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True north, strong and free.  That’s what’s in our Canadian National Anthem and yet this has never been the case for Canada.  Canada is one of 53 countries that is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.  Unlike the United States of America, the country of Canada did not have founding fathers that broke away from the combined tyranny of Britain’s King George and the capitalistic grips of the Rothschilds.  The Canadian nation has never been an independent one, despite the fact they are an enormously sized country just north of it’s American neighbors.


In fact Canada has the most brutal beginnings of a newborn nation as any other as the original inhabitants were overtaken by those who were not willing to share this land as their equals.  Through it’s first prime minister, John A. MacDonald, the very people who were once upon a time foreigners to Canada themselves, slaughtered their way from the east coast of Newfoundland to the west coast of British Columbia.


This United States of America also share this bloody trail of the nationwide takeover of it’s borders, but at that point the country was already overtaken by the same corrupted minds that founded Canada.  Those corrupted minds belong to those within the House of Rothschild, their Illuminati and now whom we refer to as the Elite 1%.


Canada was never a free nation.  Canada is a Rothschild creation as all 53 nations of the Commonwealth answer to the sovereign rulership that’s based in England.  Although Canada’s way of life very much mirrors closely to the American way of life we still bear more resemblance to the United Kingdom in areas such as banking, business, military and politics.


People mistaken Canada for being a democratic nation when in truth it is more like a republic.  A true democratic nation that is truly free is one that is completely independent from any given system and this is not what Canada is.  Canada has never been independent and for as long as it remains gripped by the dictatorship of those who run the Commonwealth, will never be free from its tyranny.

RootOfAllEvil01 Bill Gates vs. Rothschilds wealthjeff403372_203347116456998_1259038796_n

The Rothschilds are the true rulers of this world right now.  They’ve said it themselves on numerous occasions that it doesn’t matter who the politician is that runs any specific nation.  The Rothschilds control the roulette wheel of global finances and the revolving door of stupidity that has brought political leaders from (nearly) all nations to levels of corruption that just keep getting worse.  So bent are the Rothschilds and the Elite 1% (whom all are directly involved with their Illuminati) on achieving their New World Order that they’ve literally brainwashed the masses through commercialism via corporations, false news delivered by various media sources and direct interference with every political structure that exists in this world today.


Only a tiny handful of nations refuse to have anything to do with the Rothschilds.  There are also a few that have seen through the deception and are attempting to break themselves free.  However, the Rothschilds will not stand for it as they want total domination over every man, woman and child of this world.  Why do you think nations such as Iran, Syria and North Korea are constantly at odds with the rest of the world?  The media goes to great lengths to paint these nations as bad guys and yet nothing can be further from the truth.  And now with nations like Russia, China, Brazil, Iceland and taking stands against the Rothschilds and their banking system by kicking them out suddenly nations like Canada and USA are at odds with them.

HarperGoesHitlerimagesimages (2)0transformed2r

Make no mistake.  Canada is a Rothschilds nation whether it wants to be or not.  Our own prime minister, Stephen Harper, is the ultimate Rothschild puppet.  So similar is he to Adolf Hitler in his mannerisms, speech and actions that one would be an idiot to ignore the scary reality that Canada is fast becoming a version of Nazi-Germany.  On the same front, the United States of America, through the combined manipulations of the Democratic and Republican parties, mirror a combination of Stalin’s USSR and Mussolini’s Italy.  When one looks at how these nations have developed since World War II it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that stages are being set right now to turn World War III from possibility to reality.


We will see a stock market crash and we will dive into another great depression.  This is by design and Canada’s current politicians in power will see to it this happens, as this is what the Commonwealth wants.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that our prime minister has the people of this nation as his top priority when quite frankly he couldn’t care less about any of us.  He is answering to the Rothschilds and their corrupt commonwealth committee and doing whatever he can for them and is doing so at our expense.  He has no love for Canada.  He only has love for the Illuminati as he shares their vision of this New World Order they crave so badly.  His PC Government, or more accurately described as Harper Government, are on the same page as this whether it be willfully or blindly.

