Heil Harper!

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No, I don’t mean that but I’m sure Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper would love it if I did!  When he commented that by the time he was done with Canada nobody would recognize it, how eerie those words have become.  Never before in Canada’s timeline have they ever come across such an oppressive government as they have with Harper and his PC’s.


This wasn’t something that happened overnight, but from 2006 onward, the moment the election results declared Stephen Harper as Canada’s newest prime minister, the high hopes that he and his PC Party would undo all the damage that the Liberal Party had done before them had been shattered.  All the promises that he made to yank Canada out of it’s debt and all the guarantees he made to make Canada a stronger nation all were systematically broken.

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He has turned his back against his own nation, sold it out and tore apart it’s roots all in the name of greed.  If this was his idea of pulling Canada out of debt it failed.  It actually worsened it’s debt to the worst this nation has ever seen.  Never before have we come across a government that has been as reckless with it’s spending as this one.  In addition to squandering funds Canada does not have, Harper and his government have ruined the once pristine reputation Canada had as one of the cleanest countries in the world to the dirtiest.  Between the horrific mismanagement of the tar sands, pipelines, and bad science never before has this poor country been in such a state of disgrace.


If the fast dwindling state of the environment isn’t bad enough to convince Canadians that we have the worst prime minister this nation has ever seen, how about the fact that Canada has dropped from being one of the most loved countries on the planet to among the most hated?  Not only are we now among the most hated of all the nations that exist today, but we actually have earned the top spot of becoming the most unethical and untrustworthy country to do business with.  We even outrank the most hated nation on this Earth (USA) as the last country anyone should attempt to make an honest deal with.


Everything Harper has done since becoming prime minister has been to his own best interest and not in the best interest of this nation.  At first it all seemed okay as it did appear he was helping to create more jobs and a better economy, especially in the fossil fuel industry, but all failed to see this was a dangerous, short-term solution at best.  Also, this wasn’t to benefit Canadians as he had claimed it would.  It actually benefited the major corporations who literally banked on Harper’s tactics to dupe every Canadian to falling for the charming lies he fabricated to perfection.

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Even today there are still Harper and PC supporters, but the majority of them are so dependent on fossil fuels that they are literally behaving like crazed drug addicts who are too blind to see that they are choosing to stay in bed with the devil instead of opening their eyes and realize they are actually dooming themselves, this nation and even their own children.  How are they dooming them you ask?  By allowing Harper to continue to claw into this nation’s most valuable resources just to get at these fossil fuels they are also allowing Harper to deprive their children of the most basic of needs such as food, water and even the most fundamental of basic human rights.


Flat out, if you vote for Stephen Harper and any of member of his PC Government you are literally voting to kill what’s left of Canada.  You are destroying what you have in your life as his next stage of total dominance over our nation will be to strip away whatever human rights you have left.  He will also take away your property as it will then become under ownership of the state and no longer a home in your name.  This is what happened to the Jewish and their supporters within Germany and this is what will happen here.  Everything that Stephen Harper has done since 2006 has mirrored exactly what Adolf Hitler has done from 1933 to 1939, just before WWII officially broke out and took center stage.  The atrocities that Hitler performed in his day are being replicated in a similar fashion by Harper today.

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Those that see Stephen Harper for who and what he truly is are being silenced.  Those who refuse to shut up are ridiculed.  Even within Parliament Hill this tyrant of a leader has gone out of his way to prevent those who have the best arguments against his flawed policies.  He is manipulating politics and the media to his favor at every turn.  It is widely believed amongst Canadians who bother to pay attention that the 2012 federal election was fixed.  Over 60% of the nation did not want the PC Government and yet we wound up with it anyway.  However, in all due fairness to the PC Government (yes, I do know how to play fair) only half the nation chose to vote and most of them did so with apathy instead of taking the time to figure out what exactly they are voting for.

