Rights? What Rights?

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One would think as we’ve embarked into the 21st century that by now we would have learned to set aside our petty little differences and realize we are all one in the eyes of the human race.  Humanity has demanded since it’s creation that we are all equal in the eyes of our Heavenly Father, God.  Whether or not you believe in anything the Holy Bible has to say, or even about the very existence and purpose of Jesus Christ, God nor the Holy Spirit is not even relevant.  This is the 21st century.  By now we should be a civilized society that puts common sense long before anything else because you’d think by now mankind has learned from all the mistakes that have been made and be determined never to repeat them again.

images (1)Harper Racist

Think again.  Sadly, racism is still at large.  So is the difference of opinion about women and their fundamental rights.  There are still people and organizations today that believe the rights of women are lesser than the rights of men, despite the fact that women have clearly proved to be every bit as deserving of those rights as their male counterparts do.  It seems repeatedly men fail to acknowledge the importance of women and that it is their responsibility to respect the female gender every bit as much as men expect that respect unto themselves.


Women are the child-bearers.  Without them, men would not become fathers.  Without fatherhood their legacy would end the day they die as there would be nobody around to carry the torch after they are gone.  So why do some men (and women) fail to acknowledge this?  They believe the only role women serve is to have babies and be their personal maid.  Also, these are typically the same type of men who abuse their wives through domestic violence, as well as treat their women poorly by not giving her the same level of love and tenderness he expects from her.  How is this right?  Bottom line is it’s not.  Even in the Ten Commandments it brings forth the importance of how both men and women need to respect each other, love each other and treat each other equally.  Again, one doesn’t even have to go the biblical route to realize that men and women are indeed created equal and should thus have equality in every aspect life has to offer.


This has not been the case, however.  Women have been suppressed and continue to be suppressed by those who fail to see their true worth.  This is a flawed way of thinking    as history has shown women who’ve been leaders of nations have shared the same revolutionary visions as the men.  The best example is the Golden Age the country of England experienced when ruled by the Virgin Queen Elizabeth.  This is proof alone that a woman is just as capable of excellence as a man.


So why have we not learned a thing since the 1600’s?  Here we are, over 500 years later and the narrow-minded thinking of those who believe women have no place in anything other than the kitchen still dominate.  History has shown women to be great leaders, not just in the political arena but in the business sector as well.  There is more than enough evidence to show how successful they have been in whatever they choose to do, despite the fact they constantly run into the brick walls that are placed before them by the men (and women) on a continuous basis.


Within Canada, the leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May, has been shunned from the most influential aspects of the political arena by her male counterparts, namely Prime Minister and Progressive Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper, Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau and New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Muclair.  Elizabeth May, who was the first Green Party Leader to earn a seat into Parliament Hill legally has the right to participate in the political debates on a public level, but is being kept out by her male counterparts.  They use the excuse that her party is not big enough and because they’re not in the top 3 that they should not have a voice.  This is a ridiculously undemocratic approach to what is supposed to be a democratic political structure.


In the United States, the Republican Party made their views on women well known by every single one of them refusing to allow women to have equal pay in the job sector as their male counterparts.  Every single Republican voted against this chance for equality and yet they have the nerve to believe their party is what will lead bring a very damaged United States of America towards a bright future.  How can it be a bright future when this party alone demands their nation should remain in the dark ages of racism and inequality?


Just like women’s rights, the rights of those who have skin colors a bit too dark for the liking of those who haven’t learned a thing since the American Civil War nor the lessons taught repeatedly about the importance of equal human rights towards every citizen regardless of skin color, cultural background, or even religion.


Crimes against humanity still continue.  In fact, they are at an all time high.  It appears those who do anything to cling onto power will also do anything to abuse it.  That abuse includes the continued discrimination against women, race and religion.  These were all frowned upon by Jesus Christ himself back in his day.  Even there, if one isn’t bible believer, in our gut it screams that in the name of humanity we need to be a population that works together no matter what our differences are.


What this world needs to do, and most especially within the borders of Canada and USA, is to remind our political and corporate leaders that their views do not necessarily reflect upon the views of the human rights charters that have been placed before us, along with our constitutions.  More and more often we see them breaking more laws against humanity as they’re inching away from us our human rights, our freedoms, our liberties and even our own privacy.


This needs to stop.  Humanity demands that we all work together as equal members of a massive community that wants this world to be a better place for everyone on it.  Humanity knows that the only way this will happen is if we all agree we are all equal under the eyes of God (or the eyes of our Moon if you’re not a bible believer) and that dividing ourselves by gender, race and color is just plain stupid.  Not only is it stupid but it is destructive.  History has shown over and over again that the very type of mentality that Canada’s Harper Government and USA’s Republican Party are catastrophic ones and must be avoided at all costs.  The only way we can achieve this is by breaking the mold they’re determined to keep us all in and force them out of power and in their place put the people in charge who are far more enlightened.  Those people are there and in our faces, but mainstream media and our political leaders are determined to keep them in the dark, and us in the dark as well.

I don’t know about you, but I want the light, not the dark.  I want equality among all mankind and I want the evils that are destroying our nations rooted out once and for all.  That won’t happen until Jesus Christ returns and takes back what is rightfully his.  For non-bible believers, think of Jesus Christ as Mother Nature.  Sooner or later justice will be dished out against all those who deserve it.  Until this day comes we desperately need to fix what’s been broken and remove the cancer that’s killing us.  That cancer is corruption and they rest in the hearts of people who oppress humanity every chance they get,  Get them out of the picture and we can finally start repairing what they’ve destroyed.


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