nobody can tell you otherwise.

I believe this world has been set on super-sonic speeds towards absolute destruction because we’ve forgotten how to believe in ourselves and in God through Jesus Christ our savior.  Even if you don’t have a religious bone in your body and opt not to put any ounce of belief that there is indeed a creator, you cannot ignore the fact that this world we live in has not just manifested itself due to some random big bang theory.  There’s too much detail in place.


So this leaves one of two possibilities.  Possibility number one is God is indeed or creator and there is no point disputing that fact because it says so in the bible.  Possibility number two is this world was a scientific masterpiece designed by an extremely talented group of engineers that are clearly not of this planet, but from another realm.  Very much like the Genesis project told in the Star Trek movie of 1982, a world has been created so it can sustain the kind of life intended for it.  This life includes all the animals that inhabit the earth, including the most complicated animal of all; Humans.


Either way you look at it, clearly there was a creator.  For me, my beliefs align with the first possibility that we have a Heavenly Father most commonly known as God.  However, when we say Heavenly Father is it some magical place in specific, or is it simply another realm somewhere among the stars within the universe?  One will never truly know, but my belief is Heaven is the name of the realm which God and his angels reside.  I also believe that each human being has an angel assigned to them and through the Holy Spirit they serve as some sort of telepathic communication relay between us and God.  I believe angels speak to us through our gut instinct and it’s up to us to figure out the message.  God speaks through the angels and for the truly gifted among us human beings, the occasional prophet.  I believe prophets are assigned humans of specific territories and eras to help bridge the gap between individuals whom God is trying to reach through a more personal level.


For me, the most influencial human being that first clued me into a very frightful future was Herbert W. Armstrong.  I believe the year was 1986 when I saw a late night broadcast of his and I remember I couldn’t help but be drawn to the man and his message.  I don’t remember the program word for word, but I do remember him talking about Europe becoming united and sharing a common currency and how it would bear the mark of the incoming beast.  He talked about a system being forced upon the people to carry marks on their right wrist and forehead, as well as a monetary system that would link everyone together in a manner they could not escape from.

It was the only program that I saw and I did not know this was a regular broadcast.  I do remember looking for it a second time as I truly wanted to watch more, but never could find it.  He was fascinating to me.  However, I never saw the program again and eventually it fell to the back of my mind.  Despite this, I never forgot the warnings and I truly believe I was meant to see that program and that God somehow engineered it in such a manner that I saw it because he somehow knew I’d remember it.

armstrong18 (Small)

When the European Union introduced their unified monetary system in 1999 it hit me hard in the pit of my stomach.  This was what Armstrong was talking about!    It took this to reawaken me to the harsh reality that we were indeed heading down the very path I remember being warned about 13 years earlier.  I also puzzled the rest together.  Credit cards and debit cards were becoming more and more frequent, as well as an increase to computerized banking.


Another eye-opener was learning about people getting microchipped.  At first this started with animals, which seemed like a fairly good idea at the time, but I suppose nobody considered this could go into people too.  In 1998 the first human experiment was performed.  In 2004 the device received FDA approval to be put into humans.  In 2013 a company was formed to place implants in either or both hands of people who wanted (and were approved) for them.  Is it possible this aligns with the mark of the beast prophecy, not only told by Armstrong, but by the bible itself?  If this can be implanted in hands it can just as easily be implanted (by laser surgery) to the forehead as well.


I believe, since the dawn of mankind, people have been exposed to all sorts of deception that they never saw coming.  The greatest deceiver of them all, Satan, has exercised his talents to utilize his demons to invade and influence the right people to do their bidding.  I believe the stories told within the bible are very real.  Even science has proven much of what has been written meshes with evidence found that confirms what has been written.

It is also my belief that the Illuminati is very real and they live to serve Satan himself.  Everything they’ve done has been with careful calculation and through trial and error experimentation.  What’s truly sinister about this organization is the blatant openness of their rituals and symbols, but done so in a manner where the common man fails to recognize them for what they truly are.  I honestly believe the Illuminati are very well trained individuals that are deeply devoted to satanism.  The devil and his demons are extremely talented at deception and that has been taught as a key skill to those within the Illuminati, namely those within the 13 bloodlines of Rothschild, Rockefeller, DuPont, Astor, Onassis, Bundy, Freeman, Kenndy, Li, Collins, Reynolds, Russell and Van Duyn.  Look up those names on Google and what you’ll find is some very disturbing information that I believe is in your best interest to learn more about if you are like me, someone who truly believes the Illuminati has been (and always will be) the greatest threat towards mankind that we’ll ever know.