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The biggest problem among Canadians (and people in general) is they are stuck in a rut.  Despite the multitude of political parties that exist within this nation they seem to think there are only two to choose from.  It is a constant revolving door government between the Progressive Conservatives and the Liberal Party.  Occasionally the New Democratic Party gets mention, but consistently remain in 3rd place when by now they should have at least come in 2nd at least once.  In all honesty, by now they have proven new blood in charge is desperately required in order to give this nation the true chance it deserves to turn fate around.


Sadly, for too long Canadians continue to follow the blind pattern of apathy instead of being passionate about something of true value.  Too easily we allow ourselves to become brainwashed by the commercials that seduce us into what I consider a corporate coma.  Corporate comas are dangerous.  It is what has steered the attention needed by the people to keep their governments in line towards indulging themselves in a world riddled with fantastic fabrication.  Like I said before, we are a drugged nation by those who saw to it we not only become this way, but stay this way.  Everything in our lives is controlled but in such a manner that too many still find it hard to believe that this is so.  Commercials that promote the agendas of such corporations are designed to win support in their favor.  Although I do not oppose capitalism nor the enthusiasm to win business loyalty, I do oppose deliberate manipulation to steer entire societies down a path that does not even respect the audience they are reaching out to.


This is precisely what both the most corrupt of the corporations and politicians among us have done.  They know people are easily influenced and they treat us for the stupid sheep that we are.  Of those who dare to stand out and speak up they are instantly ridiculed and come across a great amount of offense.  Because most people do not wish for any harm to come upon themselves nor their family, they will opt to comply with an oppressor in hopes that they will somehow be favored over the vast majority.  It was a mistake made by Jewish families back in the WWII era and it is a mistake being made today by Canadians.  What is happening to Canada right now is what happened to Germany and the surrounding nations that sided with them back in their day.


America, Canada, and the entire Commonwealth (which Canada belongs to) have political leaders who are committing these crimes to their own people.  They have arranged policed states, both secretly and publicly.  They have also been stripping away resources and rights from their populations so that it becomes increasingly difficult for those who see the madness for what it really is to stop it.  This is what Stephen Harper is doing to every Canadian within this nation.  We are losing everything that made Canada great and unless we band together as a nation to take it all back before the 2015 election has concluded, then the reality of this loss will hit us harder than most of us will be capable to cope with.


I have pleaded with the Liberal Party, the NDP Party and the Green Party of Canada to work together and form a coalition against Harper.  At this point it no longer matters which specific party beats Harper and his PC Government.  What matters is Canadians getting their country back from a tyrant who is bent to destroy it.  Sadly, Harper does not see himself doing anything wrong as he believes the ends justify the means to what he is doing.  However, what he refuses to see is this nation that he thinks he is strengthening is actually dying by his own hands.

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The real reason to why he is doing all this remains unanswered.  Some believe this is all his doing while others believe he is just another puppet in a grander scheme of things by those who manipulated him to do things their way instead of his.  Regardless of what his reasons are, the bottom line is Stephen Harper is not doing himself nor Canada any favors.  He is killing us all and we cannot allow him to keep doing this.  We owe it to ourselves and to our children to see to it that Canada comes together as a nation and show exactly what the combined courage of a proud people can accomplish in the face of tyranny.

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Vote on October 19th, 2015 and see to it that Harper and his PC Government is cast out of Parliament Hill.  I personally favor the Green Party of Canada because through Elizabeth May they have the best candidate this nation has right now in order to rescue us out of the toilet we have been plunged into.  However, I also favor Thomas Muclair of the NDP because these people have already proven they put people before profit and for the most part it has worked.  In areas where it has not worked it has been due to too much corporate, Liberal and PC interference in order to block their efforts to make things better for those whom they represent.  We need to root that interference out.

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If you want Canada to get out of the deadly rut it currently is in then you need to go NDP and Green.  Stay away from the poisons of Liberal and PC because for far too long these two monkey parties have toyed with Canadians like none of us matter.


We do matter!  Our nation matters!  Do not heil Harper, stop him!  You have the power to do this.  Collectively we all have the power to do this.  We need to exercise it and do so with a voice so loud that the entire world hears us and understand that we are Canadians, strong, proud and free!



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