False Leadership

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Here in Canada we have the most chaotic government in our political history, along with the most eccentric prime minister of all time.  The Progressive Conservatives are, hands down, the most destructive party this nation has ever seen.  They, along with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, have turned this once proud nation into a cesspool of corruption and despair.  Not one of them has any ounce of regret or remorse for their actions and have every intention to continue their reckless brand of politics.  They’re making this quite clear as they continue to ignore the pleas of virtually every Canadian within this nation.

What our government is currently doing is blowing our money into political campaigns to continue brainwashing the masses to vote in their favor once again.  They’re banking on people’s ignorance to the cold hard facts that the dire straits our nation is in is all thanks to Harper and his Tories.  Through their policies they’ve dismantled Canada’s great reputation into one of ridicule as we’ve gone from one of the most beloved, trustworthy and peaceful nations to one that no longer displays any ounce of honesty or nonviolent intent.  We’ve also gone from one of the cleanest countries on the planet to among the dirtiest as our government shows absolutely no regard towards the environment, nor even the people that call this country home.

And they still want us to vote for them in 2015?  Why?  To let the madness continue?  To let them continue shredding this poor country apart until there’s nothing left?  When Stephen Harper commented that by the time he’s done with Canada nobody would recognize it anymore little did anybody know that this would not be for the better.  It would be for the worse.  What he has done to this country is reduce it to a state of fascism that eerily resembles that of Adolf Hitler’s nazism Germany before the eruption of the second world war.  He has also placed Canada in a dangerous economical state where we will face a recession so devastating that it will result in a great depression most people may not ever recover from anytime soon, if at all.

Throughout Harper’s administration there have been numerous opportunities to take advantage of a better path for Canada, not just for himself and his political party, but for every Canadian that calls this country home.  Each time it has been offered he has ignored it.  Instead, he embraces the corruption of the banks, corporations and greedy elite who aren’t even remotely interested in making this world a better place for everyone in it.  They’re interested in having this world for themselves, but have blinded the likes of Stephen Harper into believing in them instead of the people he’s supposed to represent.

In reality, Stephen Harper has failed Canada as a leader.  A true leader listens to his people and puts them before his own needs.  Harper has not done this.  A true leader doesn’t hide behind walls of manipulation in order to carry out agendas that seem to benefit the nation but in truth hurts it.  This is what Harper has done ever since first becoming prime minister of this nation.  He has sold our country out and done so behind our backs on numerous occasions.

A true leader respects his home and goes to great lengths to protect it.  He protects the people, the environment and everything in between because he knows he’s been placed with a great responsibility to do just that.  He respects his role and goes to great lengths to honor it because he knows it’s his duty to return the faith people have placed in him by running this nation the way the expect it to be run.  However, Harper has not done any of this.  He does not respect his role as Canada’s Prime Minister.  If he did, he would not use his position to abuse his authority at every opportunity he sees fit.  Stephen Harper has bullied the people of this nation into believing his way is the only way and whether we like it or not.

This has been proven time and time again as each time somebody speaks out against him he goes to great lengths to humiliate them instead of exercising a voice of reason.  A true leader works with those who don’t agree with them in a respectful manner that works for everyone.  Harper has not once done this.  Instead of working with those who are not on the same page as him he will either turn his back on them or twist their arms to the point where if they fail to submit they will be imprisoned instead.  Such imprisonment includes forced silence, media manipulation, corporate interference, and policing.

Stephen Harper’s C-51 bill, the anti-terrorism bill, is a prime example of the works of a paranoid control freak that does not have the best interest of this nation in mind as he exercises his leadership skills.  This, in fact, demonstrates the very core of what kind of tyrant is really in charge of this nation and why it is so vital for Canadians to band together and take this nation back into their own hands while they still can.  Everything Stephen Harper has done since becoming prime minister of Canada has mirrored exactly what Adolf Hitler did when he lead Germany.  Stephen Harper is out to take away everything that this proud nation is supposed to be about.  He wants to reduce us to a nation of cowards, which is precisely what he is.  He wants to reduce us to a nation of a deeply divided people that cannot work together on anything, even if it’s for the benefit of our own country.  He does this because he knows for as long as we remain divided as a nation we cannot beat him.

Canada needs to be strong.  We are not a nation of cowards and we need to be reminded of this.  We are true, north, strong and free.  This is who we are, whether we were born within it’s borders or came here from another land.  We deserve to have our rights, liberties and freedoms as this is our birthright.  Don’t let the likes of Harper nor his PC’s continue taking all this away from us.  We need to band together as one massive, Canadian unit and kick the corruption that’s crippling us all out of their seats of power.  This starts with Stephen Harper and his PC’s.  Root them out as they are the core of the problem.  Until they are rooted out we cannot take our attention to the other cancers that’s killing our nation, which are namely the banks and corrupted corporations that are determined to control us.

The entire Harper Government has got to go.  We cannot afford to allow the most corrupt of all political parties in Canadian history continue to dismantle this nation any further.  If we expect to survive as a people, not just for this particular generation but for those we leave behind, we need to remove Stephen Harper from power and kick the Tories to the curb once and for all.  They need to be reminded that this country belongs to true Canadians who still believe in humanity and would rather run this country on our own than leave it in the hands of tyrants who clearly have no regard for the human race.


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