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For centuries tyrants have gone out of their way to suppress the people.  Each time they do this sooner or later a rebellion by those people force those tyrants out of power and take back all that was stolen from them.  Under the rule of tyranny, people lose their rights, liberties, freedoms, homes and lives regardless if they take it upon themselves to buck authority or not.

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Right from the dawn of mankind’s existence, whomever you believe our true creator is, the original intentions for mankind to live amongst each other as equals always gets twisted by those who are too corrupt to let it continue this way.  The corrupt want power.  They want full control.  In order to achieve this they will go to extraordinary measures to get it.  Once they got it they convince everyone around them that they are the new authority and that if everyone wishes to live a life of peace and prosperity they must obey.  Those who appease this new authority the most and prove to be the most valuable to them will quickly rise in power and riches while everyone else remains at the bottom.


Of those who rise to riches and fame so quickly often forget who they originally are.  All too often they sell their souls in exchange for the power that puts them above the rest of the crowd.  Deep down everybody wants to stand out in their own way.  They believe in so doing they get noticed in such a manner that they become an idol that all those around them worship.


The dangers that come with people idolizing and worshipping in this manner have them fail to realize that their admiration and loyalties are being abused.  Those in authority will use those who are virtually worshipped like gods to carry out their agenda, thus making it easier for them to prey upon the people to do their bidding.  It is nothing short of a brilliant brainwashing scheme and it always reshapes society to drift further away from the very essence of their humanity.


The music industry is the finest example of this.  Within the 20th century alone we witnessed different music styles introduce themselves that always pushed the boundaries when it came to culture, idealisms, lifestyles and even religion.  From the days of Elvis Prestley all the way up to Lady GaGa we’ve seen so much change not just in music, but in our society as well.  Much of those changes within society stemmed from music.  Music, hands down, is the most powerful tool to win an audience and literally influence their thoughts and their actions.

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In some cases, this kind of influence has been beneficial.  However, in most cases they are not.  In most cases, music is performed in such a manner that it can literally transform the most innocent of the innocent into a fanatic cult.  No longer is kindness to animals, nor the environment nor towards their fellow people a standard.  It is replaced by acts of cruelty that was influenced as their thoughts turn innocence into darkness.  It is done so in such a manner that the individual fails to see it this way.  Instead, they convince themselves that their new path had been their calling all along and the road of innocence was a lie.

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It’s disheartening to those around them to see this.  As hard as they try to steer a person they once saw as a promising young spirit away from the rocky road of a scary unknown, they eventually realize their attempts are futile.  It is easier to cling onto something that makes us feel sinfully good than it is to stay good.  Staying good means keeping our morality in check.  Being sinfully good means there’s no morality to hold us back to do whatever we want to do, even if it’s clearly wrong.


The music industry is not the only method of manipulations towards mankind that influence societies to change along the course of history.  Before television there was theatre.  Before movies there were plays.  Regardless of their platforms based on their eras, they also play a very influential role upon the mind of mankind.  When television first burst onto the scene it was a black and white platform that illustrated what seemed like innocent enough programming.


However, make no mistake.  It’s a program.  What are programs generally out to do?  They’re out to carry forth an action.  The easiest example of such a program is pressing the button next to a piece of machinery such as a radio, elevator or coffee machine.  As soon as this button is pushed, it’s target carries out an action it’s been programmed to do.  Another example of a program doesn’t involve machinery at all.  It involves something as simple as a parent teaching their child to obey their every rule.  A parent teaches their child that he must wash his hands each time he goes to use the bathroom.  He must also wash his hands before eating a meal.  Another program is convincing the child that brushing his teeth before going to bed is mandatory.  Failure to follow these programs will result in punishment by the parent.  Nobody wants to be punished, so they obey without question.


Life is a program.  It doesn’t matter if it’s something as simple as personal rules we apply to our lives or as complicated as rewiring a circuit board to perform an array of tasks that were deemed impossible once before.  The authorities that put themselves in places of power are very aware of this and come up with programs of their own.  As we know them today, our authority is the government.  The programs they’ve put into place are meant to control the people in such a manner that nobody dares to challenge their authority.  Such programs include laws, committees and religion.  Laws are programmed to force people to obey the rules that have been put into place.  While it is a good thing to have moral laws in place to keep people’s humanity in check, it is not a good thing to alter those moral laws in order to appease the banks and corporations who are the true programmers behind our governmental authority.  It is a good thing to form committees to oversee issues such as environmental control, goods and services and education, but it is not a good thing to allow such committees to become so twisted that they abuse their power in such a manner that all the good they’re supposed to do to benefit the population is washed away by all the evils they choose to perform instead.