013War is when your government tells you who the enemy isget-attachment-419-587x439canada-cops1

What Canada desperately needs to do is break away from the Commonwealth and truly form it’s own independence.  However, for as long as we have Harper and the PC Government in place this won’t happen.  It won’t happen through the Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government as well.  Just like in USA, Canada is stuck in a two-party rut when it comes to their politics.  What the majority of Canadians fail to realize is our political structure shares the same obscene tactics the American one does.  Whom America calls Republicans are very much like the Progressive Conservatives here in Canada.  The American Democrats and the Canadian Liberal Party have very much in common with each other as well.

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Canada has two political parties that are constantly shunned, but one of them has made considerable ground to the point where ignoring them has become increasingly impossible.  The New Democratic Party, lead by Thomas Muclair, is Canada’s best hope right now to dethrone Stephen Harper and his PC’s in an effort to restore Canada into a somewhat sane nation that may have a chance to break away from the Rothschilds and their Commonwealth.  The Green Party of Canada, lead by Elizabeth May, is the most righteous of the parties within Canada and is actually the best party for the job to yank Canada away from the grip of the Rothschilds and their Commonwealth.  Ideally, having both the NDP’s and the Green’s working together would be just the remedy Canada needs to recover from the years of abuse and neglect this poor nation has been put through.

canada-corrupted-conservatives7878143376_bd3cc425d7images (6)10817413_640544437873_151224351_o

On October 19, 2015 Canada’s federal election will be the most important this nation has ever seen.  Already Harper and his PC Government has been pouring millions into their campaigns to ensure they remain in charge as our government.  The only reason they are doing this is because they’re aware that they’ve wronged this nation on so many levels and the people of this nation are waking up to this horrific fact.  However, commercialism is a powerful means to brainwash the masses and the PC’s are going to great lengths to dumb down and manipulate every Canadian that has the power to vote.


Don’t let Harper and his PC Government fool you.  Too many lies have been connected to them and too much wrong has happened to Canada since they took over in 2006.  They’ve turned Canada from one of the most beloved nations of the world to among the most hated and that hatred is not stemmed from jealousy.  It’s stemmed from the fact that Harper has seen to it Canada has gone from friendly negotiator to bullying aggressor, from a trustworthy nation to a deceptive one and the most loyal nation to serve the Commonwealth’s dark agenda.  Make no mistake, it’s the Rothschilds that are running the show and right now Stephen Harper is the Canadian ringmaster.


For as long as Stephen Harper remains in charge with his PC Government, every Canadian remains in grave danger of seeing World War III realized and right in their own backyard.  Our people will remain in a corrupt commonwealth that will tighten their grip on all of us as we will lose the last the human rights we have left and then our lives as we will be herded like cattle by those who will judge among who gets to live another day or not.

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Is that the Canada you want?  Do you want Canada to remain in a Commonwealth that has always intended for us to be oppressed slaves for the corrupt?  Or, do you want Canada to start a revolution of their own and break away from the tyrants that are determined to doom us all?  I don’t know about you, but I vote for freedom.  You will not get that with Stephen Harper and his PC’s.  You may get a dose of it from Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party, but we’ll still have to answer to the Commonwealth.  With Thomas Mulcair and his NDP’s we have a good shot at the true freedom that Canada has been denied since day one as this party will pay far more attention to what the people want and will do what they can for us.  However, if you want the closest thing to a guarantee that Canada will break free from the Commonwealth and make our national anthem more honest than it has been then it’s through Elizabeth’s May Green Party.


If you truly care about Canada and you want that freedom for yourself and your family and for generations to come, then you need to vote strategic.  The Green Party of Canada is making strides, but the best hope for Canada right now is Thomas Muclair’s NDP.  Stay as far away from the PC Government as you can and see to it Stephen Harper does not become prime minister a 3rd time.  If he does, he will be the final prime minister this nation will ever see as none of us will survive long enough to see the next election, assuming at that point he doesn’t completely dismantle our democratic right to choose who has the right to lead this nation.


The best possible scenario for Canada after October 19, 2015 is to see Prime Minister Thomas Mulcair and a dominant NDP Government where it’s opposition is half Liberal and half Green Party.  There would not be a single PC left in the House of Commons as the Canadians spoke loud and clear that we are more than deserving to have a nation that really is true, north, strong and free.


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