The 99% vs. The 1%

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The Elite 1% are out to destroy the 99%.  Who are the Elite 1% and why do they want to do this?  What did the rest of us, the 99%, ever do to them to deserve this?  The answer is simple.  The Elite 1% have carefully orchestrated themselves into position, religiously following the ways of the Illuminati and those of similar mind-sets.  Through key investments, bullying tactics and managing the biggest corporations in the world they have managed to oppress, enslave and brainwash every human being on this planet.


We have a Central Banking System in place that puts value on a piece of paper that truly has no meaning at all.  It’s just print on paper that says it’s worth something and that’s it.  The Monopoly board game money is, in all honesty, has the same value as what the banks sell to us as currency.  The only difference is the money they have us chasing like zombies holds more influence because this was designed by the leaders of the Illuminati and carried out by those within the Elite 1%.


They have us by the throats, forcing us to depend on money to be able to live a life.  However, the truth of the matter is we’ve succumbed to slavery by becoming herded members of the workforce.  In order to afford food to put on our plate, clothing to put on our backs and shelter to protect us from the elements we need to literally work long, hard hours just to make ends meet.  Sadly, however, this is proving to no longer be enough as the price tag for literally everything is inching higher and higher each day.  Because of this homelessness is on the rise, not to mention people resorting to petty theft simply because that loaf of bread they desperately need is something they just can’t afford.  And, with the policed state now in effect within America and (secretly) in Canada, something as minor as a homeless person stealing a loaf of bread can result in a shot to the head by an anxious police officer who fails to see the situation for what it really is and exercise common sense over a murderous act of cruelty.


This is what the Elite 1% is doing to the 99%.  Sadly, very few among the 99% see what’s going on and are sounding the alarm, trying desperately to wake the masses.  What’s even worse is the vast majority of the masses refuses to listen.  They often disregard whom they conside r conspiracy theorists.  Odds are the majority of those who refuse to listen are either in denial, unable to cope with the harsh reality that there really are evil people in this world bent on destroying humanity, or are too afraid to even try waking up because doing so means there’s no turning back.


It is something I went through.  Once I woke up and realized the true horrors going on in this world today I knew there was no turning back.  I’ve tried, but always came back.  Now I’m more dedicated than ever to stay awake and stay vigilant because I know there are not enough people in the world right now willing to do this.  It’s frustrating to put effort into waking people up to the stone cold facts that the Elite 1%, the Illuminati and all those they puppet are looking to decimate the 99% and see that either people choose to ignore my warnings or have the nerve to oppose my conspiracy theories with arguments that actually cement my stance that much further.



Of those arguments I encounter the most common problem I find among them is their refusal to believe that they have been deceived.  Many of them still believe in the politicians of the nations they belong to, fooling themselves to think that their government will actually be there for them when all falls apart.  They fail to acknowledge that it is the government that’s causing all sorts of atrocities and calamities to take place as they appease their corporate sponsors.  Not enough people have figured out that the government has paved the way to ensure the survival of the Elite 1% and their Illuminati at the expense of mankind.  It is estimated by 2016 that the Elite 1% will own more than half of the world than the entire 99% combined.

ZionismCommunismFreemasonPOLICEstate2CanadianOutlaws1_zpsbd51ee59 (1)

So, if the Elite 1% obtain more than 50% of the global wealth over the remaining 99% what does this mean?  It means they have the power to strip away the last remnants of our humanity away from us by flat out taking what they want.  They are seeing to it that none of us have the power to take back what is stolen, nor keep what is rightfully ours.  The Elite 1% and their Illuminati never showed regard towards any man, woman or child in the past so what makes you think they’ll start now?  The flat truth is they never will.  They mock us.  They don’t even see us as equals.  They see us as cattle and nothing more.


Don’t believe me?  This is how they’ve treated every man, woman and child.  They have done this so dubiously that (virtually) nobody saw it coming.  There were a select few who saw and tried to warn, but were silenced one way or the other.  Through brainwashing tactics that involve commercialism and direct manipulation, the Elite 1% and their Illuminati, along with our own governments, have reduced the masses into a position that best serves them.


