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We live in very troubled times indeed.  With so much deception that surrounds us it’s hard to figure out who really is telling the truth and who isn’t.  There’s even hot debates between religions as to whether or not God truly exists and whether or not Jesus Christ is indeed the Messiah or just a foolish drunk that tried to fight corruption in his day and lost.


There’s so much criticism that’s aimed at the Holy Bible that nowadays more people than ever question it’s integrity.  I find it both amusing and disturbing that the most revered book of mankind gets torn apart the way it does by virtually all walks of life.  Anybody who defends the pages within the bible are often ridiculed, pegged as ignorant fools who follow bad literature that preys on the blindly faithful instead of the educated.


Faith is not an easy trait to have.  It’s even more difficult to maintain it, let alone build on it.  Faith really is a blind belief into something that has yet to be fully understood.  Even if you are an educated genius with every university degree available to the human race, you will never truly understand how and why faith is what it is.  It’s even more difficult to understand why such powerful faith is placed into beings that nobody has truthfully seen with their own eyes going as far back as the writings of the bible itself.  All people have to go on are dreams and spiritual connections that may or may not be our Heavenly Father’s way of communicating with us.  Most of us who do believe in God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit (Ghost) and the bible look to dreams and spiritual connections in hopes to draw us closer to whom we perceive as our creator and our savior.  The tiny handful who also believe seem to have that direct connection already, but once again with deception being at an all time high one has to wonder if that connection truly exists or if it’s a manifestation of madness that has been self-imposed.  There is also that distinct possibility of Satan and his crew hard at work to trick the faithful to do his bidding while all the while they think they’re following God.

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Right from the very beginning of God’s creation of mankind we are tricked by the greatest deceiver of all time.  One would think after all this time we’d be smart enough to know better.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  That Tree of Knowledge is more like the Tree of Deception as this route has brought nothing but deceit often believed to be as truths.  How many times have you told a lie, such as Santa Claus coming down the chimney on Christmas Eve to leave goodies for your children?  Granted, this question only applies to those who celebrate Christmas in such a fashion.  Regardless, if you had a parent that taught this to you and, as tradition, you teach it to your own children, how strong was the belief system until the truth was finally revealed?  How did it feel to learn the truth, whether it be by your own accord or by admittance?


Commercialism has been around right since the timing of Adam and Eve.  Don’t believe me?  Take Lucifer (Satan) for example.  Despite the fact that God told Adam and Eve to stay away from the Tree of Knowledge, they were tempted anyway because of the brilliant advertisement that was cast upon them by the devil himself.  He told Eve what he knew would be words she’d respond to and thus disobey God by taking the apple.  Eve, already deceived at this point and not realizing the err or her ways, sells that same commercial to Adam.  Together they take bites into the apple and thus forever change the course of history for all mankind.


As an expert salesman, Satan’s job is successful.  What?  Satan is a salesman?  Yes he is.  He is the best salesman this world has ever known and has expertly trained the demons to perfect this craft and keep the commercials going.  In fact, they are so good at their art that they’ve rounded up the easiest prey among mankind there is.  This batch of human beings is a special breed as the poisons of corruption root so deep that they actually relish in it, believe in it and also go out of their way to promote it.


God, seeing this, took it upon himself to flood the world and spare only Noah and his family.  As necessary as this cleansing was, clearly the deepest roots of evil were still in place.  For as long as the great deceiver and his demons remained on the earth there was always that threat of somebody falling for the schemes.  We see through the various stories within the bible how the lives since Noah’s family take their separate directions and already at that point had vastly different lifestyles.  We see over the historical course of the bible battles that take place between cultures that shaped into what they are by whatever circumstances they’ve encountered to be where they are.  While some remain true to a righteous nature, the majority seems to have lost their way.  Of those who remain righteous it’s clear they’ve maintained their belief in God and do what they can to live out a life that’s fruitful for all those around them.  Many don’t do this out of blind obedience.  They do this because it makes sense.

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This is nothing at all like the people who’ve seemed to have lost touch with who they truly are.  These particular people have very little concept of what it means to be a decent human being by placing compassion before cruelty, love before hate, respect before lust and generosity before greed.  They know none of these things and openly embrace lifestyles that are no doubt destructive, but until they realize this with their own eyes, won’t understand.  We see examples of this in Egypt during the Exodus chapter of the bible, as well as the story behind Babylon.  Going into the New Testament we see this among the Romans.  Even as we exist approximately two thousand years later it’s evident we have not entirely learned that this road we are treading down leads to a dead end.

