My Prayer

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This is no special post.  Just a prayer.  It’s one I’ve shared strictly between my Heavenly Father and myself for quite some time now.  I figured now is as good of a time to share it with anyone else who cares to have a read that leans closer to a spiritual experience rather than my political rants.

Whenever I pray I actually go about it as if I’m having a conversation with someone, or blogging a post.  I prefer to address Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit and/or whoever happens to be listening with the freedom of speech that I know I have been blessed with.  It isn’t something that any political party can take away from me, nor religious faction that thinks they know more about spirituality than I do.

Each time I pray I first greet with a hello, just like I do anybody else.  I even ask how things are going.  Is God happy with those who are doing their best to serve him?  Is Jesus pleased with the strides members of the human race are making on behalf of his name?  How is the Holy Spirit handling the mass confusion that exists between mankind who struggle each day to somehow make sense of this madness we call present day life?  I then take the time to be thankful for everything that I do have.  I even apologize for not acknowledging the blessings I’ve had and failed to realize them for what they were at the timing I received them.  I then pray that somehow all the blessings I have in my life right now are not snatched away as I do acknowledge them for what they are and really don’t want anything more than what I have already.  I am, for the most part, content.

I have my own house and although it’s not the newest, cleanest, fanciest structure around, it’s my home.  It has everything I need and more and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s more than what most people have already and that alone makes me feel truly blessed.  I have a full-time job that allows me to keep up with my bills most of the time.  I falter from time to time, but I always find a way to manage and so far and I count my blessings on that matter too.  Again, it’s more than most people have.  I have a vehicle that suits me just fine and every item I have in my life that is of use to me I am thankful for.  I try not to take any of it for granted because I know how easy it can be to lose it all.  It’s happened to others and I’d be a fool to think it could never happen to me.

This is part of my prayer that I share with God as I remind myself that in the grand scheme of things I am just a meek individual that is nothing more than a mere spec of existence.  However, as insignificant as I am, I also acknowledge my role as an integral member of the human race.  I realize each of us matter, but at the same time no one person matters more than the other.  We are all in this together and my daily prayer is that somehow we, as members of the human race, are set free from the grips of tyranny that continually haunt us.

I keep praying that somehow the best of humanity within us will prevail and put an end to the deception that has us all trapped in a world we should not be in.  I want to see that world where nobody is at war with each other.  I want to see a union of societies come together under one grand banner that has the rainbow of colors that best depict what humanity should be all about.  It’s not about just one color, nor one race, nor one cultural background.  It’s about a magnificent blend of colors and racial diversity that literally become a rich bouquet of glorious fruit that has no flaws to be found anywhere.

I’ve acknowledged the only imperfections within us are self-induced as we continually fall prey to Satan’s deceptions.  I pray that these veils of deception will be shred to oblivion so that everyone, regardless if we believe in God or not, see who we truly are and where in life we are really supposed to be.

This is what I pray for.  I pray for it each day.  I pray that every man, woman and child in existence is freed from this world that has us drowning in deceit.  I pray that true leadership takes over and deliver to every human being everything they’ve been denied for far too long.  I see people for the true potential they have the right to become and I’m grieved to see that there are those who are determined to keep robbing us from reaching that plateau.

There is no argument you can throw at me that will change my prayer, nor abandon my belief in God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit or Humanity.  I may not be the strongest person, nor even the smartest, but I do know my heart is in the right place and it’s my deepest prayer that I’m at least on the same page with our creator, our savior and our only rightful judge.


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