This is not to our favor at all and this is something we need to fix immediately.  For the sake of humanity we need to take back what has been gradually stolen from us for multiple generations.  We were warned of this by the bible.  We were warned of this by the greatest of the greats throughout mankind’s history.  We’re often reminded of the paths we’re all being herded towards like mindless sheep to slaughter.  While the few who have woken themselves up from this seductive coma we’ve all been placed in, too many are still sleeping. They need to be jolted awake and fast.


The only way to accomplish this is through shock therapy.  The methods of persuasion is what got us all in this mess in the first place through methodical advertising techniques through various streams of media, plus scientific manipulations that affect our air, food and water.  What snapped me awake was learning more about the chemicals being injected into our foods and both the government and the corporations have the nerve to tell us that they’re doing this for the benefit of mankind.

10941833_947845675233953_3721204904404339717_n600_323702502images (5)images

One observation I quickly made once I made the decision to stay away from genetically modified foods by sticking to organic and non-GMO products was how more alert I was becoming.  I also wasn’t sick anymore.  For the past several years I had become gradually more ill.  The past two years alone had people around me wondering how much time I honestly had to live considering I was so sick all the time.  The moment I broke away from the chemicals everything changed.  Not only did I feel healthier, but I also felt more awakened.  I see more these days and observe more.  Because of this I no longer trust anything our governments ever have to tell us, nor the corporations.  Along the way I learned more about the Elite 1% and the Illuminati and realized the best route mankind can go right now to fight back is to band together and literally take legal action against them all.

Illuminatie structureRothschildHolocaustMeme

This means taking the Rothschilds and other families who are in bed with them to the People’s Court, forcing them to answer to crimes of fraud, crimes against humanity, murder, extortion and literally every ounce of criminal activity known to man because these people have performed them all.  The Elite 1% need to be taken to court for similar crimes and have all their assets frozen by the people until tried and convicted.  Upon conviction, their assets are immediately liquidated and returned to the 99% they’re so determined to keep leeching from.  Our political leaders must also be brought to justice for crimes committed against their own countries they were each supposed to represent.  Treason on every count is something they must answer to.  The judging would fall into the hands of the entire population after all stories are heard.  Punishment should be complete banishment where all those found guilty are placed inside a sanctuary on the most isolated island where only the basic needs would be covered.  No luxuries of any kind would be allowed as this is what has been denied to the rest of us.  None of them would ever be welcome back to join mainstream society as there is no place for them there.


This world belongs to those who truly appreciate it for what it is.  It never has, nor ever should belong to those who wish to destroy it for their own personal gain.  This is what the Elite 1% and the Illuminati are out to do.  For the Elite 1% it is pure greed.  For the Illuminati it is to appease their god, whom the world knows as Satan (Lucifer) as everything they do aligns with what they believe he wants from them.


Whether you are a bible believer or not is not relevant here.  The very fact that you are not among the Elite 1%, nor a member of the Illuminati already has you marked for death in their eyes.  Regardless of what religion you follow, your views are not important to them.  In fact, they mock you.  They mock us all.  Their religion is pure Zionism, which is another word for Satanism.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of the Jewish population are following what they think is Judaism but is the falsified version of what Judaism truly represents.  The current flag of Israel is a false flag.  The vast majority are duped into believing the symbol on this flag is the Star of David.  The truth is this star was adopted by David’s son, Solomon after he abandoned God to favor the religions of his foreign wives.


Even Christianity has been falsified and on so many levels.  Within the pages of the bible it talks about the mother spawning several daughters.  Bible believer or not, take a look at the many different denominations that all claim to be of Christian heritage.  The mother of Christianity is the Roman Catholic Church, headed by the Pope and the Vatican.  The daughters include the Lutherans, Anglicans, Ukrainian Orthodox, Jehovah’s Witness, Church of God, Seventh Day Adventists, Baptist and these are just naming a few.  There are new denominations popping up as fast as the world turns.

download (1)yusuf-al-qaradawi-apostasy-punishment-death-1

The Islamic religions also have their own factions, most notably between the Sunni and the Shia.  There are others, but these are the most popular among them and often take center stage when it comes to modern talks of jihad and terrorism.


