Money Madness

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quote-cursed-be-he-above-all-others-who-s-enslaved-by-love-of-money-money-takes-the-place-of-brothers-anacreon-4591quote-for-the-love-of-money-is-the-root-of-all-evil-which-while-some-coveted-after-they-have-erred-from-bible-281305images (1)Money is the God of our time and Rothschild is his prophet

In a world that has become so dependent on money it’s understandable how so much of the world has become crippled with debts, poverty and conflict.  When trapped in a society where in order to make ends meet you have to slave your life away to the point where you barely have enough time to actually live yours.  Even there it’s not a guarantee you will escape the clutches of banks and corporations who go out of their way to sucker people into believing that without money a human being simply cannot survive.

money-rootpolitics-pagespeed-ce-yf-vxgokckimg_nathan_mayer_rothschild_quote_fullscreen10928847_10152651490710197_5094852995529208175_nimages84043346c733bb00fc15edbdccea9c07 At the moment the people have been puppeteered into believing this.  The governments who’ve allowed their nations to become crippled with debt have grossly failed the people who trusted them to lead their country into a new era of prosperity that still relishes in the beauties of nature, the values of human beings and loves both God and country enough to do whatever it takes to maintain the ideal way of life for everyone within the borders that governmental leader has been chosen for.  Unfortunately, the current governments have lost vision of what’s truly good for the people they represent and tend to listen to banks and corporations over individuals who are demanding a better example of leadership is necessary for the survival of the nation. War is when your government tells you who the enemy is224576_422683944447037_902895181_nCorporate-Crime21f623e050e3ae4590907ee7cdc6f60c.1000x575x1 Banks and corporations have been in control of virtually every nation since the beginning of civilization.  Although God created human beings as his children, it is Satan that manipulate the free will of these very same human beings into living his ideal world instead of the one that was originally intended.  Make no mistake, this is his world we are living in and not the one we should be in.  The biggest bank in the world, or rather multitude of banks that answer to one authority, is owned by the Rothschilds.  They, along with their Illuminati partners are steering everybody they can in this world down a road that will lead to mankind’s ultimate destruction.  Others call them the Elite 1%.  It is their ultimate goal to reduce the population of this planet by up to 90%.  The remaining 10% will not see a life that’s filled with liberties, happiness nor freedoms.  It will be a life of slavery where each day one will live in fear whether or not they survive that day or get plucked off as at this point human beings will have no greater value than the cattle that grows in an industrialized barn.


Whether you choose to believe in the bible or not is your business.  Whether you choose to believe there is existence behind the Illuminati is up to you.  However, you cannot ignore the plain facts that the people have been lied to for centuries and as we now live in an age where the speed of life flies faster than ever before it has become increasingly obvious that it is no accident that today the world is in such dismay that one has to wonder how are any of us going to survive this. war2B6I0w_MCUAAlrlE

We are on the brink of World War III.  Actually, I believe WWIII has already begun.  It started the day WWII was declared over.  Already at that point the Rothschilds (and the Illuminati) put into motion a series of events in such strategic fashion that nobody would see the next D-Day coming until it was way too late.  Such events include creating the State of Israel in 1948, as well as the massive growth of commercialism and industrialization where corporations, both young and old, thrived on their dependency on every man, woman and child who’d either work for them or buy from them. lesser-of-two-evils-75375284575homicidal-maniacsRootOfAllEvilCORP-2i0m289images (5)

Although in WWI and WWII people were told the brave men and women who went to war were doing so to fight for our freedoms, the flat truth is although that was indeed part of the story, the wars were waged to profit those who had the most to gain from it.  The full truth is the Rothschilds set into motion all the events leading up to these world wars to steer every nation to follow their rule.  They have zero regard for life and zero regard for this world’s environment.  All we are to them are pawns in a very complex chess game where it is their intention for everyone in this world to succumb to one world leader of their choosing.  We will not get a choice.  In fact, all we’ve done for decades is blindly vote what we think is the lesser of two evils in governments that we’ve been brought to believe are democratic but in reality are anything but that.

images (3)

In 1963, John F Kennedy tried to warn us.  He was killed for it.  He was not the first who made this attempt, nor has be been the last.  Each time a whistleblower has attempted to come forward they’ve either been silenced by any means necessary, or forced to go into hiding simply because they’ve been condemned for committing the crime of treason in their eyes.


