And The Winner Is…..

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With Canada’s federal election fast approaching (October 19, 2015) and the madness of current political affairs that’s literally putting this once proud nation in a tailspin, one has to wonder how is it all going to unfold when the last vote is cast and then counted? Accusations (and proof) of corruption within Canada (and worldwide) are at an all time high.  Nobody can be trusted anymore.


Since Stephen Harper and most of the MPs on Parliament Hill has made it clear that don’t care for the Canadian citizens that voted them into power in the first place, what makes us think the upcoming elections will have honest results?  With all that counting behind closed doors how do we know that the person you voted for was counted properly?  There’s no cameras focused on the ballots and counters so we have no way of knowing the real scores as they’re tallied.

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Because of corruption being at an all time high, especially with accusations of corporate interference where politics are concerned, it is vital that this year’s federal election be counted from start to finish in front of witnesses, both live and televised.  From the moment the vote is cast to when it’s counted eyes should be on that.

images (6)images (2)576120_559026014130658_490764301_nCanadaSuckshaper-and-obama30transformed2rcanada-policestatetacticalunit

Since Prime Minister Stephen Harper is so bent on watching each and every one of us Canadians then we, as Canadians, have the right to spy on his every little move too. But not just his, the entire government and all those involved with them.  We have a right to know what’s going on with our own country, detail for detail, as our politicians seem to have forgotten this is our nation.  They do not have the right to behave like bullies on the playground, but this is exactly what Harper and his government have done.  They blow this nation’s money on what seems like erratic shopping sprees on items that are not wanted, nor needed where Canada is concerned.

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This shows a lack of leadership and a lack of responsibility and must be held accountable.  However, for as long as the government remains in charge and gets away with the stunts that they do, this madness will continue. The top runners to become the next in charge of Canada are Stephen Harper and his PC’s, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals and Thomas Muclair of the NDP’s.  There is another top runner, but is continuously suppressed by mainstream media and the top three runners, most especially by Stephen Harper himself.


Her name is Elizabeth May and she is the leader of the Green Party.  With the political debates that will be aired she is purposely being left out of this very important part of Canada’s Federal Election make up. Why is this the case?  What are they afraid of?  To be more specific, what is Stephen Harper and mainstream media afraid of?  They are afraid of the damage Elizabeth May can do, especially if she pairs up with Thomas Muclair and the two work at chipping away the integrity of both the PC Party and the Liberal Party.  They, like so many other Canadians who bother to pay attention, realize these two parties have recklessly toyed with Canada’s integrity, environment and finances for far too long.  They, like the rest of us fully awake and alert Canadians, realize these parties need to be held accountable for their sloppy actions and although Thomas Muclair is proving to be much stronger than people give him credit for, he needs the assistance of Elizabeth May to make the political stage within Canada a more exciting one.

Fair_Vote_Canada_logoGreens Voice

Bottom line is, the more attention the election can get the better it is for Canada.  It isn’t, however, not good for neither the PC’s nor Liberals because this will mean more people within the nation will be made more aware of what’s really going on within this country and how wrong it was for many of us Canadians to stay in slumber while our political leaders have betrayed this entire nation on so many levels. This is what we need.  Canada needs to wake up and pay closer attention to what’s going on with our own country.  We have failed to do this as a nation for far too long.  Our strong, proud and free nation is quickly becoming a weak, pained and caged prison.  The last federal election only saw a 60% ratio of people who are eligible to vote exercise this human right.  The remaining 40% stood back.  This apathy has cost this nation dearly.  This price will continue to be paid until the apathetic wake up and become what we desperately need in this nation; patriotic.



If Canada expects to survive as a nation and if Canadians expect to survive and thrive as a people of this nation, we need to all work together and put an end to the corruption.  This starts by throwing the corporations into the backseats and put each Canadian citizen behind the steering wheel where they belong.  It is the people of this nation that drive this country to the destinations we want it to go and the people should not have to be forced to take what our poor excuse of a government thinks we need to go.

- cANADA'S HUMAN RIGHTS ACT imagesdump-harperoh canada

You need to do more than just vote.  You also need to ensure that the federal election of 2015 is treated as a fair one.  The elections themselves have become corrupt and many Canadians already know this.  It is a big reason why so many choose not to vote and this sort of mentality is wrong.  This is exactly what Stephen Harper and his PC Governments want.  They want Canadians to remain apathetic and this is what will kill this nation.  Embedded into the pics below are links to a site that is fighting hard to make 2015 a fair election.  We know the last election was rigged because the government Canada made very clear the did not want they got anyway.  We need to make sure this mistake is not repeated, even if it means taking extreme measures to do this.



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    Betty L Tooley said:
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