Love Is Victory

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In what often feels like a heartless society, sometimes I come across the odd reminder just how awesome the human race can truly be when they work together to achieve a common goal.  This is something I wish we’d see more often, but I’ll take whatever I can get because every act of kindness matters.  Each time compassion wins out over ignorance I will see it as a small step towards embracing humanity and showing our savior, Jesus Christ, that not all of us are completely lost.


I sincerely believe that love does indeed conquer all.  Those who love deeply tend to live passionately.  It’s the passion within people that drive them to do what they do.  There isn’t anything a person won’t do in the name of love, whether it be for family, friends, neighbors or even perfect strangers.  These are the people that make life worth living for me.  The rest, however, all I can do is simply pray for them and hope one day they see the light and change their course of hate and prejudice towards one of love and understanding.


For me it’s disheartening when I see big banks, corporations, political and religious leaders fail to understand what drives people to live and love as passionately as they do.  Banks want to cripple people into monetary slaves while corporations want to puppet people into drug-addicted style customers.  Politicians and religious leaders seem to be more interested in steering people as if they’re all cattle down a narrow corral where there’s a cliff at the end that they’re forced to jump off once they get there.  At the bottom of this cliff are huge, mechanical jaws that are coated with blood as it swallows up every man, woman and child that finds themselves plunging into this pit of death.


The Elite 1% we hear about more and more these days seem to want this for mankind.  They, along with the Illuminati, seem to be exercising their version of Monsanto’s Round Up by treating us all like vermin that needs to be exterminated.  Is this why corporations like Monsanto are bent on owning every single seed on the planet?  Is this why our governments send our soldiers off to war, to fight fabricated enemies like ISIS?  Is this why the medical field and the media are manipulating people about diseases and vaccines?  It’s too much!


More and more people are waking up and banding together, which is awesome.  However, there are still about 80% of the public that either remain clueless or purposely chooses to stay in the shadow while the rest fight valiantly with any method they know how.  I make a point not to discredit those who haven’t figured it out yet or are too afraid to act because I used to be one of those people and it’s easier to be comfortably numbed with ignorance.  To live on the edge and fight, knowing you’re risking to lose everything is frightening and not an easy path to follow.  With the rise of secret police, private prisons, corporate laws that over-rule rules that are supposed to benefit humanity, and police-state type of laws being forced upon people due to governmental paranoia it’s very hard these days to keep up the good fight.


For those who continue to fight despite the increase of oppression against mankind, I salute you.  I love what you’re trying to accomplish and I can only pray that the sleeping/numb 80% soon wake up and join you.  This world we live in is a very dangerous place these days and if the Elite 1% and the Illuminati have it their way it’ll be a world that will see all life as we know it exterminated as they strive to achieve their New World Order.

images (3)depopulation-kissinger-600x341NewWorldOrderevil-word-cloud

Those who believe in a more humane world order style of living and are willing to fight for it will be the 99%, but only if there’s enough of us left to do it.  What I love most about the human race is their ability to form strong communities in order to achieve a common goal, especially when it boils down to a matter of life and death.  It is my sincere hope that the remaining 99% band together very soon as it’s quite clear that time is running out.  We need to take our world back and show the Elite 1% and the Illuminati that they owe us their lives and not the other way around.

They say that love conquers all and I have every reason to believe this to be true.  So, what everyone within the 99% need to do in order to save mankind is learn to love each other enough to fight for this world and save it.



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