Where Loyalties Lie

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I live in the province of Saskatchewan.  My country is Canada.  I care a great deal about what goes on in my own backyard, as well as the yards of others within my nation.  I care on a global scale, more than most people will likely ever know.  It is because I care that I speak out as much as I do.  I still don’t do enough, but I’m working on that too.

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On October 19, 2015 Canada’s fate will be decided as to what it’s direction will be.  However, there are other fates that hang in the balance as well.  The fate of every province in this nation also hinges on the provincial and regional elections as well.  How we determine what’s best for our neighborhood will depend on what kind of future we want for ourselves and our children.

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For those who truly pay attention and truly care, clearly you see that the directions our political leaders have taken us are questionable at best.  While there are a select few politicians that clearly earn the confidence of the voters who believe in them by actually serving the people and their best interests, they are woefully overshadowed by the vast majority of political leaders who don’t.  Unfortunately, the people of this nation have been deceived so often that up to half of it’s population no longer votes anymore because they feel there is nobody worth voting for.


That is not true.  There is always better choices, but every neighborhood, region and province (even federally) have been so conditioned to vote the same political parties in and out like a neverending revolving door that all the changes that are promised very rarely occur.  Because of this, people lose faith and give up on even attempting to push for change.

Then you have the loyalists who stick to the same party they’ve always voted for because, even if the party may have played a role in their unemployment or some other difficult situation they have in their life, they won’t change their minds.  Maybe they feel there’s nobody better than who they’re voting for and they’re going with the belief that somehow the political party they’ve chosen will see the light and change their ways.


When I lived in Alberta I had Ralph Klein of the PC’s as it’s premier.  I didn’t care for him at first, but realized through his administration how profitable Alberta became and I later learned how much of an asset he was to Calgary when he was mayor of that city.  I had hoped he’d strive for the role of prime minister, but that didn’t happen.  Stephen Harper went for that role, but I just blindly assumed since he was with the PC Government that our nation would be in the right hands.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  My loyalist attitude towards the PC’s ended once I realized Stephen Harper nor the PC’s have no regard towards the Canadians, regardless of who voted them in or not.  They have dismantled this nation to it’s knees and it’s about time the Canadian people fight back to put it back to it’s feet.

However, in order to accomplish this we need to focus on our regional and provincial elections as well as the federal.  What we decide for our immediate surroundings is every bit as important as to what we want nationally.  On a provincial level I have made my choice.  The Green Party of Saskatchewan.  Why do I choose them?  Because they, more than any other political party, have a more realistic grasp on what is needed for this province to help it prosper without paying prices it cannot afford.

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Since Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party has taken over from the NDP’s we have seen Saskatchewan prosper, but at great cost that could have been easily avoided.  I will admit, he’s not nearly as bad as the premiers in other provinces in this nation, but he is not without some serious flaws that the voters of this province really need to look at.


Saskatchewan has a tremendous track record for loyalty.  It shows in their support for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and it shows in their customs, traditions and even political views. While a good chunk of that loyalty is warranted, there are some that are not.  In the case of Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party, what people fail to realize is this party is just a localized version of the PC Government otherwise dubbed as the Harper Government.  Brad Wall is suffocating the province of Saskatchewan with poor decisions that will cost us all more than just taxpayer dollars.  They seemed okay in the beginning, especially with the introduction of the tar sands, but more and more controversy is sprouting from the environmental impact allowing such operations to continue so recklessly.  Those who pay attention and do more than just sound alarms about climate change realize that we are doing right now is stripping away any hope of a future from our own children.

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The biggest problem Brad Wall is facing is the exact same problem our federal government is facing, as well as too many good people who still have blinders on.  We are all getting eaten away by a cancer known as greed.  So scared we are to lose our jobs if we shut down the tar sands and other increasingly unstable trades that we cling to the false hope that somehow our current people in charge will still somehow save the day.

Sorry, folks, but that will not happen.  Those who cling to the same rope that’s fraying at the seams are doomed to fall into the boiling pit of despair that’s waiting for them.  What will you do when those you’re counting on to save you either turn their backs on you to save themselves, or are still too blind to see the problems for what they are?  You cannot afford to place false hope on a political party that has yet to see the err of their ways.  Doing so is suicide.  That is why you really need to decide if your loyalty to a party that temporarily saved the day from the NDP’s truly deserve it anymore.

My loyalty comes to God, country and family first.  Everything else falls into place accordingly, based on the situations at hand.  The situation right now is rescuing a province from a fate that is clearly seen as a suicidal one.  Although I have no doubt that Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party do have the best intentions in mind, I do have serious doubt about the direction they’re choosing.  It is a short-sighted one and does not give consideration to the most pressing issues staring us in the face right now.  They, just like the Harper Government, have blinders on, and if they refuse to wake up and listen to the people of this province then they need to be replaced by people who will.


This is where I strongly believe the Green Party of Saskatchewan is the best political party to consider for today’s times.  The rest of the world is taking great strides to protect their people and environment and have come up with very sound solutions to problems that once plagued them.  A few regions and nations have actually listened to their people enough to do what is now proving to be the desperately needed answers to their prayers.  At the moment, The Green Party of Saskatchewan (and Canada) is the only party that believes in these exact same prayers and solutions that we crave and it is only them that are willing to do what it takes to drag us out of the abyss and into futures worth looking forward to.


This will not mean job losses for those within the oil industry.  It will mean job tansformations as the industry itself will transform.  It will not be an overnight solution.  It takes time and the Green Party knows this.  This is why they, more so than any other political party throughout Canada, are the best qualified candidates for this task.  Saskatchewan will not plunge into deeper debt because of their political policies.  It will be because of their political policies that you will see Saskatchewan work it’s way out of debt by installing very desperately needed programs that will benefit everyone.

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I can go into finer details, but that’s up to you to figure out for yourself.  I’ve placed a link (in the pic below) for you to follow to figure it out for yourself.


Now, some of you will say I’m biased towards the Green Party.  At the moment yes I am because they haven’t deceived me yet.  I cannot say the same for any other political party.  Between the media and the history books, time and time again we have seen the PC’s, the Liberals and the NDP’s let their people down.  There are too many scandals and harsh evidence that give the people of this nation every reason in the world to not trust any of them.  However, all too often I hear the statement that we have no other choices to make.  Nobody else is qualified.  So, they’d much rather pick what they deem is the lesser of all the evils than to take a leap of faith into a direction they are not familiar with.


That way of thinking is flawed.  A lesser evil is still an evil.  It must be steered away from completely.  The only way that is going to happen is by stop voting in the same clowns that have literally turned Canada and her provinces into the most ridiculous state it has ever been in.  If you don’t believe in the Green Party then check out all your options.  Don’t fall for the lies the PC’s and the Liberals have told you.  They’ve done this for decades just to get votes and once they got them they go back on their word (as usual) and continue to run this nation as if we owe them something when in truth it is they that owe us.

The Green Party knows this.  The Green Party respects and honors this.  The same cannot be said for the other political parties out there.  You owe it to yourself (and your kids) to give this party the chance it deserves.  In all honesty, it isn’t even about the party itself.  It’s about your neighorhood, your community, your region, your province and your country.  Do what’s best for it from your heart, not from the crazy commercials that are designed to corrupt your way of thinking.


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