Question.  What is treason?  Treason is betraying those who trust them most.  Whether this act of treason has been committed against nation, or against family, or even against God, it’s the ultimate breach of trust.  When you peer back to the story of Adam and Eve, they committed an act of treason by betraying their Heavenly Father when they chose to listen to deception over reason.  When you look at it from that point of view it’s easy to realize how our own governments have committed acts of treason against their own nation.  It is they, not the whistleblowers, that should be tried and punished for their crimes as it is they that have betrayed this world, it’s environment and all the people in it by forcing unjust policies upon us.


These unjust policies include putting banks and corporations before people.  Banks and corporations are not individuals.  They are abominations of creation as they are greedy, deceptive and destructive.  Power has been given to them that is not deserved and this has been done so by the governments who’ve systematically replaced human laws with commercialized laws that put profit before people.  This is wrong.  The government knows this is wrong, but do it anyway.  Why?  Because they are either duped into believing that they’re not doing anything wrong or are bullied into corners by the very banks and corporations who’ve brought them to believe there is no other way.

10982459_10153048385923908_8904208647901748709_nimages (3)

The flat out facts are banks and corporations honestly don’t hold true power.  However, the Rothschilds and the Elite 1% have both governments and people convinced that they do.  There are some nations that have figured this out and are breaking away from their greedy clutches.  There are a few that knew right from the beginning that the Rothschilds and the banking corporations they’re using are farce and have been trying valiantly to fight them off.


However, the Rothschilds and the Elite 1%, who own the networks that air mainstream media news, have arranged it where our nations are targetting what has been publicly declared as the bad guys.  They’ve gone out of their way to paint these nations as villainous monsters when in truth what the political leaders of these nations are trying to do is stay as far away from any Rothschild influence as possible.  It’s a desperate battle and it is those nations, not ours, that understand who really is standing on the side of good and who is standing on the side of evil.  Even these nations that our media has pegged as bad guys are doing everything they can to wake up the masses and make everyone realize that we’ve all been fooled.


Why is it now after years of peace that suddenly Russia is once again painted as bad guys?  It is because they finally saw through the veils of deception cast forth by the Rothschilds.  They, along with China, Brazil, India and South America are out to create their own monetary system that they hope will shatter the one too many nations are blindly following.  The Central Banking System (Federal Reserve) that the Rothschilds run is a farce and countries like Iran and Russia know it.  Other nations like Iceland have figured this out and it’s only a matter of time before our world leaders will peg that nation as some sort of terrorist camp and see fit to go after it.


Hopefully by the time this happens the rest of the world will finally wake up enough to realize their enemy all along has never been farce terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda.  It has been the Rothschilds, the Illuminati and the Elite 1%.  We need to set sights on our own government and dismantle them because they are literally hurdling us all down a path that none of us will be able to survive from if we just sit around and let it happen,


For those who believe in the bible, you know that there is only one true leader that is fit to rule us all.  His name is Jesus Christ.  I am one of those who firmly believe that this world will never see the destiny it deserves until his second coming turns from “someday soon” to “finally here” so that we can all be saved from the tyranny that cripples us.  However, until that day comes we must band together and fight.  Have faith that together we can do anything if we seek that same common goal.  For me, that common goal is to rescue Humanity from the clutches of evil and make it known to the Rothschilds and their Elite 1% that this world belongs to all of us and not to the select few who think they’ve bought enough shares into it to stake their claim.



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