The programming of religion is the trickiest and most delicate program of them all.  It’s not easy to interpret or challenge the authority of God.  From the dawn of mankind, if you go with the story of Genesis, human beings almost instantly disobeyed their Heavenly Father by failing to follow the program of life that had originally been intended for them.  Instead, they allowed the manipulative programming of someone deemed as a musical genius to influence them enough to buck authority and opt for the program of knowledge instead.  This is no different than a child bucking the authority of their parent in favor of that bad kid on the block they’ve been warned about.  Instead of listening to their parent (God) they listened to the bad kid (Lucifer) instead.  Despite the fact that Adam and Eve realized the wrongs that they did and indeed repented for their sin, the damage had already been done.  It was too late.  The tree (program) of knowledge had been tapped into and once the ignorance of innocence has been tainted with the knowledge of good and evil there is no going back.


Like any child who disobeys the authority of their parent, punishment is required to learn from the lesson.  In this case, God already knew his authority was going to be challenged from the very beginning.  He knew that Lucifer’s ambitions and jealousy would find a way to introduce a program too tempting for the ignorance of youth to ignore.  Already in place, God had a program where if Adam and Eve chose knowledge over life that they would have to deal with the consequences of their actions.  This is no different than the young choosing to buck authority and later down the road deal with the consequences of their actions as they transcend into adulthood.  In some cases those who acknowledge the err of their ways find a way to return to their former glory.  However, even there, even in the case of Adam and Eve’s story, one can never truly go back to the way things once were.  When the handle of a cup is broken and it is glued back on to restore it, no matter how careful that work is to make it how it once was there will still be evidence in place that the cup is still damaged goods.


People are no different.  God knows this.  Lucifer knows this.  Adam and Eve figured this out too and knew that this entire world has already been pre-programmed.  Each of us have a multitude of programs within us in a very programmed world that relies on authority.  Through the children, namely Cain, Abel and Seth, we see how societies were sculpted (programmed) based on the direction each of these children took.  Abel’s programming abruptly ended when Cain took it out.  However, even there the influence of Abel’s programming remains as it leaked into Cain’s authority as well as Seth’s.

gap-theorybig bang theory

The very base of this particular program, the Genesis Program, is among the most recognized and disputed programs amongst the religions.  And that argument doesn’t just stick within the religious community.  It also stems into the scientific one as well.  In science, namely among the atheists, they see the pages of the Holy Bible badly written by people whom they believe abused authority right from the very beginning.  They also see God as an abusive authority figure as they try to wrap their heads around the notion if God is so loving then why flood the earth during the days of Noah’s Ark?  Why bring rains of fire upon the populations of certain cities he had become so disgusted with?  Why so much violence?  Why so much death, misery and destruction?  If God is all knowing then why allow the madness of this world to continue when he has the power to stop it and restore it?


Another big question among the science community is the timeline of the Holy Bible itself.  It mentions a 6000 year authority of mankind over the earth that is stopped just shy upon the second coming of Jesus Christ.  It is believed this bible only has a 6000 year timeline, which is in contradiction to the scientific findings of fossils and the universal genetic programming of life itself.  Of those who are deemed extremists among the religions they follow, they’ve programmed themselves to believe that the timeline of this planet and everything on it is indeed only 6000 years old.

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Do you already see a programmed pattern of authority issues here?  This is Lucifer’s specialty.  Remember, deception is a program as well.  Division is also a program.  The purpose behind deception is confusion.  The purpose behind division is conflict.  Mix confusion and conflict together and you have the perfect recipe for warring factions.  What do we have today?  We have the science community and the religious community constantly at war with each other with their views.  We have the religious community divided amongst themselves with arguments over who is truly more righteous than the other.  We have those who refuse to have anything to do with religion constantly at war with those who do have religious views.  We have confused nations in constant conflict with each other.  The biggest problem with all this confusion and conflict is that it’s programmed to keep people fighting as the stubborn programming within us refuses to have our own authority challenged.


I will share with you my take on how I see the Holy Bible and the 6000 year conflicts and confusions around it.  I am not the only one who sees it this way, but the cluster of us who do are very few and far between and we even have differences of opinion between us, but the general conclusion behind what we think we see actually makes more sense than the strictly scientific views and those who remain strictly religious.


