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I See!  I See!

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That’s my take on ISIS.I see them for the frauds that they are.  I see them as the latest tool being used to distract people from the true enemies that threaten our very lives, freedoms and liberties.  I see the money trail.  I see the corruption.  I see who really is in charge of ISIS and I see this as the catalyst to the World War III that certain powers in place are determined to ignite.  Once WWIII officially erupts into a full-scale fight globally, the New World Order that is so desperately craved will become that much closer to achieving in the eyes of those who want this to happen.


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I’ve made it no secret that (not just) I have every reason to believe there really is an Illuminati and they are among the Elite 1% that have been caught over and over admitting in order to achieve a new world of global peace there has to be right situations rigged at the right moments in order to convince people to bow down like sheep and do things their way.  They have used the media and the politicians in order to further their agenda.  Through commercialism, sensationalism and flat out manipulation they have puppeteered people into zombies.  These zombies are either oblivious to what’s really going on in this world or are too afraid to do something about it because they think it’s a no-win situation.

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I know the extremely religious are convinced that Jesus Christ will save them.  Although I have no doubt in my mind (and heart) that our Savior will indeed come forth at the hour we need him most, I do doubt those who fail to acknowledge all the writings within the bible, right from the old testament to the new.  Within the bible we are warned of the seven deadly sins.  Yes, Jesus Christ dies on the cross for our sins, but it did not mean this is the ticket to forget the teachings of the old testament, nor all the rules, warnings, commandments and laws put into place.  Those seven deadly sins are peformed today as if they’re daily rituals now, regardless if you regard yourself a religious person or not.


I do believe in God, yes, and I do believe in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  My faith in the Holy Trinity is unwavering.  This will not change.  However, I will not purposely commit the sin of sloth by standing idly by, expecting to be rewarded for it simply because I believe in them.  I am the type of person who will, even if I know the people I’m supporting are going to win anyway, that will do whatever I can to pave the way for them.  If this means taking up arms and joining in on the fight against the wrongs of this world then I will do so.  I do not expect a reward out of it.  I do it because I know it’s just.  I fight for the right to proudly display my Christianity (but I won’t ram it down people’s throats in some self-righteous manner) as a loyal servant to God.  I fight for the sake of humanity and all it’s potential that God had intended for us all.


I will fight ISIS, but not the masked clowns that are orchestrated to fool the audience.  I refuse to be distracted by what I know is the typical tools of the terrorist trade.  The Rothschilds (Rot=red) (Tschild=sign) have been directly involved with the American Revolution when they broke away from King George and his British tyranny, as well as directly involved with the American Revolution, WWI, WWII, Vietnam War and virtually every war you can imagine since the late 1700’s.  If you don’t believe me, take the time to Google the name of the Rothschilds.  While you are at it, cross reference that name with Illuminati, New World Order, Satanism, and the Elite 1%.  Regardless if you think this is some conspiracy theorist’s attempt to sway your judgement or not, you owe it to yourself to educate yourself (and your children) to look at every possibility.  Don’t just blindly believe what mainstream media tells you.  Don’t just blindly believe what your own government tells you.  In fact, don’t even blindly believe what I’m telling you.  God gave you a series of great gifts.  Use them.  Learn with eyes wide open and a mind capable of absorbing every lie and every truth and figuring it all out by utilizing your gut instinct to steer you in the right direction.


In regards to ISIS, my final conclusion is simple.  They are hired mercenaries pretending to be terrorists so that they reduce the world’s population to scared sheep.  Keep in mind that in order for the Rothschilds and their allies to achieve their New World Order there has to be an extermination of up to 90% of the human race.  Even if you don’t believe in conspiracy theories, you, as a human being with a heart, mind, body and soul, cannot ignore this as a very real possibility.



If we are to be a world of sheep I’d rather serve someone who would actually care for us as equals and not deceive us with every action or word.  People seemed to have forgotten that Satan is the great deceiver.  He has (almost) everybody fooled.  God has never deceived us.  God has always been there for us despite the fact we’ve rarely been there for him.  We, as a society, have forgotten where we come from and who we truly belong to.   Satan and his allies want us all to forget who we are and bow down to him.  I don’t know about you, but I refuse to do it.  In his world I’d much rather turn into a wolf and bite his hand long before opting to serve him.

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Whether you are into the bible or not, you cannot ignore the harsh reality that the world we live in today is not the type of world anybody in their right mind would want to be in.  We can have a better world, but in order to achieve it we have to believe in it and fight for it.  If we don’t, then we lose everything and one way or the other we will get the world we deserve.  If we all fight for it together to take out those who seek to destroy us, then we’ll have that world peace we so desperetely crave.  If we don’t for whatever ridiculous reason you have in your mind then we’ll be enslaved into a world that is destined for destruction.

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