The Government vs The People

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When the government stops listening to their own people and rules the nation based on corporate rights over human rights then the nation being represented has a serious problem on their hands.  No longer are the people being properly represented by a leader that looks out for his country, but rather a tyrant that is more interested in personal gain.  This type of political representation is poison.  It has ruined countless nations and societies as the corruption becomes so great the path of their destruction spreads like a terminal cancer, consuming the masses until there’s nothing left.

Mankind has dealt with this problem since the very beginning.  I could go all biblical again and date it back to the days of Adam and Eve, but the true focus is what’s going on today.  Whatever we do today will determine what kind of tomorrow we will have, not just for ourselves, but for the generations we leave behind.  As a member of the human race, it is not only your right but your duty to ensure this world becomes a better place for yourself, your children, your neighbor’s children and all those who have to contend with whatever decisions we make today on behalf of their future.

This includes whatever decisions you make regarding what to do with our own government.  Granted, you are just one person.  I am just one person.  However, all it takes is just that one person to stand up, speak out and take action.  I know this is not easy to do, especially if it goes against the popular beliefs of the masses.  Nobody wants to stick out like a sore thumb.  However, this is what the most corrupt among us prey upon and how they’ve managed to brainwash the masses into corporate comas through propaganda and commercialism.

The perfected art of deception arranged by the combined efforts of banks and corporations has been practiced literally since the rise of the first civilization on our planet.  Mankind has a very bloody history on it’s hands as we seemed destined to remain on a violent course no matter how hard we try to avoid it.  It is because of this that the corrupt among us seize the opportunities to reduce every man, woman and child to the mentality of a passive lamb.  This is how they are able to weasel their way into the ranks of our governments and literally corrupt it from the inside out.  The beauty of their art is this is done so quietly and so selectively that by the time people wake up and figure it out they’ve already positioned themselves into great places of power where a peaceful resolve is virtually impossible.

These are how revolutions break out.  As soon as one person figures it out, the story spreads to other people.  Of those who take heed and also figure things out for themselves, they will each keep spreading the newfound truths until what started out as an individual’s point of view has become something far greater.  However, as this takes place, the corruption in place will go to great lengths to put a stop to it.  At this point, if the highest ranks within the government are every bit as corrupted as the banks and corporations, they will go out of their way to tear the people apart just so they can stay in power.

As the old saying goes, power corrupts.  In the case of our current government in place, this is more evident than ever.  Although corruption in governments has always been a problem and has indeed resulted in the decline of even the greatest empires, never before have we seen such a miserable state of affairs as we do now.  From an internal point of view, each nation that is being held hostage by the tyranny of their own governments are facing ridiculous levels of cruelty, inequality, poverty, unrest and violence.  From a global point of view every nation that’s gripped with unworthy authority figures are bent on destroying whomever the banks and corporations tell them are their greatest enemies.

The flat truth is our government, who are supposed to listen to us ignore us.  They don’t care about the nation they’re supposed to represent and they most certainly don’t care about any of us as people.  They listen only to the banks and corporations that are pulling their strings.  The only time they pay attention to any of us is when they realize their positions of power are on the line and they stand to lose everything.  The banks and corporations see it this way too and we then witness a combined effort from what I consider the Unholy Three to undermine each of us and our efforts to break free from the grips of tyranny.

In nations that are supposedly democratic, each time elections come up all political parties involved do what they can to get noticed.  However, the most corrupt among them will count on people’s loyalty and stupidity as they’ll go to great expense to win them over.  In most cases it works because with the funding they receive from banks and corporations who don’t want their reign to come to an end either, they bombard the people with commercialized tactics that’s impossible to ignore.  This makes it that much more difficult for the more legitimate political parties who really do care about the people get noticed.  In many cases, the ruling government will do whatever it takes to shut out what they deem to be the greatest political threat to their existence during this time as they know people can be easily influenced by those who make the most sense.

The aim behind each bank and corporation personally involved with the manipulations of our political structure is to monopolize and strip us from our humanity.  They want full control and rip away everything from the people so that none of us can embark on a much needed revolution.  Our very survival as members of the human race depend on this.

This is where our current government fails us and why it needs to be replaced.  However, knowing full well that elections are indeed rigged, how can one expect votes to count in the favor of what the people want?  Bottom line is it takes more than votes to win a nation back into the hands of where it rightfully belongs.  A full scale revolution is required and it is possible to achieve this without going violent.  People need to come together and form communities and make it clear that corruption within our country is no longer tolerated.


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