In the beginning there was nothing.  Now this does make sense.  Before July of 1970 I was nothing.  Then I was born.  Was this God’s programming?  Perhaps.  I’m sitting in a world where it’s doubtful I will live to see a good life through the eyes of a senior citizen.  This is even assuming I even get to live that long.  We are living in an era where we are being brainwashed and poisoned at every angle imaginable and in a world where avoiding absolute armageddon is programmed for failure.  What do you think happens after global armageddon?  There will be nothing left except maybe a few remnants of what was.


Is it possible during the days of the dinosaur, who once roamed the earth as rulers, experienced something similar?  It is believed by science they are millions of years old.  It is also believed the population of these dinosaurs was vastly reduced by some global cataclysm that not only reshaped the earth itself, but all life on it.  It should be pointed out that the knowledge behind science is only as reliable as the programming that went into it.  The authority of science is based on whatever programs they put in place to win their arguments and convince the masses.  Even science has programs of deception within it, which in turn has programs of division within the scientific community itself.  So, at that point, how accurate is our scientific authority despite all this.


But this doesn’t explain how something came out of nothing entirely, does it?  However, among the religious community it is believed a great war took place between God and Lucifer after Lucifer disagreed with God’s plan and tried to assume authority over him so that he could have things done his way.  In the stories within the bible, Lucifer was God’s second.  He was also the best musician.  He was highly influential, but this was not enough for him.  He wanted to be top brass and was bent on getting this one way or the other.


Does this sound familiar?  How many times, both within the bible and good old fashioned history books have shown clashes of authority between people, leaders and nations?  We learn of rebel forces that program themselves to take out the programming of the authority currently in charge.  In many cases, such rebellion is necessary if evidence shows tyranny has programmed corruption to overthrow morality.  In some cases, rebellion occurs against the righteous as those who crave to become authority figures will manipulate whatever they can to take over.  In every case, people are programmed to side with the authority whom they believe in.


In the case of Lucifer’s rebellion against God this is precisely what happened.  Lucifer programmed whatever angels he could influence to challenge the authority of God.  As a result, like every rebellion, a mass war broke out between two very divided sides of programmed authority.  And, like every mass war there is epic destruction that follows.  It stands to reason the sudden decimation of the dinosaur population, along with the radical restructuring of the earth’s surface was the direct result of this celestial war that broke out between God and Lucifer.  Remember in the story it states that Lucifer and the angels who sided with them were cast down into the earth and stripped of the divine power they once shared with God and his angels.


If you go with the timeline of the bible from this point of view, days one to six actually make sense.  Don’t view them as days.  View each day as a millennia.  Day one is actually one million years.  Day two is two million years.  Get it yet?  It says in the beginning there was nothing.  Okay, so in the beginning, before this celestial war broke out, the universe was just a big, black void.  Within this void was a creation so great that it manifested itself from pure energy to one that’s become physical.  I’m not smart enough to figure out how that part got started, but I am smart enough to realize the big bang theory can only be possible if it was programmed to do as the scientific authority suggests.


In the bible it states on the seventh day God created the first man.  Shortly after the first woman upon the man’s request.  These were creations after God’s own image so for me my first conclusion is that God once upon a time was very similar to man as well.  One possibility I can see out of this is perhaps God roamed the earth alongside the dinosaurs.  Not just God.  Lucifer and the angels as well.  Very similar in human form, but not quite the same genetic makeup.  Remember, God has programmed human beings to eventually surpass the angels in whatever genetic development he has in mind.  This is what sparked the jealousy within Lucifer as not only did he not like being lesser than God, but the idea of being lesser than a handful of what he’d see as primitive creatures was too insulting to just take sitting down.

SATAN-IS-PLACING-QUESTIONS-OF-GOD-HIS-WORD-DEC-16-201254d51168498dae1ddf3fe1bd430ea9e94New World Order - 6000 year history

Call me crazy, I don’t care.  However, I believe God, Lucifer, angels and demons all roamed the earth before the celestial war and after.  It’s very possible that most of them were not much different from us.  They also had societies of their own and had various forms of authority, but the top authority figure was God and once upon a time there was no challenging it.  No matter what they did wherever they were they were all programmed to answer to him.  If you go the scientific route, there are archaeological digs that show humanoid skeletal structures that are considerably larger than the human beings of today.  Is it possible that the findings of these digs are remnants of the angels before they were elevated to the levels of power they have now?  Is it possible that what was found showed once upon a time the angels were no different from us?  They, like us, were mortal and primitive.  Is it possible that the cave man as we call them might have been the youngest of the species of angels?  This would explain, somewhat, the existence of mankind before the 6000 year stretch stemming from the holy bible.