téléchargement rothschild-nwo31525_20131230_191110_education08imagesgarden800-500x458the-government-evil-vik-battaile-politics-1357032696    10928847_10152651490710197_5094852995529208175_nilluminati-pyramidbiblical-solutions-to-crime-43-728B6I0w_MCUAAlrlE3349318_f520224576_422683944447037_902895181_nrothschild_puppet_obama_romney_nwo_soros_illuminati_vatican_city_of_london_1IAGB2zQwar-on-women-body-message-37-all-oppression-creates-a-state-of-war-simone-de-beauvoir

rothschild_evilwar2corporate-connections-business-infographicgates-eugenicist281841_885089101536545_49718356192207774_n10941833_947845675233953_3721204904404339717_n 555687_533410003363953_2016727456_n1ddees-war-killwhat-do-you-think-of-national-security-leaker-edward-snowden-poll208956_316613188420870_445425981_n1tumblr_llum761Yhj1qcpotgo1_500images (1)550174_3696324450848_916219878_n110959689_1033393833354906_3391023122406914819_nwarned-you_nimages (3)

I also believe that the majority of the religions we follow today are false.  I do not trust religion and I perfectly understand why there are individuals out there that refuse to believe in anything to do with deity possibilities (including God) because with so much deception and twisted theories thrown in our direction, how can we honestly tell anymore between what’s real and what’s not?  I believe we are extremely close to rock bottom as far as humanity goes and regardless of which religion you’ve aligned yourself with none of it will matter if you truly don’t find your way to our one and only true savior, Jesus Christ.

Who is Jesus Christ you ask?  Is he real?  He’s not just mentioned in the bible as the son of God, but he is also mentioned in the history books during the Roman Empire era.  In their day, Christians were fed to lions for their beliefs (even before the birth of Jesus himself) and were ridiculed and tortured by those who didn’t share their point of view.  This level of cruelty still goes on today and it is my sincere belief that those who are committing the acts of cruelty and murder are those blinded by the Illuminati’s web of deception.


I believe when Jesus Christ lived among the people it was God’s way to bridge the gap between himself and those on earth.  Those within the Illuminati and Satan himself saw this and was threatened by it so worked on the people to turn against Jesus and disregard him as their messiah.  In the bible it states the Jewish betrayed Jesus Christ that would lead to his crucification on the cross.  The priests of that time cast Jesus as a fool and it only amplified the duped people into turning against him.

This is happening again as the Vatican made a public announcement that Jesus Christ is not coming back and that he was probably a drunken fool back in his day.  Once again the Roman Catholic Church (like they did during the Roman Empire days) are turning their backs to Jesus and discrediting him like they did (along with Judas Iscariot) before.  (Click on the pic of priests to find out more about their announcement if you want to.)

Cards172828307-676x450propettéléchargement (1)rumors-are-carried-by-haters-spread-by-fools-and-accepted-by-idiots

I believe this latest stunt performed by The Vatican now paves the way for the false prophet ( as warned to us in the bible) to gain entry and fool the already fooled world once again.  What better way for the false prophet to win over the people than to have The Vatican dash the hopes of their followers?  The people are swayed way too much by the Roman Catholic church and all the popes that have come and gone over the years.  They are going to believe there is no second coming and this will drive an even bigger wedge between them and God.

images (1)6a00d83534afe169e2017d3ce50f63970c

This is what the Illuminati wants.  The more division they can get the better.  The more disheartened the people become the less likely they are to fight in the name of Christianity.  It’s pretty hard to fight for something you no longer believe in, so what will happen here is more people will likely switch from Christianity to Judaism.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.  I have nothing against the Jewish, but I do have something against deception and mainstream Judaism as we know it is every bit as deceiving as mainstream Christianity.  The same can be said for Islamic and other faiths as they too have walls of deception painted all around them.  I have every reason to believe the Illuminati have used Zionism as a means to relate to the Jewish and cause them to abandon their original Jewish roots in favor for theirs.  This would explain the false religion Jesus Christ/God has warned us all about and why so many people would fall for it.


I believe through the Illuminati they have the majority of the Jewish community held hostage under their Zionist control while The Vatican do the same with the vast majority of Christians that favor the Roman Catholic view on things.  I believe this control is also manipulated through the other religions where their purpose is to literally dumb down the people into following their word instead of good old fashioned common sense.


This is also where I believe, through the aid of the banks the Rothschilds manage, plus the corporations their allies manage and the blinded world leaders that measures have been put in place to ensure their New World Order, a very dark and sinister world, will be ruled by Satan and his followers.  Each nation is now crippled with a false debt that has thrust the people within those nations into a form of slavery that nobody dares to question.  Each nation has been taking measures to suffocate liberties and freedoms from their people, fooling them all into believing it’s for their own good.  There aren’t many corners left in this world that hasn’t had some sort of negative environmental impact done against it.  Whether it be genetically modified seeds, or radioactive waste dumped into waters, or toxins floating in the air, the bottom line is this is having a profound affect on anything that’s living.  I believe all of this was done by careful design as mankind is being drugged to the point where their ability to wake up and pay attention has become that much more difficult.


I also believe the distractions provided by mainstream media are also designed to keep as many people in the dark as possible so that the Illuminati can continue their sinister plan to achieve this New World Order they so desperately crave.  As the old saying goes, divide and conquer.  This is precisely what they are doing to us.  Dumb down the people so they don’t have it in them to rebel.  Distract the people so they can’t focus their attention on what truly matters.  Turn people against each other by inducing panic and promote hate.

