What The Greens Believe In

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The Saskatchewan Green Party believes in their Saskatchewan Farmers.  Unlike any other party representing this province, they realize the true backbone of our nation falls in the hands of the family farmer and not in the greedy hands of our corporations.

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The Saskatchewan Green Party realizes people cannot eat money.  The tar sands that are so eagerly promoted by big business refuse to acknowledge that the damage being caused in the name of profit is more than just an environmental one.  It is also driving nails of death into our increasingly unstable economy, our health and the future of our children.  The Saskatchewan Green Party realizes this is a price too high to pay, not just for Canada as a nation, but for this province as well.

main_imageCrop3farmers1   10523858_10152431926846933_1163386828303532192_nwheat

What mainstream media and the current government of this province fails to inform the people is just how important Saskatchewan’s role is when it comes to their ability to feed the world.  So bent is Brad Wall and any who is in agreement with his policies and those of Prime Minister Stephen Harper that they fail to acknowledge the path of destruction they have steered us all on.  That path of destruction includes the decimation of our most precious resources, namely air, food and water, in order to extract toxic resources for an industry that has become increasingly unstable.


Fossil fuels aren’t just toxic environmentally, but also economically, socially and politically.  What baffles many people worldwide is how nations like Canada continue to embrace resources other nations are scrambling to run away from.  What baffles many Canadians is how a province like Saskatchewan would remotely consider housing a nuclear waste site.  When speaking to a typical Canadian about their impression of Saskatchewan, their first response is associating this province with agriculture.


However, these days, there’s fear that Saskatchewan will turn into another Alberta.  Although Alberta did indeed prosper as a province with their pipelines and tar sands on an economic scale, the price paid environmentally has been transforming this once revered province into a toxic waste dump.  Those living with the province of Saskatchewan don’t want this, but for as long as current government leadership remains in place and unchecked, those fears of joining Alberta as a provincial wasteland will be realized – and sooner than you may think.

281841_885089101536545_49718356192207774_nBrad Wall

The only people who truly profit from the fossil fuel industry are the big boys who have shares into the corporations that are responsible for the wages workers collect for their services.  With the economy becoming so unstable and the fossil fuel industry also finding itself in dire straits, the CEOs of these corporations are making budget cuts and guess who gets affected first?  No CEO will ever take a pay cut, but they will take away your oil rig job, your tar sands job and any of the jobs that provide support to those working within those particular industries.


The Saskatchewan Green Party has been warning people within this province all along, but the media conveniently leaves out their messages, or alters them in such a manner where it seems like it’s just a group of tree-hugging hippies who don’t have a clue of what they are talking about.

wgreenplantwordleGreentéléchargement (1)

This is not true.  People within the Saskatchewan Green Party are far more educated and in tune with reality than they are given credit for.  This is why they deserve to be heard, not just locally, but federally.  The Saskatchewan Green Party is there for the farmers and their families.  The Saskatchewan Green Party is also there for the children who will inherit whatever we leave behind.  What kind of inheritance do you want them to have?  Do you want them to be stuck cleaning up messes they do not deserve and may not survive from, or do you want them to thrive on a fresh new start we hand them by realizing Green is the way to go?



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