In The Name of God! Jihad!

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No matter how you call it, this is more than just a religious war between ISIS and Christians.  The roots dig far deeper than the division of factions between religions, regardless of what they are.  This is, plain and simple, a battle of good against evil.  We, as members of mankind, are pawns in a very deadly game that will result in catastrophic consequences.


However, this has always been the case.  Since God’s creation of Man there has been in a constant struggle between living the way of life he originally intended for us, and the way of life Satan has tricked us all into leading.  While many of us fight hard to stay true to the course God has laid out for us, one of which has been made slightly easier through Jesus Christ as our guide, there are still many who refuse to have anything to do with God’s ways at all.  They prefer Lucifer’s (Satan’s) world over the one that originally created for us.  It is those, whom are referred to as The Illuminati, that are dictating how the direction of this world is to be taken.


The Rothschilds Family are the official heads of this Illuminati organization and their primary goal is a New World Order that will see 90% of the world’s population eliminated by any means necessary.  They do not work alone.  There is a pyramid scheme at play here and it’s a very carefully designed one to keep the masses fooled with all sorts of distractions that prevent us all from waking up together and standing up together and fighting back together to restore this world to where it needs to be for the sake of all mankind.

illuminati-pyramidB6I0w_MCUAAlrlEninetymiles14ZnUy1rw5dlyo1_500the-love-of-money-is-a-root-of-all-evilbiblical-solutions-to-crime-43-72810982459_10153048385923908_8904208647901748709_nimages (3)

Our world leaders are working hand in hand with The Rothschilds and their Illuminati.  Some are doing this intentionally as they are set out to deliberately bring the nation they’re supposed to lead to their knees so they become easy prey to what comes next.  There are some that think they know what they’re doing for the best interest of the nation they represent and have not yet realized that they’re being every bit as deceived as the rest of the world who have yet to figure out the true terrors of this war.


Our world leaders are trying to convince their people that their methods to fight terrorism is the only way to take care of this growing problem.  What they fail to recognize is the true terrorists are not ISIS, nor Al-Qaeda, nor any of those fanatical organizations that hide behind religion and politics to carry out their agendas.  The real terrorists that pose the biggest threat to every man, woman and child of this world are those willingly working with Satan himself that are literally puppeteering everyone in place to do their bidding for them.  The brainwashed, manipulated and those still consumed with pettiness are all playing roles in tearing humanity apart down to it’s core.  This will continue to happen until the veils of deceit are finally lifted and people finally figure out who their true enemy really is.

224576_422683944447037_902895181_nimages (1)

Until that day comes, we as members of mankind who are awake and well aware of what’s really going on must do whatever we can to fight back by any method we know how.  My goal is to wake more people up and egg more people to get off their butts and do something.  For those who insist to keep blinders on or are too afraid to get involved, you are not helping yourself nor your family by choosing to stay on the sidelines.  You have to get involved.  What kind of adult will your children become if they see nothing but cowards all around them?  If you think by playing it safe keeps your kids safe you are sadly mistaken.  This is the mistake the Jewish people made back in WWII and look how it turned out for them.

666-mark-in-right-hand-1War is when your government tells you who the enemy isSlide21

If you think for one second that within the borders of America, Canada, England, Australia and any of the democratic worlds that are supposed to be symbols of free nations think again.  You are sadly mistaken.  Until you realize it’s more than just a war between religions and politicians, your very lives and the lives of those closest to you remain in jeopardy and it will only get worse.

faith-without-works-deadimages (1)quote-i-believe-in-god-but-not-as-one-thing-not-as-an-old-man-in-the-sky-i-believe-that-what-people-john-lennon-110550science-without-religion-is-lame-religion-without-science-is-blind-3imagesWIIB83U4téléchargement (1)bc41e1b5e6fa81c5e77a2e79e8bd4d813192b9f7aae079f3e7ce05f818ec39a1God-restoresinspirational-bible-quote4Joshua-1.9