In all honesty, the world we live in now is not one I believe in.  There’s too much conflict, too much pain and too much suffering and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of it slowing down.  The Illuminati made it clear they want the population decimated by 90% and I believe they are very close to achieving this goal as mankind has reached a stage now where we can literally destroy ourselves in the blink of an eye.


However, I don’t believe the world that the Illuminati is after will be what they’re expecting.  They’ll have it their way for a while, but I honestly believe Jesus Christ has heard the cries of the people and is rushing to save mankind before they’re completely exterminated.  Remember in the bible that mankind had 6000 years to rule the earth their way, but because of the path of destruction they have blindly chosen, unless Jesus himself returns just shy of that 6000 year mark, there will be no human being left alive.

Irenaeus taught it in the second century, Commodianus in the third century, and in the fourth century Lactantius wrote that “the world must continue in its present state through six ages, that is, six thousand years . . . at the end of the six thousandth year all wickedness must be abolished from the earth, and righteousness reign for a thousand years…”(The Epitome of the Divine Institutes, Chapter 70)

People who scoff the bible comment that according to it’s writings the earth has only been around for 6000 years.  This is not true and this is not what the bible states.  In Genesis it states that the first five days God did his work to create the universe and the earth.  On the sixth day is when Man was created.  To him it may have been like mere days, but to the rest of us perhaps each day served to be so much longer than that.  The bible talks about man having dominion over the earth for a run of 6000 years and that’s what the bible focused on.

I believe when God first created the earth everybody, including Satan (then known as Lucifer), was on the same page as him.  It wasn’t until God made the decision to create Man that Satan’s jealousy sparked a war that broke out where Satan and the angels that sided with him took their fight to God and the angels that sided with him.  I believe when you look at it from that point of view, it would explain the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs on earth and how the landscaping itself changed so drastically.  Satan and his team of angels where thrown to the earth and I believe their impact was so intense that it not only deformed them into demons, but changed the formation of earth as well.


It is my belief that despite this victory by casting Satan and the demons down to earth that God knew it was only a temporary one and that additional measures were required to ensure absolute victory.  He then creates Man as part of his plan as it is stated that he loved the creation of Man greater than the creation of his own angels.  There had to be a reason for that and I believe he created Man and angels to be very similar but with key differences.  Angels were already created perfect but were without that essence (call it a soul if you will) within them that God wound up placing in Man instead.  However, he created Man to learn from the ground up whereas with the angels there was no learning required.  As crazy as that may sound, it equally makes sense too.  At least this is what I believe as it would explain Satan’s jealousy and why angels who’ve sided with them also felt God’s creation of mankind was deemed an abomination to them.

My belief is from the very start of the 6000 year reign of mankind over the earth was a carefully laid out strategy by God to finally put an end to the evils that he no doubt experienced long before becoming who and what those who believe in him see.  The reason I choose to believe this is because at one point in the bible God took Daniel into the future and what Daniel saw was pure horror.  Was it the timing of the New Testament’s Revelation?  I have every reason to believe that yes, what Daniel saw was likely WWIII in full swing and the epic battle between good and evil was so intense that he just couldn’t bear to watch anymore.  He was trying to make sense of a world that was far beyond his full understanding, but so horrific that he wanted no part of it.

images (2)téléchargement (3)

I do believe we’re in the timing of Revelation right now and I do believe time is running out on this earth as we’re closing in on the 6000 year mark, based on the Jewish calendar.  This calendar far outdates the Roman one and is far more accurate with the alignment of events taking place in the bible than the Roman one.  The Roman calendar, I believe, is another Satan-style creation as people follow it over the Jewish one.  Only a select handful follow and understand the Jewish calendar and it is that one which should be honored, not the Roman one.  However, we’re in a world now that what should be respected is ignored and what should be ignored is embraced.  The world is upside down and this is not God’s world at all.  This is Satan’s world, currently ruled by the Illuminati and we are duped subjects that answer to them whether we like it or not.

I believe this particular world sucks, but it’s also a great educational experience as well, which is what I believe God wanted all along.  There’s no greater lessons learned then by learning from our own mistakes.  Of those among mankind that make the effort to learn from those mistakes and try to be better people, they are in a better position to serve God in the final days as opposed to those who don’t.  In other words, I believe those among us who at least make genuine efforts to walk the path of Jesus Christ and use him as their shining beacon of hope and example of what we need to become in order to survive Satan’s world, have a better chance of fighting it and surviving it.  Of those who don’t, whether they’re still in a state of slumber and haven’t awakened to the truth of what kind of world they’re truly living in, or refuse to learn from their mistakes and steer clear from a deliberate life of sin, they’re only making it that much harder for themselves to escape the evil clutches of Satan, his demons and the Illuminati that side with them.

It is my belief in Jesus Christ and what our God has in store for mankind that fuels me to embrace my faith.  I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes and I do believe it’s because of those mistakes and learning from them that I am in a position to at least try and serve God to the best of my ability.  I don’t do it for personal reward as that’s up to him to decide.  I do it because I care and I would still like to believe that, for the sake of humanity, that mankind still has a chance to beat the odds and prove to God that his love for us is indeed justified.



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