Money is the God of our time and Rothschild is his prophetquote-consumerism-is-the-dominant-worldview-of-north-americans-as-such-it-is-competing-with-the-kingdom-skye-jethani-240712

Some of us have figured this out, but for as long as the great deceiver and his minions (both demon and human) keep up with their brand of global broadcasting this is a road we cannot escape from.  Only divine intervention to permanently sever this dangerous connection between the devil and mankind will truly save us all and root out all the evils that have plagued us throughout our the entire lifespan of humanityès existence.  Until this moment comes, we as human beings who are fighting in the name of humanity must come together and work together.  It does not matter if you do not have a religious bone in your body or if you have a different shade of skin color than your neighbors.  It does not matter if you and your family celebrate Christmas as Christians while the family across the street chooses a pork free lifestyle.  What does matter is that you are children of a creator that intended for you to thrive as a human being.  If this means you have to get off your couch and stand on your own two feet to help your neighbor fight off a collection of thugs who have come to rape, kill and plunder then so be it.

This is what Humanity is all about.  It is not about religion.  It is not about politics.  It is about people and the spiritual connection they share with each other, even if they do not believe in it.  It is about honoring the pages within the bible, even if you do not believe the writings within it to be actual words of God himself.  Truth be told, that bible should be regarded as what it was meant to be.  It is a book of life that shows the differences between good choices that are made by people who are truly educated through mind, body and soul and bad choices that are made by people who embrace the seven deadly sins like a bunch of seduced drug addicts.


Whether or not you believe in the bible is your business.  Whether or not you choose to believe in God is up to you.  I believe, not only in him, but in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  I do not blindly believe due to some religious obligation that demands I have faith.  My faith comes from within, based on a combination of observance, life experiences, unexplained events that I have not fully grasped yet and also a mix of both historical and scientific evidence that has been uncovered to actually put facts into what some people still call a fictional novel.

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Since waking up and paying less attention to the deceptive commercials that Satan and his minions have imposed upon us all I see with much clearer vision now.  I can still be fooled, yes, but this is where my faith kicks in and I rely on my faith in the Holy Trinity (father, son & holy spirit) to help me figure it out.  Since doing this my faith has strengthened and so have I.  I am not super-hero status by any means, but am just as vigilant as ever.  In the name of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit I stand my ground and stand firm against what I consider the Unholy Three.


The Unholy Three (Satan, The Rothschild-led Illuminati, and the Elite 1%) are bent to destroy mankind.  Actually, it is Satan and his demons that are out to destroy all of mankind.  The Illuminati and Elite 1% are out to depopulize it by up to 90% so that the surviving 10% will be easy enough for them to control to do all their bidding for them without threat of retaliation against what will be a life of cruelty and slavery.  What the Illuminati and Elite 1% fail to realize is Satan does not have any interest in doing anything for them either other than use them as puppets (the way these people have been puppeteering us all) for as long as they are needed.  They do not realize they will be turned into sacrificial lambs to slaughter themselves, all to satisfy an entity that has had nothing but contempt for the very existence of man since day one.  If Satan has it his way, all life, regardless of who or what they are will be exterminated.


Like I said in the beginning, Satan is a fantastic salesman.  He is so convincing with his brand of commercialism he even has those who have been brainwashing us for centuries under that exact same spell.  It is said upon the return of Jesus Christ that all the veils of deceit will be lifted and all will finally see who we really are, who we truly belong to and that we are a civilization that has been blindly bound to deceit from the very beginning.  Some will say this is the fault of God because he had the power all along to prevent all of this from happening.  However, what many fail to realize is this was a choice mankind made right from the days of Adam and Eve.  If God was obeyed from the very beginning all of this madness would have been avoided.  The world would never know all the horrors of what bad decisions can do and thus remain ignorant to the difference between hell and paradise.

One can argue if God is so perfect then why create such an imperfect world filled with imperfect people.  I honestly believe that what we are experiencing right now is what God experienced before, as has Satan.  In fact, I often wonder if they have been down this road so many times before that now they have reached the point where this is the final journey and both sides already know the final outcome.


I have no trouble at all merging science with religion and even going as far as dabbling something as crazy as science fiction into it.  Whatever our imagination stirs up is no doubt a road God has been down before and this is where I can see him earning the role of being all-knowing.  Also, science is only as factual as the evidence brought before us and how we see it.  The bible is no different.  So bearing those in mind, throw some science fiction possibilities (like time travel – it happened to Daniel in the old testament)  and it it surprisingly easy to  puzzle the pieces together that actually make sense from a scientific point of view and a spiritual one.



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