Best For Business – an open letter for all corporations

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This is an open letter to the CEO’s, board of directors, owners and shareholders of the major corporations who seem to be long overdue for a public reminder that it is they that owe the public and not the other way around.  We’ve reached a critical point in society where the very fabric of humanity has never been in as grave danger of losing it all as they have now.  It does not have to be this way and there is still time to detour ourselves from a path of absolute destruction and towards one that would be beneficial for everyone involved.


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If it wasn’t for the common man, not one corporation would be enjoying the luxuries of success that they do now.  Through the brainwashing tactics of commercialism, the people have been convinced to buy your products and lean towards your services.  Instead of ridiculing these people and treating them like lab rats, you should be rewarding these people with the repsect they rightfully deserve.  Without them, you would not be where you are today.


The most common disease I see among the top brass of corporatins is arrogance.  I have no doubt you were once upon a time like the rest of us.  You, like us, scratched and clawed at the entry level and worked your way to the top.  How you went about doing that is your business, but the fact is you did it and you most certainly deserve to be where you are now.  However, while a select few of you may remember where you’ve come from there are a vast majority who’ve forgotten and it’s to that vast majority I appeal to.


I know there are some of you who were top brass from the very beginning, most likely an inheritance from your family’s legacy or through influences you had privvy to compared to the rest of the population.  I’m not trying to rip who you are apart, but I am trying to appeal to any ounce of humanity you may have within you to listen to reason.


Another very dangerous disease, and one most associated with the top brass of corporations is greed.  Greed is a horrible disease that turns people (even the common man) into monsters and this, more than anything, is what drives people to brinks of insanity.  Greed fuels jealousy, lust, vanity and even glutony.  In the neverending quest to achieve more, as soon as the competition seems to be doing better the jealousy kicks in and the lust to outdo that competitor in order to achieve bragging rights spins off a cycle where it becomes an addiction.  By nature, people hate to lose.  So, it’s all too easy for a person (or group of people) to lose sight on what’s truly important (life) and pursue only victory.


Victory at any cost, as awesome as it seems to be, is not what it’s cracked up to be.  Once you’re at the top the drive to stay there overwhelms a person (or company) where there’s a huge change within their personality.  No longer a caring individual who puts people before profit, the psyche turns upside down and it becomes profit before people.  The drive to stay ahead of the competition all too quickly becomes a drug and it literally turns a person numb from reality.


Look at the folks who are dealing with addictions today.  Even those at the bottom of the barrel, namely the homeless and destitute, they’re struggling with their own humanity as the differences between fiction and reality are so blurred that it’s no wonder they’re regarded as hopeless fools that wind up being shunned by so-called normal people who seem to have it more together.  Truth is, even the normal, common man have addictions of their own.  And it seems corporations have learned how to tap into those addictions so it works in their favor.  All this is in the name of profit, which is the addiction so many top brass within corporations rely on to keep themselves going.

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However, like all addictions, there is a downside.  The withdrawl symptoms are terrible and it’s all too easy to plunge back into fueling the addiction to avoid that empty feeling of loss.  What people fail to realize is this is a destructive road that will not only lead to your ultimate destruction, but those around you as well.  Those who care about you most get dragged along for the ride whethery they want it or not.  All those whom you’ve influenced, whether it be personally or indirectly, wind up becoming casualties on a very dangerous road that rarely sees survivors.

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What you major corporations are doing to us is precisely the picture I just painted.  In your neverending drive to earn profit and cut off all competition, what you are doing is not only killing all the people involved, but yourselves as well.  What will happen once all competition is eliminated and you have the power to fuel your greed that much more by making your products and services that much more difficult for the common man to purchase?  You are biting the very hands of the people that have fed you all these years.  How is that good for business?  The truth of the matter is it’s not.


People like choices.  They like their freedom.  What you corporations are doing is taking that away from them.  You are taking away a human being’s fundamental right to place their faith into whomever they feel deserves it.  By taking away that choice by snuffing out all competition what you are doing is reducing people to a form of slavery where they will grow to resent you.  They will then begin to boycott you and find means to deal with anybody but you.  If you think by hounding them, bullying them and forcing them to do things your way will give you the results you want think again.  You may achieve a short-term victory, but people are resourceful and they are stubborn.  The more you force their hand the more they will rebel and next thing you know, the people find a way to reduce your corporation to rubble.  Again, how is this good for business?  Bottom line is it’s not.


You do have the power to turn this around to your favor, but it means abandoning the profit before people mentality and go back to where it should have been all along; people before profit.  As soon as you adopt this the easier you will find people are willing to work with you and favor you over the competition.  Competition is great and it should be equalized.  Nobody loses out when it’s a level playing field.  Keep in mind, people have a tendency to favor the underdog, so you, being the big dog that you are, if you continue to attack the smaller underdogs, what you will find is nobody there to support you.  Nobody will willingly buy from you and as soon as they’re tricked they become offended and move against you.

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This world belongs to the people, not the corporations.  However, this focus has been lost due to arrogance and greed and this has to stop.  What you are doing is not only homicidal against the people who granted you the luxuries you have today, but suicidal as you will find after you’ve bullied all those around you into extinction that there will be nobody left to buy from you.  Again, how is this good for business?  Don’t kid yourselves into thinking you’re unstoppable because you are.


History has proven, time and time again, that the little guys always find a way to topple the giants.  The price is always very steep, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  You corporations should be working with the people by showing you’re on their side, no matter how divided those sides are.  You corporations should let the people run the nation and not try to micromanage it yourselves.  The route you’re headed is doomed for failure and again, this is not good for business.  You will be bankrupting yourselves and once that happens there won’t be any bailouts to rescue you because there will be nobody around to do it.  Think about this very carefully.  I know I have and I have the same mind-set as you.  I am extremely competitive and I have control freak tendencies within me.  It’s hard to not cave into those temptations, but I must.  I’ve gone the route where I’ve placed profit before people and it blew in my face and I took so many innocent people down with me because of it.  I won’t allow myself to go there again.

I hope somehow most of you major corporations see the light before it’s too late and change your ways.  People before profit will actually prove to be more profitable for you on so many levels that you’ll think you’re in a dream.



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