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On May 23, 2015 there will be a massive march against the company known as Monsanto.  If you don’t know who Monsanto is, they’re the guys who spray the chemicals from the airplanes that fly over your heads.  They’re also the people who promote their Round Up product and are responsible for injecting genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) into most of the foods you eat.  It is they that introduced Agent Orange into Vietnam during the war fought there that still has it’s dirty footprint all over that nation.


The Monsanto company has been around since the dawn of the 20th century and from the very beginning the business tactics of this corportion has been nothing short of deceptive, irresponsible and manipulative.  They are the very definition of corporate bully as they have literally gained favor in areas of politics, big business and the law in order to further their questionable agendas at the expense of people, animals and the environment.  Their influence is so immense that laws are being written to ensure they can legally get away with the immoral actions they force upon people against their will.  They have no regard for humanity, nor the rights, liberties and freedoms that rightfully belongs to each person on this planet.


All too often we hear about Monsanto filing a lawsuit against some poor farmer who really has no chance against them.  The excuse Monsanto gives is the farmer is trying to pull a fast one at their expense when in truth it’s the other way around.  Since the very beginning Monsanto has never been truthful about what they do and have mislead the consumers (including farmers) with information that they only wish to share in order to spark sales.

monsanto-no-food_6384afarming-before-and-after-monsanto-any-questionstéléchargement (2)Monsanto-protection

Okay, so that’s the point behind running a business.  It’s all about sales and profit.  So what if all that’s told to people are what the sellers feel they need to know?  If all the potential risks and flaws were mentioned it would hurt sales and perhaps bury the company alive.  While for the most part this is mostly true, keep in mind it’s not a pair of poorly made pants that are being sold to the public.  We’re talking about chemically modified products that have both direct and indirect impacts into our soil, our food, our air and even our water.  Now while Monsanto is busy promoting the benefits of such products made by them, they fail to admit to the risks.  In fact, whenever questioned about the risks or negative complications their products have caused, they either avoid the question altogether or answer it with a sales pitch to promote another product of theirs.


Monsanto is not the only company that is to blame here.  They are, however, the one most identified with the destructive impacts their products have imposed upon every man, woman and child living on this earth.  They are also identified as destroyers of the earth as animals and plant life are either being killed off by their chemicals or inhumanely altered in horrific fashion.

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What is both surprising and disappointing about all this is despite the fact that Monsanto has clearly exercised not just poor, but criminal acts against mankind and the environment is that they mostly get away with it.  Various governments, most notably within USA and Canada, not only seem to ignore the cries of the people demanding that Monsanto answer for their wrongdoings, but are actually promoting them by enforcing laws that favor corporations over communities.

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Also, companies like the FDA (Federal Drug Admission) have betrayed the very oath they claim to uphold by allowing companies like Monsanto to continue their reckless science on the (not just) American food supply.  What Monsanto is out to do is control every seed on this planet so they can take full control of the world food supply.  This is what they’re after and this is what people who pay attention see.  This is why we have March Against Monsanto campaigns.

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However, are March Against Monsanto campaigns enough?  Although there are a growing number of people that are waking up and steering as far away from Monsanto and their supporters as possible, there is not enough momentum to really make the difference this world needs.  Granted, Monsanto has lost some sales because of the increase of awareness, what they are now doing is compensating by secrectly buying into organic based companies such as Whole Foods, Earthbound Farms and Silk.  It’s not Monsanto directly that’s buying them, but proGMO companies like Dean Foods are swooping in and buying up companies that have been gaining favor of those who are steering away from GMOs in hopes that people won’t pay close enough attention to realize that they are once again supporting the enemy instead of moving against them.  There are even allies of Monsanto buying up nonGMO seed companies as well.


Make no mistake, Monsanto is determined to control our food supply one way or the other.  Their map of manipulations is so complex that although marching against them is commendable, more needs to be done if people truly want to see Monsanto either put in their place or put out of business once and for all.

images (3)Stand with wheat farmers against Monsantoamoils-Monsanto-India

Moving against Monsanto is the ticket.  Moving against Monsanto means consumers, gardeners and farmers banding together to form communities of mass lawsuits against this company and those who willingly support the proGMO movement.  What is the proGMO movement you ask?  It’s a movement to keep people oblivious from what’s really going into the foods they eat.  Neither Monsanto nor their supporters (including the government) believe the people are not smart enough to understand what GMO labelling is.  A GMO label simply would inform consumers that it’s a modified product.  It’s GMO ingredients would simply be added to the list of ingredients that are already on the product label to begin with.  How is that complicated?


There have already been lawsuits filed against Monsanto by various companies and people and have won.  However, this is not enough to remind the government nor corporations like Monsanto (including the monster itself) that the science behind genetically modified foods (and seeds) was done so without direct consent by the people.  This is already a violation against human rights by failing to let the public know that their diets are being changed.  This is like a date drug where someone slips a pill into your beer and next thing you know you’ve been date raped.


In this case, the masses haven’t simply been date raped.  They’ve been DNA raped as their genetics are being modified along with the GMO’d foods they’ve been consuming.  The very fact that both the government and companies like Monsanto have allowed this to happen (and continue) is a crime against humanity itself.  This crime must be answered for.  However, neither the govrnment nor companies like Monsanto will stop in their tracks unless there are enough people who stand together and make them acknowledge (and stop) what they’re doing.

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It’s not just in the food either.  It’s also in our air and water supply.  The planes that fly overhead spraying chemicals are courtesy of our governments and Monsanto.  It’s aluminum.  There’s already links between aluminum and diseases and yet despite this knowledge, the spraying continues.  There’s fluoride in our water, which has been noted during the era of nazi-Germany that this chemical was used in the water against the imprisoned Jewish.  Fluoride is a suppressor.  So is aluminum.  These are what’s used in people and animals to keep them dormant.  This vastly reduces the attention span, not to mention compromise their physical properties (including the immune system) to a point where uprisings would be eliminated.


Of those who are awake and able to fight back as they refuse to remain in the corporate coma that both the government and companies like Monsanto are determined to induce, they are doing their part to raise awareness and hopefully snap everyone out of this deadly state of slumber.  While the marches against Monsanto are indeed growing in number, there is more that needs to be done.


In case you haven’t noticed, policed states are now being enforced upon the public.  Why?  Because the government sees how more defiant their people are becoming.  This goes against their corporate interests and as a result additional corporate laws are being made in an effort to make it harder for people to take their stands against them.  This is where we can no longer idly march like ants against our giant bullies.  Those giant bullies are arming and training mercenaries to take us down so next time we march it may be to a firing squad.


Mass lawsuits is the way to go.  Join those who’ve already filed and won.  However, don’t do so as individuals.  Group up and form communities where all the consumers, gardeners and farmers from the same town, city, state or province literally slams a giant list of civil and criminal claims against Monsanto.  This may be enough to force the governments awake and make supporters of Monsanto realize we’re not as stupid as they take us for.

March Against Monsanto 2015


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