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I am often asked why I’m doing what I’m doing.  Why do I risk my neck with blogs, comments and posts?  Why am I so determined to spark emotion out of people through the controversial subjects I choose to embroil myself in?  Am I not worried to lose family and friends by doing this?  Am I not worried that one day someone will go out of their way to find me and shut me up?

The answers to these questions is easy.  Why do I stick my neck out by choosing to be so vocal with my views?  Because I can no longer stand by and pretend nothing is wrong when I know clearly there is, that’s why.  This is not the first time I’ve been jolted awake to the harsh truth of reality but it is the most profound time as I refuse to allow myself to get distracted by the overload of garbage that is continually thrown our way.  Deep down I’ve always known we’ve been regarded as nothing more than cattle that are being gradually herded into a zombie-like state, but since it felt like I was the only one who felt this way that it was just my imagination running wild with me.  This is one trait about myself I certainly do not lack and that’s imagination.  I know I have it in me to be a great storyteller when I want to be.  So with this in mind I often distracted myself on purpose through wasted hours of media programming that involved shows, gaming and music.  Within these mediums I’d let my imagination run wild within made up realms that had absolutely nothing to do with reality.

However, sooner or later reality finds a way to resurface again.  The most recent lesson I’ve learned was each time I tried to bury reality to make room for fantasy I realized I was embracing a world of lies and not a world of life.  Once I figured this out I knew I could no longer afford to keep burying my head in the sand.  I have learned along the way that I’m not alone with my so-called conspiracy theories, nor with that drive inside to do more than just stay awake.  I’m part of a community who are using every ounce of energy we’ve got to do for others that has been done for us, which is to wake up, be educated and join our cause to bring humanity back into the hands of those who still believe in it.

This is why I do what I do.  I don’t do it for myself.  If I was in this for myself I’d find a way to commercialize it and make a personal profit out of you by selling some kind of service or product.  I am not interested in your money.  I’m not interested in anybody’s money.  All I’m interested in is restoring humanity the way God (nature) had intended for all of us.  This is what Jesus Christ (the true voice of nature) was born for, lived for, was crucified for and died for.

The reason I just worded what I did the way I did was I know not everyone believe in God, Jesus nor the bible.  However, everyone does agree that nature has the power to create and the most awesome powers we’ve ever seen have come from when nature decides to unleash it’s wrath upon the earth.  Those with a true humanitarian nature are in constant awe of what wonders nature can do, both constructively and destructively.  Reflect this from a biblical point of view and it’s really no different than the description of God himself.

As for Jesus Christ, he’s recognized as the greatest prophet and educator of all time by those who believe in him.  He is believed to be our Messiah among those who cling to the Christian faith.  From a non-biblical point of view Jesus is also one with nature, but through the connection of human spirit.  Christians call it Holy Ghost (Spirit) from their point of view.  Regardless of which view is more accurate, the bottom line is there is no doubt in my mind that every human being is in direct link with each other whether they choose to recognize it or not.  I also believe we are in direct link with nature itself.  Each time we hurt nature we hurt ourselves.  Each time we flourish nature we flourish ourselves.  The connection is undeniable, perhaps to the point where one could even call it magical.

Now, as I said earlier, I know I don’t lack imagination.  Sometimes I often wonder if this is that special little gift that was thrown in my direction that has taken me all this time to iron out the conclusions I’ve so far come to.  In my mind the easiest way for me to merge religion with science is to literally put nature in the middle and connect the dots as I see them.

We each have our own special talents and that’s what makes us so awesome as individuals.  We, as members of the human race, have the most beautiful gifts lying within us but the sad truth is most of us haven’t realized this yet.  Each of us have only exercised fragments of who we truly are and it is because of this very reason why I write my blogs, posts and comments like I do.

I fight because I know we’re being thumbed down by those who don’t want us to grow to our true potential.  Right from the very beginning we’ve been challenged.  Some will say if God is all knowing then why did he let Satan deceive mankind away from The Tree of Life to embrace the Tree of Knowledge instead?  Why allow all this madness to continue for so long?  How much more pain, death, destruction and suffering must we endure before we are finally rescued upon the return of Jesus Christ as prophecy suggests?

I believe the answer to these questions are also very simple.  It is because we chose it.  We always choose it.  Even when we try not to choose wrong we do it anyway.  Even when we think we’ve chosen right we’ve actually chosen wrong.  The reason for this is because we keep choosing the impatient path of knowledge, something of which clearly none of us are ready for.  If we were ready for all that knowledge we never have allowed our world to become so messed up in the first place.

If the Tree of Life was chosen instead we would have learned at a pace that we could handle.  There never would have been conflict, nor confusion, nor even death.  Sin wouldn’t even exist because there’d be no room for it.  The commandments on the tablet would never have been written because the common sense that aligns with it would come naturally.

So here we go again.  The dots between religion and nature connect and also gives science some credibility as well.  From a scientific point of view, the most impatient among us seem to have the least amount of regard towards humanity as opposed to those who prefer to exercise a less hasty judgment.  Those who lack patience often lack compassion.  These types of people literally disconnect themselves from any ounce of spirituality they possess because they refuse to make time for it.  In it’s place they will exercise contempt, which in turn fuels greed, pride, jealousy, anger, lust, laziness and gluttony.

There are people in this world that are bent on dividing us as much as they can so we make it easy for them to swoop in for the kill so they can achieve their one government system.  It will be a far more corrupt system than what we have now because there’ll be nobody left to at least try and stop them.  Every man, woman and child that’s left will be enslaved and will have to fight for food scraps in order to survive.  And what exactly will be in that food?  I guarantee you what will get thrown at your feet will not be part of a recommended diet for optimal health.  This new world order that those currently in power are determined to achieve is coming closer to reality for them and they are going to great lengths to keep people distracted from the true horrors that’s crippling humanity to it’s knees.

These are the types of people I’m fighting against.  I know I’m not alone, but there’s not enough of us – yet.  We need you.  We need you to wake up.  We need you to care.  We need you to join us and save humanity while we still can.  The more we come together the stronger we are.  As individuals we are mighty, but still small against those who are determined to destroy humanity any way they can.  However, as individuals united we have it in us to do what God (nature) has been wanting us to do all this time and that’s grow into something so powerful that not even the most magnificent imagination can fathom.


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