Treason Against Humanity

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When I see what’s going on in the world today and I see how badly most of our world leaders have failed us I cannot help but feel betrayed on so many levels that it literally becomes overwhelming to the soul.


We have been betrayed by banks, who literally hold nations by the throat, person for person, in some sick scheme to rule with complete domination over every living being.  We have also been betrayed by the corporations, none of whom would be where they are today if it wasn’t for the blood, sweat and tears of the common man who works for them.  Also, if it wasn’t for people buying into their products and services, not one corporation would see the dollar signs of success like they have.  This can also be said for the banks.  If nobody invested in these banks, nor even so much as a dime, these banks would not survive.  Same can be said for the corporations.  If nobody bought into their products and refused to work for them then these corporations wouldn’t have the kind of hold that they do on society.


The governments that are supposed to lead us are no better.  Somewhere along the way, the most honorable among us that seemed worthy to lead nations have been replaced by the worst examples of human beings anybody could possibly come across.  They lack all the leadership skills required to properly serve as stewards to the people who’ve placed their faith in them.  Instead of honoring their choice by being the best possible example of what a true leader is all about, they betray their own nation by performing deeds that clearly are not for the best interest of the people.  Our world leaders have chosen a path that is more self-serving, just like the banks and the corporations.


526184_322167784546480_288501757_nHarper Racist

They have no interest in what a person truly wants.  What they do, through manipulative tactics that mainly include commerciaism.  What is the aim of a commercial?  It’s aim is to convince people of whatever it is it’s trying to sell.  How many times have you been seduced by an advertisement that promotes a product in such a manner that somewhere in the back of your mind you just have to try it?  How many times have you come across a program that feeds you information that somehow alters your way of thinking?


The media, regardless of what form it comes in, possesses the most powerful brainwashing tactics known to man.  Whether that media format be through visual and/or audio means, they know how to bring their message across to convince the masses into methods of thinking that they likely wouldn’t do otherwise.  Like wolves leading lambs to the slaughter, corporate sponsors dupe the people into adopting elements into their lives that gradually change every piece of themselves without even knowing it.


Even in my own generation I see how much has changed.  I was born in the early 70’s where just about everybody within the community went to church and did so with enthusiasm.  Neighbors were kind to each other and visited each other often. Virtually every house had a proud garden situated behind it and children played outside regardless of the weather.  There was a strong community connection among family, friends and neighbors.  I remember each time my family got together for any given celebration it was always a grand spectacle.  Seeing less than a dozen people at any given family or friend gathering actually gave us cause for concern, even if it was something as simple as a child’s birthday party.

Religious beliefshot_weird_funny_amazing_cool3_funny-church-signs-13_200907252023435594

I witnessed in the 80’s a shift from church being exciting to becoming a dull chore that more people were beginning to steer away from.  I was one of those, as I was abandoning the innocence of childhood for the troubled teenage era.  Teenagers are always rebellious, regardless of what era they’re born in.  For me, in the 80’s it was the era of horribly mismatched clothing and big hair.  This was also the decade where there was a burst of what I consider commercialized culturalism.  It was during this decade, especially as we closed in on the 90’s, where people embraced being what they thought was breaking out of their mold and being different.


I recall when the year 2000 was coming up and the big millennia fear that came with it.  All the hype that went behind that seems ridiculous now, but in 1999 it was a big deal.  The same can be said for December 21, 2012.  All the hype and commerciaism that went into that only proved just how gullible the average human being can really be.  I should know because like the masses, I fell for some of the hype too.

8-redundant-infoimages (3)

For me I was caught in the middle between seeing through the madness for what it truly is and actually buying into what seemed like really convincing arguments at the time.  It all clicked just how easily each of us are duped into being herded down a direction that literally takes control away from the individual and hands it over to those who are leading them.


This is what the banks, the corporations and even our own government has done to us.  As individuals and as a society, every single one of us have been steered down directions that are so riddled with commercialized brainwashing tactics that the vast majority of us are still in what I consider corporate induced comas.  They are going out of their way to make sure we all stay asleep while whom I consider the Unholy Trio (banks, corporations & government) continue to carry out their agendas that are questionable at best.


We have been warned of this since the stories behind Genesis.  So many people have come forward to alert the masses and they have all been destroyed in some given manner for it.  Jesus Christ warned us and was killed for it.  The founding fathers warned us and today we see modern politics undoing and discrediting everything that they have done.  John F. Kennedy warned us and was killed for it.  For those who pay attention, we are being warned from every angle by those who found a way to wake up from the corporate comas.  Sadly, despite those warnings, the vast majority still choose to sleep this through.  Either they are in denial (due to pride) or are too scared to keep their eyes open and see what a growing number of us see.

ghandi-on-the-statefascism_is_the_american_dreamimages (2)quote-Buenaventura-Durruti-no-government-fights-fascism-to-destroy-it-81234

Whether you’re into bible prophecy or not, the evidence of what’s happening in this world today speaks more volumes than the petty differences we share between us.  We are speeding faster and faster down a billboard-riddled road that wants us to pay closer attention to their signs rather than the ones we need to be focused on.  Straight ahead of us is a fork and we will only have a split second to decide which road we want to take.  The one on the right is where the billboards continue and at the end of the road there’s a cliff where you’ll drive clean off and plunge into the pit of death below.  The one on the left is where there is no billboards at all, but it’s a desolate path that seems to go into no man’s land.  However, as lonely of a stretch as that particular road is, it’s the one to take.  The brainwashing programs are turned off.  It’s just you and the road ahead and far less distractions than the one riddled with commercialism.



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