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It was predicted that December 21, 2012 was to be the end of the world.  This was an assumption made by many who thought they understood what the Mayans wrote back in their day, so many, many centuries ago.  The world didn’t cease that day, but it did change.  Of that I have no doubt as I’ve observed since that day there seems to be a new awakening among the people and it’s somewhat unexplainable.

guy_fawkes_mask_by_az_3d-d5vci9janonymous_wallpaperanonymous legion text quotes typography malcolm x black background expect us 1920x1200 wallpaper_wallpaperbeautiful_64anonymous_vs__illuminati_by_captainfranko-d5lpnatanonymous #opgreece-no army can stop an idealegion_2

I do believe 2015 will see the end of the world as we know it, but it won’t be THE END.  Everything will change and yes, countless lives will be lost and it’ll seem like there’s no hope.  I am in agreement with the Anonymous posts and videos that we’ve sat back and allowed the madness to go on for way too long and it is actually our fault for being so lax.  However, keep in mind we were all fed and brainwashed to be this way through corporations and governments that worked together within the Illuminati to engineer this to happen.  The Illuminati is an elusive group, going out of their way to either convince people their existence is just a myth or play with your minds to think it’s just another ridiculous conspiracy theory and that their organization is not as satanic as they’re portrayed.

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Now with that being said I will state very frankly and very openly; I believe in God and I believe in Jesus Christ.  I do believe in the writings of the Bible, both Old Testament and New, but I do not cling onto any denomination of religion because in my eyes organized religion is just as bad as organized crime.  Now, not meaning to sound hypocritical, but I do regard my faith be based on Christianity, but my church is within me, not some building.  My bible is my minister and my mind, body and soul serves as part of my congregation.  For fellowship that share my faith in Christianity I will speak to fellow Christians, but will never judge them if they don’t walk the same path as me.  It is not my place to judge where faith is concerned.  Doing so benefits nobody and it only leads to animosity.  My belief is there is way more going on than any of us are truly aware of and I actually believe the Illuminati have underestimated us all, regardless if we’re Christians or not.


Who is Anonymous?  Anonymous is nobody.  Anonymous is everybody.  Anonymous is an individual.  Anonymous is a group.  Anonymous is nothing.  Anonymous is everything.

imagesimages (2)Anonymous Philippinesanonymous,-text-189846

Where am I getting at with this?  Anonymous is power because it can be so many things at once.  They are grossly underestimated by the Illuminati and those in bed with them.  They are also underestimated by the rest of us, between those who wish to join in on the fight with them and those who think they’re every bit as evil as the targets they claim to stand against.

images (3)guy-fawkesimages (4)Anonymous-Wallpaper-1366x768


Anyone can be Anonymous.  While there is no doubt the mass majority who’ve joined are true to their cause and believe in it.  However, there are no doubt a really good handful of Illuminati within Anonymous as well, not to mention anyone who has sinister motives in mind that nobody has yet figured out.  Anyone can join, right?  And, the Guy Fawkes mask that’s so widely popular is actually a copyrighted product associated with Time Warner, which happens to be associated with the Illuminati by so many who really tune into this sort of stuff.

0Guy Fawkes Monkey poster

Despite it all, there’s not enough of the honest among us in on the fight yet, but it will happen, no matter how hard Illuminati tries to stop it, even if it’s through Anonymous itself.  This is why there will be WWIII.  It’s already begun.  It just hasn’t gone into full nova mode yet, but we are getting there and it will be through 2015 that the domino effect will continue to happen and at a pace that will only quicken.  There’s no slowing this down now.  We’ve gone too far and this is where so many, including Anonymous state it’s too late to stop it now.  All that’s left now is we learn to set aside our petty differences and unite in the name of humanity and take back what is rightfully ours.

images (1)anonymous-psn-hacker

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Right now the corporations and the governments are finding ways to shut all of us who fight down via internet and by other means.  They’re trying to choke us with new laws that are corporate induced and has nothing to do with what’s good for the country.  The more we learn about the horrors that take place the more fired up we get and the more we stick together.


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared because I see where this is going, but instead of being gripped by it I’ve turned that fear into focus as I’m determined to fight the powers that be the best ways I know how.  Fear is good.  Fear wakes you up, even if you choose to stay in denial.  Sooner or later you have to learn to conquer that fear and turn it into something positive.  It took me years to shift that fear into what it is now and I believe I’m that much stronger because of it.  From as early as the 80’s I suspected, but was in denial.  It had always been like that until late 2008 when I got my first real wake up call.  It was stemmed by fear and despite a six year run to try and ignore the harshness of reality, I’ve reached the point now where I must move forward and there is no turning back.


However, it is not Anonymous that fuels me to do what I do.  It is God and my faith in Jesus Christ that drives me.  I don’t kid myself into thinking there’s some heavenly reward to fight back against tyranny, but as someone who believes the Seven Deadly Sins should be taken far more seriously than just scribbled literature in the bible.



I keep hoping, wishing and praying this is all just a crazy nightmare that will quickly go away.   It won’t.  Not until we take our nations back and end the Illuminati.  This will not be an easy fight, but it is one we must engage in and we must succeed.  The cost will be extremely high, but it’s one worth paying if we are to save whatever ounce of humanity this world has left.  If we don’t at least try then the quote in the bible about Jesus finding no fruit hanging off the fig tree will become fact.  We are the fruits of that fig tree and it’s up to us to see to it we survive.



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