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When the stock market crashed on October 29, 1929 and introduced The Great Depression lessons should have been learned at that point that money clearly does not buy happiness, nor will it ever.  However, lessons about the true evils behind money has been around as long as human civilization itself.  Lessons are rarely learned by the greedy, even after they crash, and the biggest victims are always those who don’t have much of it to begin with.

The worst of the greedy are the Rothschild Family as they made a point to take center stage of the world’s monetary system the first chance they got, literally conquering one nation after another through intimidation and manipulation.


However, they are not alone.  It is estimated by 2016 the group known as the Elite 1% will own over half of what the remaining 99% own combined.  This is a disturbing piece of news as this means the gap between the rich and the poor will continue to widen and the bullying tactics the rich inflict upon the poor will show no signs of slowing down.  In fact, it will only get worse.


What the political leaders of our nations fail to understand (or know but won’t tell) is that the Rothschilds and their Elite 1% are not as wealthy as the world makes them out to be.  The monetary system is based on a scheme created and promoted by the Rothschilds as a controlled means to put people to work so they can benefit the country through employed production of it’s resources.  In the process companies are created and contracts are made to ensure this endeavor is a successful one.  In the process of all this you see various members of the Rothschild families weasel their way into positions of power in such a manner that no matter how hard the government tries to break free from what is a very well calculated means of slavery, measures will be taken to ensure this does not happen.  What the Rothschilds (and the Elite 1%) want is total world dominance.  In order to achieve this they will find ways to plunge the nation under their grasp into further debt and force the people within these nations to either obey like sheep or face the consequences.

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What neither our governments nor the people realize is this hold that the Rothschilds and their banking systems have in place are all fabricated.  None of it is legal and none of it is as valid as they try to claim it is.  The founding fathers of America knew this when they were in England, which is why they fled the tyranny that was funded by the Rothschilds to a new land.


When America fought for independence from the British, the Rothchilds did whatever they could to topple the American resistance and once they realized they could not, they realized new measures were required to somehow seize control of a brand new nation.  They wasted little time putting people in place to weasel their way into the nation, preying on those who’d make the mistake of trusting what seemed like ideal friends and allies.

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In a classic case of the blind leading the blind, the political leaders of our nation fell for the charms of the Rothschilds and their banking system, thinking this was the answer to handling a well-balanced nation.  This allowed the entry of corporations to work their way in.  First starting out as small businesses, those who were truly ravenous were quick to weed out the competition and thus quickly climb their way to corporate status.  In so doing, they’ve manipulated both the people who work for them and the government who fund them.  All of this is done with such care and precision that nobody notices until bubbles burst and the harshness of reality kicks in.  Such a bubble, like the 1929 stock market crash, was engineered by both government and big business to cripple the people.  It almost worked as for years America struggled to get back on their feet.


Immediately following the great depression saw World War II and all the horrors that came with that picture.  What many people fail to realize was this, in the eyes of the Rothschilds, was a small price to pay for profit.  This war was carefully crafted to bring their New World Order into fruition, but it fell short when both Germany and Japan finally surrendered and it appeared all the aligned allies were victorious.

Or were they?  Upon the conclusion of this world war we saw Israel become a state in 1948, much to the distress of many people and nations all over the globe.  This also created the United Nations, which seems like a good idea at the time is now proving to be a real threat to mankind today as we know it.  This second world war paved the way for Rothschilds to impose even greater influence upon every nation and using their banking system as a means to do it.


The second world war also helped young companies and corporations to grow into the giants many have become today.  It is these giants, such as Monsanto, DuPont, Halliburton, Bayer, and several others that will make you think they’ve helped build America but in truth it wasn’t them.  It was the people under their employ that scratched and clawed to make a living so they could make ends meet in a world that revolved around money.

Money is the God of our time and Rothschild is his prophet images2

Not all corporations are bad, don’t get me wrong.  Not all of them are the greedy, power-hungry monsters we see in the likes of Monsanto.  There is a great collection of companies and corporations that truly do put people before profit, but are constantly at odds with those who prefer to do things backwards.  This fight still goes on today, despite the odds always being in the favor of the giants who are clearly residing within the Rothschild’s wide wallet.

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The world would be a much better place if there was no money involved at all.  Imagine a world that the dollar has no value at all.  In all honesty it doesn’t, but until people learn this as fact and make it clear to the banks, corporations and the government that none of them have any true hold on us this sad state will remain unchanged.


There are communities and nations making this step as they realize money has no true value.  At least not the kind of money that the Rothschilds are determined to ram down all our throats.  Are you aware that the nations that the world are constantly at war with are those who refuse to have any part of the Rothschild banking system?  In fact, there’s a handful of nations that are forming their own central banking system and if they succeed it could really hurt the Rothschilds like nobody has hurt them before.


I am refering to BRICS, which earns it’s name as a collaborative effort between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa to topple the Rothschilds and restore some sanity back into world.  Of course for the Rothschilds and all those still in bed with them, BRICS is the greatest threat they’ve ever known to topple their Elite 1% scheme of things.  BRICS realizes that the world banking system as we know it is based on fake money, fake debts, fake promises and fake laws.  As much as I applaud this move, I can’t help but wonder how this would affect the rest of the world.  Would it be a fair system or would it be yet another corrupted system that’s simply looking to follow in the footsteps of the Rothschilds, but in their own way?  Time will tell, if the Elite 1% will allow it.


However, what if there was no money system at all?  What if the world simply chose to have nothing to do with currency, no matter what form it comes in, and simply worked together as communities to ensure everyone is clothed, fed, housed, educated and employed?  Each person is rewarded based on the fruits of their labor and nobody gets favored over the other.  Of those who choose not to pitch in and do their fair share gets cast out of the community and is not welcome to return until that effort to join the labor force is genuinely made.

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Nobody gets a luxury over the other and each family is provided with all that is needed based on their size.  Needs would come first, followed by wants.  The wants would be granted to individuals based on availability and personal taste.  However, it is not to be a wasteful society.  Before a new wanted item is received, the old item must be donated to a location where such an item may prove useful, or at least wanted by somebody else.


There would be no taxes.  People work together to keep everything in order.  This includes infrastructure, energy supply and governmental operations.  Each person would own their own home and property without fretting over mortgage payments nor utility bills nor even property taxes.  The cost for something like this would be a community working together to build the house, furnish the house and help maintain the house with the agreement that the receiver(s) return the favor through a service that those who’ve helped out needs.

Nobody would be considered more valuable than the other.  We are all equals, no matter what.  Nobody would be granted a greater social status over the other.


The criminals would be cast out of the community, but placed within a facility where they are still clothed, fed and housed but at bare basics only.  In order to receive more, each criminal must earn it by performing a service assigned to them.  The fruits of their labor will be rewarded accordingly until it is proven that particular criminal is ready to return to society.

While everyone is entitled to their own privacy and their own choice of living, it must be mutually agreed that it is humane, respectful and constructive.  Any destructive behavior, or acts of cruelty on any given level will not be tolerated and such individuals stand to be cast out of the community.



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