Corporate World Order vs Humanity World Order

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Lately I’ve been having dreams of grandeur.  Upon learning corporations like Monsanto and millionaire jerks like Bill Gates pushing Congress to rush the approval of the International Trade Deal so they can ram down their GMO garbage down the throats of nations that want no part of them, I have been nothing less than outraged.


I am tired of corporations bullying their way into people’s lives without any consideration for what the people want.  We are their customers whether we want to be or not.  This is not right and this needs to come to an end.  No longer are we living in a world where humanity has rights over issues that are of extreme importance to them.  Protests are now deemed illegal, even if they’re peaceful.  This includes protests against GMO products by various towns, cities, provinces, states and even whole nations.  As soon one says no to GMO companies like Bayer, DOW, Monsanto, Synergize and all those in bed with them are quick to rush to the courts to file lawsuits.  Even saying no to the American Government (and the Commonwealth Allies) stands to face charges.  How is this right?

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What about all of humanity file a massive lawsuit against corporations such as these and the political puppets that are so eager to favor corporate greed?  Do you realize if all of mankind who chose to put forth a united front and file the world’s largest lawsuit and did this against these corrupt corporations and twisted governments who seek to destroy us would be the best chance for global victory against our stance on GMOs?  It sends a clear message worldwide that they’re fed up with the tyrants dictating to the world what they deem is best for everybody.  It also sends a clear message to the corporations that we are a people that stand united against corruption.  We’ve all stood idly by for too long and we are each overdue to wake up, take a stand and fight back.  This is our world.  We are members of the human race who are facing mass extinction at the hands of these corporations and the political leaders who are so eager to follow them with blinders still on.  Not one person in that group cares about the welfare of humanity and that alone is a crime.


Not only should all of mankind file a massive lawsuit against these twisted governments and most corrupt of the corporations known to mankind, but civil charges should also be laid forth for crimes against humanity, global genocide (caused by their GMOs and vaccines), animal cruelty, extortion and bribery.  Since we cannot file criminal charges against them as civilians, the best we can hope for is a civil lawsuit against those who would rather bully their way about than listen to the people who seem to have a better grasp of what this world needs than they do.


We are just little guys, yes, but collectively we are a force to be reckoned with.  History has proven this time and time again.  Both the American Government and the corporations know this.  The Illuminati know this.  This is why they’ve gone to great lengths to dumb us all down with chemicals that have slowly seeped into our lifestyles that very few noticed.  We were warned of this, long ago in the bible and more recently among the likes of American President John F Kennedy and even Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

imagesimages (1)

Within the borders of America and Canada there is clear cut evidence that we’ve been deliberately dumbed down by the very people we’re supposed to trust most; our own government.  For years they’ve put chemicals into our water, our food and even in the air we breathe that have gradually put every citizen in as close of a zombie state they can put us.  Although I always had a hunch that each of us were becoming more fatigued on average, I had always just pegged it on simple pollution.  I realize now it’s far more serious than that.  Don’t get me wrong, it is still pollution, but it goes far deeper than fuel emissions, fossil fuel dig sites and aerosol cans.


Are you aware that during World War II that the imprisoned Jews were fed with fluoride?  Even back in the 1930’s & 40’s it was realized people are numbed to a submissive state on this particular chemical alone.  I did not realize this until I dug further into facts behind WWII.  This was not made news in any televised WWII documentary.  This was figured out through media I found existing within European Nations.  This sort of info is not so easily obtainable within the borders of USA nor Canada.  Why?  Is it the same reason the dental association insists that fluoride is essential for prime teeth health?  Keep in mind that the dental association works directly under the thumb of the governments who watch over them like hawks.


For too many years the world has been deceived.  At first I thought nations like Russia and Iran simply hated us because they were simply jealous.  From a religious point of view I think that part is true, but as far as politics go, I think Russia saw what was happening to America and the Commonwealth (which has 53 nations under sovereign rule, including Canada) as it reminded them of all the events leading up to and including World War II.  With Iran, Iran is doing everything they can to buck the system because they know it’s corrupt.  They knew all along, but religious and political interference by those who spark it (mainly Israel) have too many people still clueless about what’s really going on.