Finally there are those who choose not to follow religion at all.  Some are called atheists while others are called agnostics.  To them, the bible is 100% fiction, as is God.  It should be pointed out that the majority of the people who fall into this category used to be religious, but life experiences gave them (mostly) justifiable cause to steer clear from any form of religion altogether.  Why do they do this?  Because they see the constant fighting between the religions.  Even if two religions share the same ideals, the very fact that they are not of the same religion at all keeps them at odds and would rather kill each other rather than negotiate a deal that would align themselves with each other long enough to go after who truly is their biggest enemy; namely Satan.


Religious bone in your body or not, our enemy right now (as it has always been) is Satan.  Whether he’s real or not no longer matters at this point.  The very fact that we have 1% of the world’s population (who also happens to be the wealthiest) are supporting an extremely powerful Illuminati who are bent on their belief in Satan is indeed the rightful ruler of this world.  They go to extreme lengths to sacrifice countless innocent lives and they are far from done.  Those closest to them often comment how the world’s population needs to be exterminated in order to achieve their idea of a New World Order.

85 richest 3.5 billion_0federalreservestockholders

Their New World Order seeks to eliminate up to 90% of the world’s population.  That means the remaining 9% will be left behind to live out the rest of their lives as lowly slaves to that Elite 1% and the Illuminati.  The surviving 9% will have no value in their eyes.  A calf will have priority over a newborn baby.  In fact, the surviving 9% will be treated like the livestock we treat today.  Yes people, the surviving 9% will become part of the menu of whatever diet this Elite 1% chooses to fill their bellies.  The Illuminati already advocate human sacrifice and have already shown no regard for the world’s population.


Right now as it stands, the 99% are in grave danger of literally losing everything.  More people need to wake up and realize that this New World Order isn’t just a conspiracy theory.  It is real.  The Illuminati aren’t just some made up group by conspiracy theorists.  They are real.  The Elite 1% are real as well.  Considering all those factors are indeed very real and that the state of the world today has never been as messed up as it is now, do you honestly believe we can continue with this madness much longer?  You are in denial if you don’t see what’s going on.  If you do see and choose to stay quiet out of fear to protect yourself and/or your family keep in mind you are actually placing yourself (and your family) in even grater danger. By choosing to remain apathetic you are allowing the evils of this world to win.  This is also something that was warned to us by the bible and by the greatest of the greats of our time.


For me, while I still have breath left in my body and while I still have the ability to do what I can to crush the New World Order dreams the Elite 1% and their Illuminati is so eager to achieve I will continue despite the frustrations.  I am not perfect.  I sin, something of which I know keeps me distant from our God.  I do, however, place great faith in Jesus Christ.  While Satan is every bit as real in the eyes of the Illuminati, Jesus Christ and God are every bit as real to me and those who have this same brand of faith.  Again, it’s not about religion.  It never was.  Only the evils of this world have convinced the masses that this is what it’s all about.


What this is all about is Humanity.  This is why I’ve named my blog site what I did.  Humanity World Order.  It’s not about me.  It never was.  It’s not about religion.  It never was.  It’s not even about God nor Jesus Christ.  It never was.  It’s about Humanity.  It’s about people realizing we are all human beings who are on this earth as divine creations who have the power to shape this world however we see fit.  Right now as it stands, the wrong people are in charge as they are not seeking to grow.  They are seeking to destroy.  We need the right people in charge to put an end to the corruption, put an end to the destruction and put an end to the Elite 1% and the Illuminati.  Their New World Order must be stopped at all costs.  What we need is a Humanity World Order where it’s put back into the hands of Mother Nature and the 99% who call this world home.



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