If you’re not a believer of God, nor Jesus Christ, nor the Holy Spirit, nor even the bible itself you may want to reconsider your stance.  Regardless of your religion, if you’ve even looked through the pages of the bible from cover to cover and if you’ve remembered parts that were written you’d see that what’s unfolding in this world today is exactly what the pages of the bible warned about all the way up to Revelations.  Yes, the bible was written by people, but these were by people who were deeply touched by someone to the point where they wrote about it.  That is something I cannot ignore, even if I don’t completely understand it all myself.  If you’ve read any of my previous blogs about the subject of religion you’ll see I’ve made my attempt on how the mythological symbolisms the bible paints out can easily be merged with the scientific and historical facts that have been discovered so far.  This should also be the part where I tell you that not everything that science has found has been made known to the public.  We’re only told a fraction of what’s really going on and most of those stories are fabricated because for some given reason the powers that be don’t want us to know.

saganStalin Quotetéléchargement (1)gog-part-5-55-72813686483649e5342_lMoney is the God of our time and Rothschild is his prophet

And why is that?  I know the powers that be have been going out of their way to keep people dumbed down and controlled.  This has been going on since the very beginning of mankind’s existence, but it has become far more apparent now than ever before.  I speculate the reason it’s so obvious now is because people are beginning to wake up and they’re sounding alarms to jolt other people to snap out of their corporate induced comas and realize what’s really going on here.


War against terrorists?  If this were true then we wouldn’t be so focused on ISIS and Al-Qaeda.  We’d be focused on the White House in the USA, Parliament Hill in Canada, the Windsor Castle and the Parliament of the United Kingdom.  It is they and those who share the same frames of mind as they do that are our real problem.  Until they round up the Rothschilds (and their Illuminti partners willing to stay in bed with them) and make them answer to their crimes against humanity, this madness will never end.


I know this won’t happen.  Too many are either still too stupid or still too scared to try.  This is where the rest of us come in. For those who are praying to God, keep doing it.  For those of you reaching out to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, don’t stop.  I don’t care if you’re Jewish, Christian, Buddhist or whatever.  You must have faith in humanity and it’s creators if you expect to root out the evils of this world and restore our Mother Earth to her former glory.  Without that faith all our efforts to save what we can will be in vain.  For the sake of humanity we cannot allow that to happen.


What kind of New World Order do you want?  Do you want one where only 10% of the world’s population remains, all of whom will be subjected to a pitiful lifestyle of slavery?  If this is what you want then we will become very much like the black slaves before the American Civil War.  We will become very much like the slaves forced to work in labor camps for Nazi-Germany.  We will also be treated like the slaves of Ancient Rome.  Is this what you want?  If so, then by all means forget all about God and keep chasing after the seven deadly sins that will keep you distracted from what’s really going on even in your own backyard.


I’ll tell you what kind of new world order I want.  I want it to be a world that puts Humanity first.  It’s a world that everyone is left alone to be as fruitful as they can be.  This means each person lives a life that’s filled with love, compassion, understanding, happiness and respect.  This will mean animals no longer have to feel threatened as there would no longer be abuse exercised on any given level.  Mother Nature can breathe again as she recovers from all the damage the greed of mankind has inflicted upon her.  This is the type of world I fight for.  Maybe it’s a dream to you, but I see it as a form of reality that’s worth living for.  I want that world.  I will pray for that world.  I will fight to my last breath for that world even if I never have the chance to live in it myself.  As long as somebody gets to enjoy that world and nurture it the way mankind was supposed to all this time then I’m okay with that.

bible-god-quotes-363Seeds of Faith

So, in the name of God, I pray from the bottom of my heart that we all come together and declare our own brand of jihad upon those who dare to take away our God-given right to be free, our God-given right to be strong and our God-given right to be a united race of human beings that have more value than they give us credit for.               image-78Ecouraging_Bible_Verse_LHT_Love_Rom8_28_472_472_80jeremiah29_11_imagefather-thank-you-for-the-victory-romans-8v37Revelation11v158238-as-for-me-and-my-household-we-will-serve-the-lord


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