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We are being played, people.  The sooner we all realize this and learn to set our differences aside the better off we will all be as human beings.  Never before have we seen society so universally divided as we see it now.  We have the corporations, the media and our own governments to thank for this.  However, they did not act alone.  Most of us allowed this to happen because the innocence within us couldn’t fathom the possibility that there are evils in this world that truly exist for the sole purpose of destroying us all.


In the story of Genesis we see Adam and Eve deceived by Lucifer (Satan) by choosing the Tree of Knowledge over the Tree of Life, thus disobeying their Heavenly Father and Creator, God.  The apple merely represents the temptation of striving for something that we are deceived into thinking we’re ready for but in truth we are not.  How many times have you thrown yourself into a situation where you think you can handle it but in reality you feel overwhelmed?  Even as someone offers to help you, seeing that you are struggling, your first reaction is to say you know what you’re doing even though deep down you know you don’t.  This scenario is no different than the story behind Adam and Eve.  They were tricked into thinking that they could handle whatever that Tree of Knowledge had to offer them.  For them, they saw no harm in taking what is deemed a shortcut to bettering themselves.  The Tree of Life was a long, dull road for them as they were brought to believe by the great deceiver.

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When Adam and Eve made that mistake and realized it they were ashamed.  Already they knew after caving into that temptation that nothing would ever be the same again.  They weren’t ready and they learned this lesson the hard way.  Although God already knew this road was going to be taken, he still had to do what any responsible parent would do if their child chose an act of direct defiance.  Disobedience requires punishment in hopes to deter the offenders from making that same mistake twice.

Sadly, although Adam and Eve learned from their mistakes and had to deal with the consequences of those mistakes.  If God wanted to he could have destroyed Adam and Eve.  He could have started from scratch all over again, or simply give up the project of creating human beings and rid himself the headache.  However, he chose not to.  Instead, he allowed humanity to continue, but not as divine creatures from the beginning.  No, they each had to learn life’s hard lessons and in order to do so each had to be born into sin and face the challenges between life and knowledge.


The Tree of Life is simply living a life where you learn as you go anyway, but at a steady pace that’s never rushed.  This kind of journey, if Adam and Eve chose not to stray from it, would have seen knowledge blossom as a flower as a child’s life matures into an adult one.  Life is already a massive educational program to begin with.  It offers so many lessons that can easily be learned through patience and observation.  Each experience, as it passes, enlightens a human being towards stages of evolution that far surpasses any mortal expectations.  It is rich with spirit, thus making every living creature, whether it be man, beast or tree perfectly fruitful.


The Tree of Knowledge is a shortcut.  It replaces the steady pace with speed so the flower doesn’t have the time it needs to blossom properly.  There’s flaws that are inescapable because one is moving so fast that there’s no time to fight every imperfection off.  Because of this the child barely absorbs all the nutrients it needs to become the most fruitful adult possible.  Instead, that child’s spirit becomes divided and faces a 50/50 chance of choosing a path that’s riddled with destruction or a path that’s still somewhat fruitful to a degree.  Even if that child chooses the fruitful path, there are many bad weeds surrounding that fruit that can choke out any hope to achieve peak productivity by the time that child reaches adulthood.


We see throughout the history of the bible how those who embrace the Tree of Life, despite being born into sin, do whatever they can to maintain as righteous of a path as possible.  Some succeed to a point, but the majority do not.  Despite choosing life over knowledge, it is impossible to escape the roots of evil that stem from that Tree of Knowledge as it’s influence continues to spread like the cancerous weed it is.

What happens to a garden when you fail to look after it?  I can speak from experience because I’m not a very good gardener myself.  A neglected garden will no longer bear fruit as the weeds within it will take over.  Is this because the gardener is lazy?  Is this because the gardener does not know what they’re doing and are too proud to ask for help as they need it?  Or, is it because the distractions outside the garden are so overwhelming that not enough focus is put into ensuring the vegetation is kept safe from the weeds that invade it?  In my case, it’s all three reasons.  I am a very proud person by nature.  I also have a tendency to favor lazing on a couch (or behind a computer) instead of tending to chores that need to be done.  I work at a job that sucks up enough time and energy out of my day that by the time I come home the last thing I want to do is more labor.

