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I have been a huge fan of RPG (Role-Playing Game) style games for as long as I can remember.  Anything that allowed me to create a character and march against the oppressive enemy was always a favorite genre for me.  In time I went from just playing games like Ogre Battle, Diablo, Torchlight and Sacred to creating my own worlds and even going as far as drawing maps to better define them.  Upon each creation I always had a Krystein Kingdom.  To me this was usually the starting point of my own game, or the pinnacle of society that comes as close to utopia as my imagination will allow.


For those who have not figured this out yet, the Krystein name is a play off from Christian.  They are spelled differently but they are pronounced the same way.  Krystein had actually become a favored name whenever I got involved in online RPGs.  Each time I would play a character I would pick what would be the most noble and whenever it came down to games where choices had to be made to determine the alignment of my character I tried to make the best ones possible in order to keep her on the path of good.  The last thing I wanted was a path of evil.  Before coming up with the Krystein name I used to run around with the name of Ryshtyan, which was a combination of names rolled into one.  I used to be a fan of the Highlander Series and it was through Rysher Entertainment.  (Now you know where the Rysh comes from)  My middle name is Anne, so with this we now have a Ryshan.  However, I was not happy with that name so I played around with possibilities until I came up with Ryshtyan.

fem-shep_mass-effect-31images (1)black-1

The Ryshtyan character was my ultimate idea of a hero.  She was tall, elegant, noble and strong.  No matter what game I played, regardless if it was RPG or another style, Ryshtyan was the favorite choice for me.  When I reached the stage to create my own games the Krystein name was something that I designed on purpose.  Even in the days where I was a bit more reckless in my youth, I always believed in Christianity.  So, when I was creating my own world and my own game I wanted a really clear layout of what was good, what was neutral and what was evil.  As a kid I was always fond of playing on words so I used that trick to create my game world.  My chief bad guy was Natas.  Yes, that is Satan backwards.  He was my ultimate bad guy so I needed to create the ultimate good guy.  Although I had no problem playing with the name of Satan I did have a problem playing with the name of Jesus, so I worked with the word christian and wanted to breathe a special entity into it that would give it the life it needed for me to create the ultimate collection of good guys that bound themselves together to uphold the highest standards of humanity the world can offer.  The name of Krystein actually came much easier than I expected and it has stayed with me ever since.

It is the name I use when I write my blogs because Krystein has now become a merger of who I am and where my faith resides.  I choose not to belong to any specific Christian denomination as I find each of them alien to me in their own way.  Although I have no doubt the very core of their faith is indeed genuine, it is the teachings that have been passed down from generation to generation that I cannot bring myself to trust.  I have tried.  Each time I try I realize the only person that has rightfully earned my trust is Jesus Christ.  Through him I have acknowledged that God is my creator and the Holy Spirit is who drives me to maintain my faith, regardless of what stage of life I happen to be going through.

I will now go into a detailed explanation behind this Krystein Kingdom I often create when I am doing up a new RPG.  It is, in a sense, the kind of community I would love to see more of, even though I know it would pale compared to the kind of kingdom God has in store for us.


Krystein Kingdom is one that embraces spirituality over superficiality.  It is ruled by a Council of Twelve.  Within this twelve are elected members that represent the twelve provinces that have been created within the borders of this kingdom.  The kingdom itself is surrounded by water and it is as pristine and as lively as it gets.  There is not a trace of pollution to be found within it, nor in the skies above or on the lands throughout.  There is automation here, much like a steam punk type of society, but no fossil fuels are exploited at any time.  The people were able to harness power through the solar energies harnessed from the sun and the geothermal properties from underground (very helpful during winter months to keep warm).  Clothing was a brilliant mix of plant fibers and hides of animals that were used as meat.  Nothing was ever wasted in this kingdom as everything had a purpose.


There was no unemployment nor poverty.  Everybody worked, but never for money.  Within this kingdom, for each hour a person worked (and it was based upon his preference, up to a maximum of ten hours for the day) they were rewarded with a credit system that was equal throughout.  It did not matter what position you held and it did not matter what kind of job you had.  Everybody was equally important and nobody had more than the other.  Everybody was housed according to needs and preferences, all of which was based on the size of their families.

