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We live in a very sad state of the world today.  In America it is supposed to be the home of the brave and the land of the free.  However, this has not been the case for years, but in more recent times it has become more like the home of the bullies and the land of the greed.  Everybody else are just inconvenient casualties in a very ugly war that most Americans now recognize as a war against liberty.


In Canada, the federal government has introduced bill C-51, which is more commonly known as the anti-terrorism bill.  It’s bill, at best, is questionable and leaves way too many gaps that can easily turn Canada into what America has become if it passes.  The Canadians see this and fear this.  They do not want their beloved Canada, which is already badly damaged on so many fronts, to plunge into that exact same dark hole that America is in right now.


It’s not getting any better in America either.  It’s actually getting worse.  The very people that were originally sworn into uniform to serve and protect the American People are now the ones the American People need protection from.  The American Police Officer have become the uniformed thugs of a nation that’s becoming more and more gripped with fear.  Although there is no doubt there are still good police officers in the field, they are heavily outnumbered and overshadowed by police officers who do not have the right to wear a gun and badge.


And if this isn’t the worst of it, the American government is out to disarm their citizens, which is a direct violation towards the second amendment of their Charter of Human Rights.  Even the founding fathers warned that once the day comes where the government is determined to take away guns from their citizens it will become the day where their government can no longer be trusted as it’ll be clear at that point there are evil intentions at play here and certainly not the patriotic one they claim it is.


And the Canadian government wants Canada to be just like America.  Why?  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has a long history of nobility within their ranks.  Granted, there are a few bad apples in the mix, but what will happen to them, along with the city policemen throughout the nation once the word is given they no longer have to be so honorable?  What will happen to the rights, liberties and freedoms of the citizens of this nation?

state-1-300x300PoliceStateMemeZionist11643861cf2a2cd6810abb37eb8940095b6f4385cbnational_defense_authorization_act_2012police-state-enough-yetWar is when your government tells you who the enemy is

The anti-terrorism bill, if it passes, is an automatic victory handed to the terrorists our governments claim we’re at war with.  Yes, we are at war with terrorists, but it’s not with ISIS, nor Al-Qaeda, nor any of the Muslim factions that they want us to focus on.  The true terrorists exist within our own borders and most of them wear uniforms, giving us all the false sense of security that they are there to serve and protect us.  It is becoming increasingly obvious this is no longer true.  The evidence is in the blood spilled in America by the police’s hands and blood will also be spilled on Canadian soil if C-51 goes from nightmare to reality.


Our governments need to be reminded they are supposed to be working for us, not against us.  Our governments no longer respect democracy.  If they did they would not ram down bills nor laws down our throats so recklessly.  The truth is our governments work for banks and corporations now.  They have been for decades, but it has become increasingly evident as the people who are fit to rule our nations have been weeded out while those who are out to destroy our nations have been weaseled in.  Because of this, our government has changed the very fabric of who we are as Americans and as Canadians.  No longer are we strong, proud and free.  We are now weak, timid and caged.  That must change.  It is time we, the people, govern our own governments and police our own police.  Nobody else will do it for us.  We have to set our differences aside, work together and show those who seek to destroy us that we matter way more than they give us credit for.



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