The mainstream media doesn’t help either.  They only tell you what their corporate sponsors want us to hear and majority of the time it’s not even true.  It’s all propaganda.  The real reason why Iran are being painted as the bad guys of this world is because they still refuse to cave into the bullying tactics of the most powerful and corrupt of all corporations; namely the Rothschilds.  And they are not the only ones.  North Korea also sees through the Rothschilds for who they really are and they are disappointed that America has not seen this either.  This is the true reason why mainstream media paints them as bad guys.  Take a good look at the nations that are on the wrong side of America’s favor right now.  They are not nearly as criminal as the media wants us to think they are.  Iran sees the bigger picture.  So does North Korea.  So does China.  Russia now sees it too.  Why do you think BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) is forming?  It’s a direct stand against the Rothschilds and the central banking system that literally has the rest of nations (and their people) succumbed to slavery.  Answering to the Rothschilds, the most corrupt of our corporations, along with the political leaders that side with them, are going out of their way to steer every breath humanity has left into global genocide.


The majority of this world is gripped by a central banking system that was created centuries ago by the Rothschilds.  What the more recent history books conveniently leave out is when the founding fathers of America fled from British tyranny, it was not just to escape a corrupt king.  It was to escape the system of oppression designed by the Rothschilds that had influenced this king.  They’ve said it themselves they do not care who rules any given nation.  For as long as they control the money, they control the politicians.  In turn, they also control the people.  As far as the Rothschilds see it, this is their world and each of us, every man, woman and child of this earth are nothing more than cattle to be herded in their eyes.


And take a look at our herdsmen.  How many massive corporations are out there?  The most corrupt of the group are the largest and go out of their way to keep people in the dark on key information that includes the water they drink , the food they eat, the items they use and the air they breathe.  It’s no accident this has all happened.  This was by design and we, the innocent people who didn’t clue in fast enough, are paying the price.  People are literally dying by the millions and yet there’s extremely little coverage on this.

corporate-newsimages (1)

Don’t expect mainstream news to tell you.  They won’t.  All they tell you is what the corporations let them reveal and nothing more.  The moment a journalist dares to tell the full truth to the public, that journalist is instantly discredited and/or eliminated (killed) from ever being able to reach out to the masses again.


Why do you think Edward Snowden is now deemed an American traitor by his own government?  It is because he put his loyalties with humanity instead of corporations.  More and more people are doing this, but it’s not enough.  We all need to come together and collectively take our fight to these corporations and their political puppets.

The most effective method would be where it’ll hurt them the most, and that’s their pockets.  They, just as the Rothschilds wanted, rely way too much on money.  They are so drunk with greed and power that they fail to see that they are puppets themselves.  We need to force them awake and the only way to do that is to do to them what they’ve been doing to all of us.  What we need to do to them is divide and conquer.  Force them to split up and turn on each other like rabid dogs, because that’s exactly what they are.


We need to come together, going from individual to community, then from community to a mass collective to literally file either one massive lawsuit or a series of giant suits that are all linked together against the governments that have betrayed us and their corporate sponsors.  We do not back down and we do not compromise.  We demand that the crimes against humanity are answered to and the judgment of what happens to those found guilty is determined by the majority vote of the entire population watching on.  No judge can be trusted except for Jesus Christ.  However, since he’s not here right now we have to make do with what we’ve got.


No cash settlements.  No middle ground lies.  By the time the civil suits and lawsuits are over each corporation involved is forced to dismantle and the owners, board of directors and CEO’s all have their fates sealed, whether it be by death penalty or permanent imprisonment.  All the money in the accounts of these corporations are distributed to the people and shared equally from person to person who chose to get involved with this lawsuit.


The involved governments also found guilty for crimes against humanity are forced to dismantle and in their place the people of nations decide their fate without any corporate nor political interference.  The military are forced to return home from other nation’s borders to keep guard over their homeland as at this point no doubt there will be those who will seek to prey upon what they will deem as a weakened country.



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