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October 19, 2015 is going to be a very big day for Canada.  Will the voters finally get what they want when they choose who has the right to run this nation next, or will we still be stuck with tyrants who put their own needs (and the needs of corporations) first instead of the Canadians? Since 2006, what is now dubbed as the Harperism Government, the overall concerns and needs for Canadians has been continually ignored.  In fact, all the promises Stephen Harper made when he vied for the role of Prime Minister he has failed to deliver.  They are mounting up to the point where even the most loyal of the Progressive Conservative Party can no longer afford to ignore. Here are the (not so) impressive accomplishments Stephen Harper has done for his Canadian People;

526184_322167784546480_288501757_n10941833_947845675233953_3721204904404339717_n7878143376_bd3cc425d7HarperFixingElections14-stephen-harper-conservatives-environmentcanada-corrupted-conservativesHarperBankBailoutLiarharpermeme5_Stephen_Harper_Meme-s372x243-162818-580-1A6Yv4boCMAA4J6f.jpg largeimages (2)Harper Racisttéléchargementtar-sandsdnidle no more23savvy-quote-learn-from-mistakes-dont-denyimagestéléchargement21-stephen-harper-international-womens-day18-stephen-harper-conservatives-unemploymentimagestumblr_md6kzlvHpC1rkybh6o1_500images (3)Report-Card-2HarperCONQuizimages (6)11008608_883103095046374_7773938076092197867_ndump-harper

There is so much more I can add to this, but already that’s more than enough memes with very clear statements as to why Stephen Harper is not fit to run this nation, nor are his Progressive Conservatives.  They have systematically destroyed this nation and for what?  Money?  Power?  Have they remotely acknowledged the ultimate price that every Canadian (and worldwide) is paying for this very greedy lack of vision?

spock-says-idle-no-moreimages (4)1031flagIdle-No-Moretoxinstar-sands-vs-green-economy

The love of green is a powerful one.  However, the type of green our current government is striving for is the wrong one.  It is destructive and counter-productive in the long run.  The jobs may be there now, but the fossil fuel industry is an extremely dangerous and unstable one and it’s not only stripping away non-renewable resources at an alarming rate, but it is also destroying renewable resources at an even faster pace.  The renewable resources is what will keep this nation profitable.  It is the renewable resources that will not only maintain, but build jobs.  The beauty of it is they’re not even toxic.  It’ll be quite the contrary.  Instead of working in tar sands where the exposure to all those toxins will eventually lead to life-threatening ailments, one can work in a field that will produce the same needed energies required to maintain (actually improve) our daily lifestyles.  Chances are they’d even be the same type of job, but simply in a much healthier environment.  Is that not worth striving for?  However, for as long as we continue to speed ourselves down the dirty path of inescapable destruction, we will be greatly reducing the odds of survival for this (and any future) generation.

CanadaSucksimages (5)images (7)10953156_10150492027209957_7907491247360547094_o

What most Canadians fail to realize (and it’s something both the PC & Liberal Governments are doing on purpose) is there is a much better green path we can all take, but in order to achieve this we have to set our differences aside and work together.  A united nation is a far stronger one than a divided one and never have we reached such a time in this country’s desperate need for that division to be set aside just long enough for us to work together and kick out the cancer that’s killing us all.  That cancer is the PC Government and the root of that cancer sits with Stephen Harper.  It must be rooted out.  Don’t expect the Liberal Government nor the NDP Government to provide us with the cure either.  They won’t.  The Liberals may help restore what Canada has lost, but it is they that have played a key role in creating Canada’s debt in the first place and their track record has shown spending habits just as bad as the Harperism brand of government.  Canada can no longer afford such a reckless path.  We may fair better with an NDP Government in place, but without Jack Layton’s strength and character this will be a bouncy government at best.  Their hearts will be in the right place, but I sincerely believe they do not have the strength needed to yank Canada out of the toilet it’s been plunged into.

0Greens Voice10817413_640544437873_151224351_o2014_01_FVC-says-hands-off-Elections-Canada

That strength we need comes from a political party that Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau and Thomas Muclair are determined to keep shut out.  Even our mainstream media is trying to silence The Green Party of Canada, along with their leader, Elizabeth May.  What all these oppressors are trying to do is keep Canadians in the dark about who Elizabeth May really is and what the Green Party truly stands for.  Here is my list of reasons why I fully support The Green Party of Canada and why every Canadian really needs to give the people in this party the long overdue credit they deserve;

MP-Elizabeth-May-Shows-Integrity-250x143images (8)Mayelizabeth-2014-book-220x340Weaver-Endorsement-Quote-Elizabeth-01wordleGreentéléchargement (2)2014-09-01-fooddemocracyslide2slide3greenpartyB72B38718FD8424BBDE237A3A8C83595téléchargementtéléchargement (1)green-canadagreen-power-word-cloud-11822404heavenly-street-of-gold BruceDaniel Greenmqdefaulttéléchargement

To learn more information about the Green Party of Canada, click no the picture below.  This will provide you with all the information you need to know to get better acquainted with the only party that truly has Canada’s best interest taken to heart without the corruptive influences of banks and corporations to steer their better judgment.  Canadians deserve better than what we have now.  The future of Canada depends on the decisions we make.  Give Green a chance.



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