7190494_origSeeds of Faith

I know most people fall into those same categories as I do.  And, it doesn’t have to be about gardening in specific, but this is about life and how we’re living it.  What today’s society is doing is no different than all the societies that have come and gone before us.  The only true difference is we are moving at such a blistering pace now that it’s becoming virtually impossible to keep the Tree of Life alive by keeping the weeds spawning from the Tree of Knowledge away from it.

Remember Jesus and the fig tree?  The fig tree was withering away, showing no sign of fruit at all and thus had to be destroyed.  Clearly not enough attention was focused on that poor fig tree to keep the life within it from dying out.  Somehow the weeds got to it and choked out any hope it had to become fruitful once again.  When I think of that fig tree I think of how humanity associates with it today.  We are becoming dangerously close to becoming that fig tree.  Not just as a society but also as individuals.  No longer are we nearly as fruitful as we used to be.  Our ability to defend ourselves against the weeds stemming from the Tree of Knowledge is becoming increasingly difficult.


What most people fail to realize is that this world we live in is not the world God is running for us.  We lost that world when the Tree of Knowledge (Lucifer’s) was chosen over the Tree of Life (God’s).  We are in the world run by Lucifer’s crew, which consist of his demons, the Illuminati, the Elite 1% and all those who follow them, whether it be blindly or on purpose.  This world, which started out fruitful, is being overwhelmed with weeds.


As that old cliche goes; We reep what we sow.  Based on how this world has been, what it is now and what it’s becoming it’s painfully obvious that we’re all bound to the Tree of Knowledge as it’s branches, roots and weeds continue to prevent each of us from reaching our true potential.


Our society today makes it impossible to break away from the Tree of Knowledge.  Modern day technology demands our participation whether we like it or not and in order to survive we’ve allowed ourselves to succumb to a way of life we should not be living.  It’s too fast.  It’s too busy.  It’s too…..knowledgeable for our own good.  Today we are bombarded with information and misinformation that’s it’s becoming increasingly difficult to figure out who is telling the truth and who is false.


However, there has been one truth that has been consistent.  Despite all the best attempts to discredit it, what is written in the bible has so far proven to be historically and even scientifically accurate.  Events that have taken place within the stories told of both the Old and New Testaments have indeed unfolded that actually give what has been written more credibility than it has received.  Of the events that are unfolding now and seem inescapable, this also proves the bible is not just a bunch of poorly written material told by fools.  The bible deserves much more credit than it has received.

Quotation-Dean-Koontz-hell-potential-world-Meetville-Quotes-3402images (1)

There was a time where God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible did indeed receive great praise and a much stronger collection of believers.  However, as the Tree of Knowledge (led by Lucifer and his followers) continues to spread, the confusion among people distract them from maintaining their focus on the Tree of Life and the Garden of Humanity (remember, wé’re not in Eden!) that they need to keep alive.  If we do not learn to come together as blossomed flowers of a great garden and return to our original roots that God has laid out for us then we will all get rounded up, Monsanto style, and exterminated.


Jesus Christ is our bridge to salvation.  We need to run away from that Tree of Knowledge and embrace the Tree of Life while we still can.  The Holy Spirit is our chariot that will take us there, but it cannot do that without each of us ridding the poisons that plague us.  The poisons that strangle us keep us from catching that chariot so we can ride for dear life towards safety.  This is why it is so necessary to cleanse (baptize) ourselves and reach out to catch that Holy Spirit Chariot so we can cross the Bridge of Jesus Christ to the Tree of Life where our Heavenly Father is waiting for us.


However, baptism is not enough.  Only the fruitful will be worth saving.  A selfish person who puts himself before others is not fruitful.  That’s a weed.  I’m a proud tree hugger, however I prefer embracing the Tree of Life over the Tree of Knowledge.  Although I am bound to that stupid brainy tree like everyone else, I no longer have the desire to embrace it.  Instead, I’m doing what I can to break free from it.

get-attachmentEAT FROM THE TREE OF LIFE!


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