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A person was allowed to work up to ten hours a day and up to five days a week.  The sixth day was to be spent with family and friends, appreciating their fellowship while the seventh day was to be spent in worship, thanking their Maker for all that they have and for all that they are.  Absolutely nobody was allowed to work on this seventh day.  This meant no commercial trades were allowed (nobody to trade with) and no actual labor involved unless it was a dire emergency that could not be avoided.  In such an occasion, if individuals has no choice but to perform some kind of emergency task on that day then it was required by the people to give thanks to those people for their service.  Such thanks would include a day off work, but still be credited as if still on the job.

Within the kingdom, no good was worth more than the other because everyone would have equal entitlement to it.  Of those who work steady hours and establish themselves as a fruitful member of society would be allowed to house the home with whatever is needed or desired.

4431-crown of

As for those who chose not to work nor contribute towards society at all would be cast off.  They would be sent across the waters and onto foreign soil where they are left to fend for themselves.  Because the rest of the world is so harsh, the chances for survival is slim at best.  For those who chose that way of life would often change their way of thinking and want to return, usually a better person because of it.  In order to return it has to be agreed among the Council of Twelve (who always answer to the people first) that the person has indeed been redeemed and deserves another chance.  However, those on the other side of the waters that have been cast out, or intruders that simply want to invade, cannot do so.


The reason for this is a hidden shield that surrounds the entire kingdom like a dome.  Anyone can leave anytime they want, but for the most part there is no need to.  In order to come back in there is a narrow gateway at the entrance of the main city of the kingdom.  In order to get to this gateway a rather unstable path of stones stretch across the water that links the kingdom to the rest of the world.  This path must be walked across by bare foot and they are very tricky steps.  Falling into the water is not an option as the waves are so strong they will either engulf the traveller underneath, or push him back to the shores of the desolate world he is trying to escape from.


The path itself is more a test of faith than it is an actualy sidewalk.  Distractions are not an option, nor are mis-steps.  Once this has been performed successfully and you reach the entrance you are met with the appointed judge of the kingdom.  With him are the Council of Twelve.  Each member of this council must ask a unique question to the person wanting to return to the kingdom as to why a second chance is deserved.  The judge stays silent until all twelve questions have been asked and answered.  If the judge likes what he hears he will allow passage.  If the judge does not trust what he has heard he will simply deny entry.  Any attempt to argue or fight will be futile as the platform which the returnee would be standing on would give out and plunge the person into the water.  If that person is strong enough to swim their way back to the shore of the outside world then the opportunity to try again another would still be there.  If not, then as far as the kingdom sees it, the waters have just cleansed the world of an unwanted citizen that failed to understand that faith comes before everything else.

If this sounds harsh to you bear in mind that even within the bible it states throughout various verses that one who lacks faith lacks conviction.  Nobody can afford to go through life without having faith in something other than themselves.  However, there is a difference between true faith and misguided faith.  It is up to each person to figure it out and the whole point behind the judge at the Krystein Kingdom is to size up whether an outcast can be redeemed as a person of true faith, or is just an opportunist who wants to prey upon the good in order to benefit a selfish, self-serving attitude.

apostle-james-on-true-faith-23-638téléchargement (1)

As mentioned, within this Krystein Kingdom there is a Council of Twelve.  The kingdom has twelve provinces.  I derived that out of the 12 sons of Jacob (Israel).  Each province has their own collection of councillors that stretch right down to the head of each household.  Everybody has an equal voice, including the children, as to how they feel best serves their home, their community, their region and their province.  As soon as decisions are made, all the arguments are brought to the Council of Twelve, but the favored decisions win out over the less favored.  All of this is broadcasted so that there can be no room for deception at any given level.

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Within this kingdom there are no armed police.  The people volunteer as lawmakers, always keeping an eye out for the neighbors within their community.  The governing positions within their councils, the appointed judge (usually the one that is deemed the most visionary of all the people) is strictly a voluntary one.  The judge is appointed the position, but has the option to decline or step down at any time.  Upon such an event, he is permitted to extend his recommendation.  If his choice accepts, the Council of Twelve may vote on it, based on the votes they receive from the rest of the people.  If the choice of the judge is not accepted then a list of recommended candidates is brought forth until an agreement is made who is best for such a role.