Atheists and scientists refuse to program themselves to believe in anything celestial.  Everything for them must have a scientific explanation behind it.  If they can’t find one they theorize.  My cluster of explanations in this blog post is my way of meshing scientific theory with a dose of celestial possibilities.  I strongly believe we do indeed have one ultimate authority.  I also strongly believe that God wanted to see a race have the potential to become more evolved than his angels have ever been.  This is why I believe God created mankind in a specific manner where yes, it was about 6000 years ago.  This breed of man is a program of very careful design to ensure they surpass the power of the angels and literally share the same level of power as God himself.


I do believe there will be a second coming of Jesus Christ.  Once this day happens it will be a similar structure of authority as the one I just theorized.  God is still the ultimate ruler.  He is the creator.  However, Jesus Christ is his son and it is mentioned in the bible when Jesus returns he rips control of the earth away from Lucifer and his demons.  Alongside his ultimate rule will be the greats of the past including King David and whoever God has in mind to rule over mankind.  I do see the holy bible itself as a program and there are instructions within this program.  Many who go to great lengths to decypher the bible have all sorts of ideas, but the most basic of these instructions are increasingly ignored by society, to the point where hardly anybody seems to remember what they were at all.  This particular problem is Satan’s doing as he’s spent mankind’s entire lifetime deceiving (confusing) them and causing division (conflict) among them.


The religious beliefs behind Islam is an alternative program of the original bible as Christians and Jewish know it.  Already there a great divide resulted from their earliest ancestors within this 6000 year timeline.  For the Islam, the Qu’ran is their chief program behind the various faction of Islamic religions they follow.  For them, Muhammad, not Jesus, is their authority figure.  Are they in the wrong?  In my opinion, yes, but what do I know?  There’s so much confusion and conflict behind this particular subject alone that neither side to this argument will rest until there’s nobody left to argue about it (what Satan wants) or the Messiah (Jesus or Muhammad – take your pick) intervenes (what God wants) and unveils the truth once and for all.


All of this has been pre-programmed into the bible, both old testament and new.  In it’s own way, it’s also pre-programmed within the Qu’ran as well.  The only true difference behind these programs are the religious authorities who insist that their view is the only correct and righteous view worth following.


One program every human being in this world has fallen for, without question, is the authority of Satan.  Through those most loyal to him, both demon and human alike, they have perfected the art of deception and division.  The people of this world have always been confused and they’ve always been in conflict.  Because we are so distracted with these things we fail to follow the path that was intended for us all, which is a programmed path of humanity’s authority.  It is the only one that matters because it is the only one that is not deceived, nor divided.  The fundamentals of what humanity is all about is not confusing at all.  It is very simple, just as simple as the ten commandments Moses wrote on tablets according to God’s instructions.  Those who are true humanitarians have no conflict.  They always stick together, no matter what, and put the needs of humanity before their own.  Even if hungry, instead of popping a seed into their mouth just for themselves to eat, a true humanitarian will plant that seed into the ground to make it grow into something that can feed multiple mouths.  Sure, it will take time and they have just sacrificed the short-term satisfaction of their belly, but once that seed blooms into whatever fruit it’s meant to be, the long-term satisfaction of harvesting more seeds from that fruit to grow more has just been realized.  At the same time, the mid-term satisfaction of feeding more than just one mouth has also been realized.


The kind of world we live in today is a very deceptive and divided world.  Hardly anybody agrees on anything anymore, even if they’re arguing in favor of the same desired outcome.  I often observe arguments between people where they’re so bent on proving the other person wrong that they fail to realize that other person is actually agreeing with them in their own way.  Even in religion the fundamental values of humanity itself is heavily argued between the Jewish, Christians and Muslims, despite the fact that deep down they’re actually in agreement with each other.  The only true division between them is who they believe is the proper Messiah and who truly are the chosen people among the entire human race.  Neither side is willing to calm down and just draw to the very obvious conclusion that every human being is supposed to be programmed to answer to only one authority and it is the authority of humanity.  Humanity does not want war.  Humanity does not want chaos.  Humanity does not want confusion, nor does it want conflict.  All it wants is a world that’s peaceful where neighbor can trust neighbor, friend can trust friend and each person believes in each other because no matter how different we each are as individuals, our genetic programming has us all linked as one human race.



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