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I’m taking this opportunity to put people who deserve recognition for their non GMO and organic contributions by placing links and talking a bit about the ones I’m familiar with the most.  Ever since I chose to make my break from GMO’s and anything to do with Monsanto, I’ve been educating myself (and others) the best I can.  I will not support a monster if I can help it and I sincerely hope there will be more people out there like me (and those I mention here) who’ll stand up against the likes of Monsanto and tell them to leave Mother Nature and her Earth alone!


Cool Springs Ranch is awesome!  I go there for my meats now and I will not compromise!  Thanks to these awesome people I have finally found meats (and eggs) that remind me of good old fashioned farm food that I miss so much.  It’s an awesome family that runs this and deserve as much recognition and support they can get.


I’ve just purchased and received seeds from the Incredible Seeds Company and am excited to see how this year’s gardening efforts pan out.  This is my first attempt at a non-GMO garden and I’m hoping it’ll work out.  I’ve attempted gardening before and was less than pleased with the results.  However, I was not aware of the difference between non-GMO seeds and GMO’d seeds at the time and I did puzzle together Monsanto and Round Up as being the true evils of agriculture as we know it.  I know there are places closer to Saskatchewan that no doubt sell non-GMO seeds, but I haven’t found anyone I trust yet.  This was the only company I found that was truly non-GMO and had no association with Monsanto and their companies.

NewLifeOrganicFoods - logo

I am not familiar with this company yet, but plan to change that with my first online order.


Will be visiting Pine View Farms (north of Saskatoon) when I’m in the area.  I suspect I will be as happy with this group as Cool Springs Ranch.


This I discovered at my local Co-op and am so happy I did.  What a great collection of seasonings!  They’ve won me over and I’m not shifting loyalties.  It’s non-GMO or nothing for me now.


I recenlty bought their Camelina Oil and am so happy with it.  They’ve earned my customer for life commitment as I enjoy learning more about who I can trust when it comes to my food and how I prepare it.

logo (1)

I found their products in the most unlikely place.  It was a small town grocery store in Preeceville.  When I was in there I kept my eye open for anything organic and non-GMO while I was in there.  I was pleasantly surprised to see this.  I grabbed a few seasonings from them to try them out.  So far so good.  Anybody local I will support, especially if they support the non-GMO movement.


I’m about to order from Urban Harvest to help me with my garden.  This my first attempt to do this as non-GMO as I can get it.  Monsanto is no longer welcome on my property and I want as clean of a garden as I can get it.

Ever since I’ve been breaking away from GMO’s and the Monsanto monsters that have rammed this garbage down our throats without our consent I have found myself feeling healtheir and more alert than ever.  I literally feel rescued from a toxic lifestyle that I was clueless about until recently.  I know there’s no way to be 100% GMO free, especially with the tampering of our water supply, our air quality and the sneaky tactics of the companies that produce and endorse them to either bully or dupe people.  I will, however, fight to my last breath to ensure that I (and those who are doing the same) am no longer treated as a lab rat without my direct consent.

I know I don’t have everybody, but I chose only those I know and have dealt with on some given level.  If you want a more complete list of who to go to, visit this site;


I march against Monsanto and I can only hope and pray you do the same.



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