As for the Council of Twelve, and those also within councillor positions, they are subject to rotation every twelve months.  The democratic system set up within the kingdom is set up where every person has a vote.  Even children are to vote.  Within the kingdom it is mandatory to vote.  It is not an option.  Failing to vote suggests there is no interest in the overall welfare of the kingdom, nor the welfare of their communities within.  Those who fail to vote are rounded up and questioned.  A choice is then made by the non-voter to either volunteer services as a witness at council meetings or be cast out of the borders of the kingdom and face the deadly unknowns of the world that lies beyond the waters.

Much like the Ten Commandments of the Bible, there are Ten Unbreakable Laws within the Krystein Kingdom.  They are identical to the commandments, but worded differently.  Next to it there is an explanation as to why such a law.

images (5)

1. You shall have no other God than God himself.  (He is your maker.  Your parents created you, but it was through his blessing that allowed you to exist.)

2. You shall not make nor worship idols.  (Idols allow false gods that do not deserve to be worshipped as if they are anyone one more important than you are.)

3. You shall not use the name of God in vain.  (It is disrespectful, plain and simple.)

4. Honor the seventh day for what it is.  (This serves a dual purpose.  Not only does it give mankind a break from everyday living, but an opportunity to be thankful for all the blessings that has allowed such a wonderful life to experience the fruits it has in the first place.)

5. Respect your heritage. (Your mother and father created you through the grace of God and has cared for you to the best of their ability.  They love you and put you before them because that is what love does.)

6. Respect life.  (Killing is unacceptable, no matter if it is against man or beast.  Life is sacred and should be regarded as such.)

7. Respect your life partner.  (Love is fragile.  Tainting it through adulterous affairs shows disrespect towards your mate and it destroys the trust between two people who swore to love each other and be there for each other no matter what the circumstance.)

8. Do not take what you do not own.  (If you want it, earn it.  It is that easy.)

9. Do not lie for personal gain. (Lying catches up with a person sooner or later, no matter how good they think they are at it.  Caught lies destroys trust and forever alters relations that can almost never be repaired.)

10. Be happy with what you have.  (Covetness stirs greed, which in turn fuels a person to turn into something they should never be.)

Within the Krystein Kingdom, blatantly breaking any of the ten laws is automatic banishment from the kingdom the moment it is proven such a crime has been committed.  That person is cast out for a minimum of twelve months, pending on the severity of the crime committed.  Crimes causing death will meet with penalties causing death.  The guilty will have all their property seized and handed to the family of the victim as compensation.  Crimes causing theft of any kind will see all of the property of the guilty seized and handed to the victim.  If the criminal has a family that family is to be instantly located to another location with basic needs covered such as food, shelter, furniture and clothing.  They will be observed closely and put through extensive therapy to ensure they do not follow the same path as their guilty family member.  Therapy is also granted to the victims to ensure no acts of vengence are carried out.  Therapy is mandatory for those (and their family) who have committed the wrong and for those who have been wronged.

No bad action may go unpunished.  On the same note, no good action may go unrecognized.  Inaction results in banishment as it is seen as an equivalent to bad action.

In my eyes, the Krystein Kingdom would run very much like a world where it is indeed paradise, but there is no room for the seven deadly sins to invade it.  Corruption serves like a cancer and by stomping it out at the eariest signs of detection (normally caused by breaking any of the ten commandments or laws) it really goes a long way to maintain a peaceful society that cannot be divided.

It is not a perfect world.  Until we see a world ruled directly by Jesus Christ himself, the one I often create in my little head is about as good as it can get based on what we have to work with.  Granted, on this earth the geography is not so simple, but the concepts behind what I have put together is quite easy to achieve and maintain.  However, in order to keep corruption out of it people would have to learn to set their differences aside and work together.

That is what, in reality, what my little Krystein Kingdom is all about.  People working together, living together, and enjoy each other as very healthy, very happy and very wealthy communities where nobody has anything bad to say or do because there is no reason for it.  If we could achieve that kind of world, or one pretty close to it, I would be the happiest person on earth.



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