Religion vs Humanity

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True Christianity focuses more on Humanity. The vast majority of so-called Christians don’t get this and run around with the same mentality as Muslims, Zionists and everyone else who have some sort of self-righteous attitude that only they are right and everyone else is wrong. This is what was taught through Jesus Christ during his day.


His focus was on Humanity, not religion. Religion actually annoyed him because it was so clouded with corruption that literally had brainwashed the masses into false beliefs and confusion. He warned of religions and he warned of the stupidity that would come from them.


Jesus Christ’s idea of a fruitful person is someone who lives their life as a kind, generous person who truly cares because they know it’s the right thing to do. This is where atheists have advantage over those who follow whatever religion they hide behind. Atheists who do good do so because they know in their hearts it’s the right thing to do. Most people who blindly follow religion without thought do what they think is the right thing to do because they’re convinced they’ll be rewarded for it.


Jesus makes it very clear that we don’t do good deeds for personal reward. Doing so is selfish, which does not reflect the true nature of Christianity at all. Christianity is supposed to be following the path of Jesus Christ, which means doing good without expectation of reward. Doing what’s right through love, patience and understanding.


Whenever I do a good deed, it usually comes as some sort of random thought.  Very seldom it is done through careful planning.  I actually find these kinds of deeds more entertaining as it takes me by surprise just as much as those who received whatever it was I just did.  For me, that’s reward enough.  I don’t care for a pat on the back and I don’t even care for recognition.  I have often left something behind and tell nobody about it.  Let the person figure it out and let them relish in the find.


In all honesty, I do not believe in charity.  Charity is often where rich people offer donations for a cause that makes them look good.  Folks like these go out of their way to boast their charitable contributions to all those who’ll listen.  For them, they seek personal gratitude for all the good they do and really couldn’t care less whether or not their actions really did help those that needed it.


I prefer the Pay-It-Forward terminology instead.  When a good deed has been performed upon me I feel honored.  Since honor is a big deal for me, I will honor the person who performed such a good deed by first thanking them for thinking of me.  I then build on that honor by doing unto others that has been done unto me.


Jesus was very much a pay-it-forward type of person and this is what he taught unto his disciples and anyone else around him.  Very few understood it and made the effort to practice it.  Now, approximately 2000 years later, that pay-it-forward program is still only practiced by a tiny handful of people who honor it for what it truly is.  The majority go the charitable route where they just dump and go, but not without collecting a recognition for it.  Pay-It-Forward people don’t care for recognition.  They just want the kindness to keep spreading so that the cancers that are killing this world are replaced with the fruits that will help restore it.



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